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Well as you should already know my name is brenda. I go to pearl city high school. yes, the suckiest school ever. This site is red, my favorite color. Jackie said im concieted. um no. I just wanted a site about me. is that so wrong? i hate it when people talk behind your back. what i hate the most is when people mock me. uGH.. erking! hey bet u didnt know i use to take karate. hehehe kick shum ass. They just changed the driving age here. it use to be 15 before getting a license. now its 16. im only 15... three more months and i get my permit. so watch for me on the road soon. Joe's cool. i can talk to him about anything. he's looking for a girlfriend. He hates smoking, drugs, and all that other stuff. but you need to wait your turn. he told me hes crushing three gerls. geez. Right there is my brother hes 21 now. yess he's legal. but taken. hes MARRIED. sorry meljane. haha. I know i suck at making webpages. so please you dont need to tell me. i hate it when people tell me that somethings wrong with this site. it's too plain.. or it so boring. When they dont have a site of there own so hah! i have a celly. The covers clear with a hawaiian print screen and blue middle case. its ugly. i want it red like this site. but i have no moola at the moment. im single.. oh nooo.. oh yess! not looking thank you. jackie and grace think im wierd because im not crushing anyone. Im quiet at times. but usually LOUD