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......................i luv you.......................
this filipina goes by the name brenda. I live on and was raised in Hawaii.I'm a fifteen year old sophomore and attend Pearl City High School. Yes I'm still rockin the youngin and yes I do go to a ghettofabulous school. I use to make webpages just for the fun of it. I started 3 years ago while I stumbled on someone's page and had the idea to make my own. Being the trend setter I am. I inspired others to join in with the webpage fad. So I guess you can call me an inspiration. Until recently I stopped with the webpage stuff because it was irritating the hell out of me and getting me stressed out. Not to mention taking up too much of my time. But since it's spring break, and I have two weeks to myself, I decided to create a new page. Overprotected


I went to the carnival last night. it sucked. i was bored out of my mind. i was suppose to be meeting the spanish club at 6:30 but i didnt get there till 8:00. When i called Rowena to ask where she was at, she told me she left. I hung out with my broter and Nathalia, since no one else was there except jason. i spent $15 dollars on games and only won a lil stuff animal that my niece kept. and i spent $10 on ride tickets i didnt even go on. not to mention the admission fee for all of us. this sports carnival was boring as hell!


Today I dropped off my cousin at the airport and hung out with Nathalia ad Jhaylia. Went looking around for a comforter for her new king sized bed and candles for her house. I called Rowena today to find out about the carnival plans. I hope everyone ends up going. including me! Tomorrow's my permit test and no more braces. ... Wish me LUCK!


My mom found out about the little dent I caused on the car when I was taking it out of the garage on Sunday. I was taking it out and I didn't tell my mom that I was gonna drive it. And being the unskilled driver that I am, I hit the front corner of the car with edge of the garage. I guess I can say bye to my permit test on Friday.

Today I went to Pearlridge again with my cousin Cricket. We rode the ghettofabulous bus and the driver kept calling my cousin roxy ( her orange roxy shirt.). good times! I bought a pair of skechers from foot locker. But I don't think their as cute as they were when I bought them. We took pictures again in fun factory.( Middle left) on our way to the bus stop to go home, we were waiting for the light to turn red so we could cross the street. We saw our bus coming and was about to miss it. So we just ran across the street hoping to make it. It was the same driver who knows my cousin by roxy and he let us on.

SONG: Overprotected ................... Artist: Britney Spears..................... I know what your thinking, Britney Spears? what the heezy!?deal with it. i needed a song that went with my theme. HEHE

I was going to put my past layouts here but i was too lazy. so this box can be for my guestbook.

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me and my cousin crickit. say.. cheesy! dOI!? me and jackie duh.. i derno doink! i miss these glasses hiyee woah. more pictures