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To 2003 Journal Entries

December 20, 2002

Seems like the middle of the night is the best time for me to write. After reading the wonderful word about barcelona from my friend Marilyn I deceided to refer all to hers.

I vowed to make this Christmas an easy one. Up untill today it was.I bought all family gifts and left them in the mainland and ordered the rest from catalogs.

Today I went to get a frame for a picture that Verns grandaughter drew and came home with $100 worht of STUFF and did not get the frame.

My room is a disaster AGAIN. Seems like I get it clean and then venture into another corner to pull completely apart. can't do anything half way I have to mess the entire room to clear one drawer.

I have a Christmas eve party and a Christmas Day get together. Vern is working so I will have an excuse to get home early for him. Here I am already planning for there to be tooooo many people there. Wonder how long it will be before I become a complete recluse.

Talked to my doctor today and she had me put about 10 magazines in the same catagory sports news etc then put them in cronoligical order. I flunked. When time was up I had just written the months so I could see what followed what. Oh well.

I will be including my "You don't look like you have alzheimer's" in my journal soon. It it's a great thing to hand peiople when they say just that.

Now that I am looking to spell check I see night time is not the best time for me to write. Hope I got something across with all the mispelled cuz i am too tired to wait...aloha jeanne

December 17, 2002

Time is going so fast. Think it is time to forget october and november (as if I had a choice) and move into dec christmas and the new year.

We have every January, a Capricorn party for the many January birthdays. We are bombarded with capricorns which since I am one, I think is great. I am planning the party this year which once consisted of jan only. I wanted all to be there. So the plan is for a cute little bar to give us the space for an evening. For $7.50 a head they will provide all the PuPus we can eat. being in the Hawaiian sect that is lottttttttttts. Horsedeovers0 we wllk have Karokee, darts and reminissing. So much fun and family. I only wish my family could be with me. aloha Jeanne

December 10, 2002

Now that I know it is for my christmas page (dummy). Happy Holidays to you all and a very Happy Birthday to my good friend Mari the moderator of our chat group. She loves Don Ho so much that she goes to my website journal just to listen to the sa song of his. (well maybe she likes to catch up on my news but it is a tossup which is first.

Holidays get stressful for a lot of us. I have taken some steps to hopefully ensure that I pass through them with a minimal amount. While I was in vancouver WA> my daughter (in law) hate to say that cuz both of mine are daughters, helped me shop and sign and wrap the small gifts for rememberances and make sure each grandchild had a monentary gift inside. That takes care of 13.

My daughter and two new daughters got daughters are a blessing gifts from a catalog. the families get swiss colony breakfasts thru catalogs and the men hawaii t-shirts.. What a feeling to have it completed so early and with little effort.

I have to go to check if I finished with the convention. If not we had wonderful but tearful good-byes. Carolyn and I rented a car and took off for Costa Brava. The coast line from Barcelona to France I think. aloha for today

December 8, 2002

I just finished putting my Barcalona photo album together. Boy did we enjoy EVERY moment. The first evening before the conference we had a welcomming at the Palace of a former King. It was so beautiful and ornate. The crowd was a bit too much for me. I had to step in the hall for awhile. Use to love crowds. We had horsdeovers or pupus in Hawaiian. The next day our group was invited to the big wigs talking about the year and accomplishments. It was very interesting and we got to meet both Verna and Helen. And many heads of Alzheimer's from around the world.

Day our opening was all in spanish (almost) but we had earphones the transulated for us. The hit of the show was our own Peter but he got cut short by an inturptive dancer who danced the life of an alzheimer's VICTIM. Hate that.

The days went quickly and we had workshops and chat sessions and all went to various talks. The book I am sending around has the schedule . I really did too much complaining about Hawaii but the head of something at AD NATIONAL had the nerve to say that most of the states have groups. Couldn't sit still for that one. Our group were so helpful to each other and Verna and helen were irraplacable.

By the bye I had spell check on for a few entries but that will not show me what I am actually living. The final dinner was elagant dinning in an elegant train station set up beautifully and waiters which worked in unison and wore white gloves. All our people looked beautiful and dapper.

Some broke down the booth and a few went to the last lectures. I went to robyn Yale and learned a lot. I think she is doing a great job.

The closing was so late no one went.

Our dinner from Joe and Penny was the most eventful time. We had a few spouses and came out to the dollar. So you two were quite generous. Lynn picked the place and it was great.

As of late I have been seing bugs and people that are not there and really tripping out in crowds. I also had a few times of crying when scarde to be with so many people. Strange and I do not like it...aloha for tonight jeanne

December 2, 2002

If I did not have my wonderful webmaster (her site here on my site) I could not accomplish what I am doing. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Resa. If you are wanting a website contact her she is reasonable and excellent at what she does. Thanks for the plug, Jlee!!!

With that said I will tell a little about the tourist bus…

It is a double Decker and you pay $14 for two days and you can get off and on as many times as you wish. This is detailed in the packet.

We went from dawn to dark and the third day we saw stuff that we missed cuz of the day or the hour. They have a blue route and a red route and that pretty much covers the town of Barcelona and its outskirts.

Another day we took a train, overhead cable car with the ground disappearing by the second and then to a vehicular rising on tracks at a 86% upgrade. We reached Monseurat, a 1000 year old monastery with museums church and an all day walk around the grounds and listening to the boys choir that sounded like angels sitting on fluffy clouds. Totally amazing.

When we got down we were 40 min early for the return trip. BUT there was a hand printed on a typing sheet of paper BAR------>. (Hey I figured that out myself good Jean) I said “let's go” and Carolyn said “looks pretty shifty.” I said “we can walk down and see.”

It turned out to be the nicest people and a tent like structure off the family house and tables with umbrellas scattered through out the gardens. And the Cervesa was great.

The next day was our move out of the old city and into the new. The only good thing about that was meeting the DASNI folks and going to the dinner from Joe and Penny. More later...

Got to clean my room as after I got all my stuff home I had to much stuff. So, I went on a “get rid of clothing” with great gusto. Since there are so many homeless here I felt good about downsizing a bit. I filled four garbage bags full. Now I need to bring in the new piles from Barcelona. Sure hope we have a cool summer and cold nights so I can wear some of the stuff.

My tree will be a fresh wreath from the Northwest from my brother and his wife. They send one every year and the smell of pine stays even after it is dried. I put my favorite bulbs on it and it smells for weeks. I also have a little fake and I do mean little 1 7" for my room and a 3" for the bathroom since that is where we sit often. . Aloha for today. Hope you are all listening to Christmas carols. Sure puts one in a good mood.

Mele Kalikimake 2002(That means Merry Christmas 2002 in Hawaiian) from Jeanne and Vern...

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