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oh christmas how did it get here already. this year (i think it is this year, new babies, new teens, new travels, kids and grandkids with great skills, new friends the joy of old ones, not geriatric. new computer stress, job lay offs, too many work hours and the same one a family loaded with love but not money.

my alzheimers is going downhill but thank god not like my 24 year old ad patient friend who is in seizures and does not recognize her husband most of the time. there is always something for which we can be thankful.

i can be very grateful for healthy families. and a new thankful piece of my life is a publishing contract in the works. that is just in time to stop me from burning the book. let me see if i can bring us to the present with my family. only they will know if i'm wrong.

tim, denise, jennifer, ashley, adam, and dalton, boy they can't even keep up with this schedule. they are so busy, don't know how they do it. jen is a student and ashley is right behind. they do work hard to stay there, but how proud i am. both girls are involved with extracurricular activities such as ffa and band amoung others. they have babysitting and dance and let us not forget shopping at the malls. this family is in vancouver, wa

the boys are very active in scouts and bicycling, scooters and skateboards. i do not hear to much about the boys and school. maybe in a few years all of the children will help with the work, but that does not leave anything for the parents to do.

denise drives the seavan for the disabled and tim is a painting supervisor. the winter and sept.11 keep him off and on. thank god the parents are survivors. i am lucky to get the kids in order. i forgot mom passed away this year.

todd greg is still in utah in the saltlake area and loves it and even the cold weather. he has been doing well with work and the season is very busy for him. he will be able to join traci's family and myself after xmas. he goes down south to do a little golfing when it gets to cold at home. he also loves to ski. traci and he both traveled to mom's funeral. sure love my emails to keep in touch. they are all on my buddy list. traci, chris, allyson, and rian are in arizona, mesa.

jason is in new york. he is in a band following in his father's footsteps. his father just had a song put on the internet called "chris' song" if you happen across it. i found it by mistake and can't find it again.

ally has been riding and is playing an instrument and i hear she is very good. lost the name of it today. she is reading and doing lots of work in the college range and is a star student. rian has skipped a year and is doing well. all she needs to keep in mind is that everything does not have to be perfect. she also did some riding. i think traci has one of he best jobs for her. she is something like a sub teacher and works everyday that the girls go to school.

tedd, melinda, angelo, and anthony are the family with the new baby. he had a little problem with hip sockets when he was born but i hear that it sure is not obvious now.

angelo is giving them a run for their money. he is beautiful and wants to take the big airplane to hawaii to see grama. i hear anthony is a honey of a quiet child. everyone has to have one. tedd and melinda are quite busy. they have a beautiful home on the lewis river in battelground. not sure if melinda is back into dance yet. her folks came out after the birth of anthony. i got to be in the delivery room. wow. not my first time, but each time is such a blessing to behold. tedd keeps so busy his computer projects are not first anymore.

last but not least is the hawaiian. and is that the understatement of the decade. he is 23 and oh well. he lives with a girl and is so in love with her two kids 11 mo and 2?. he surfs and i do not know but he is happy and calls often unless he is on one of those months he puts my phone# somewhere and i call him. a job does not seem to be of much interest to him. wonder where he got that?

vern got a new truck and tries to keep it shinny. i should say succeeds. he polishes it almost every day and sometimes two times. he golfs much less than he use to, but meets his friends under the tree at the golf course every day. he really does need to get away from me. i really wear on his patience. he still thinks he can fix me and tries to teach me better ways of doing things and will not take the doctors word that i'll never be there again. he tries so hard. but if you didn't live it, no way can you really know.

well i have no idea what i said but hopefully covered it all. i never do spell check or reread. so if it is ???? just skip it and go on.

aloha to all our family, family friends, and special people and

Mele Kalikimake 2001(That means Merry Christmas 2001 in Hawaiian) from Jeanne and Vern...

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