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*Fairy Dust in her eyes*-- A Patty Schemel page

Hi! Welcome to my Patty Schemel page, incase you were wondering she is the current drummer of Seven Sleepers and BASTARD but former drummer of Hole, Constant Comment, Sybil/Kill Sybil, nighty night and others. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook!!! You have a few choices here...

i'll try to keep you up to date on any news i hear about bastard! yippee horray! i love having new patty stuff! :::sighs:::

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Special thanks to Holly for my beautiful banner!! I would tell you to go to her site but it is sadly no longer. awwww!:( It was the BEST Patty site out there that ive seen so far! It will be missed!

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yippppppppee i got an award from the site South Of France!!! I want to thank "DontBlushWhenI" aka... John, you rock! :)

sOuTh oF FrAnCe! a very cool bastard site! Go here!

she is like a cat in the dark ... & then she is the darkness...


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