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Eigo Kara Nihongo = Japanese to English

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Japanese Page Viewers

These sites enable viewing of Japanese characters through Web browsers without the installation of additional software.

Shodouka --
Shodouka by Ka-Ping Yee --
Shodouka -- mirror site?
Access-J Japanese WWW Page Viewer at Monash University, courtesy of Jim Breen and Silas Brown --

Online Translation

These sites translate Japanese web sites into English.   (Or almost!)

Alta Vista Babelfish --
Excite World Japan --
(Select the second radio button for Japanese --> English)
Rikai -- move the mouse over a Japanese word and Rikai shows an English equivalent. By Todd David Rudick. --
Rikai also does English to Japanese.

Japanese-English Dictionaries

Input a Japanese word and receive English words in return. Some dictionaries also do English to Japanese.

Jeffrey's Japanese-English Gateway Server
Japanese-English Dictionary Interface (JEDI) at the Notre Dame Women's College of Kyoto
English to Japanese/Japanese to English Dictionary
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server at Monash University

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