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If you dont understand my silence, then you won't understand my words...

me for a concert... BLINDORION!!! Institute band and i...

Have you ever burried your face in your hands becuase no one around you understands or has the slightest idea what is that that makes you be?

::...Let's Get Some Things Straight...::

1.) Full Name: Anjelica Lynn Marie Palewicz
2.) Nicknames: *Aj* , Juice, Anjie, George, Little Girl, Tiny, Tiny Hotty, Damn Tease, Turrets, Princess, Beautiful, Dumbass, Heffer, Brittnay, Pie, Captin Ugly, Bell's little Anarchist, Misfit, Peaches, Blondie, Pickles, Giggles, Trouble, Cutie, DreamCatcher, Cherry, Hey Hott Chick, Kick Me, Dutchboy, Short Bitch, Adorable, Angel, DAMN!!!, Sexy Bitch, Somber One, Brownie, Fake Baking Focker, 18, Glow Bug,
3.) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nick rothgeb
4.) Birthday: 02.27.84
5.) Sex: Female
6.) Where Do You Live: fort wayne, indiana ... no its not in texas
7.) Description Of Yourself: unique, you tell me?
8.) Straight/Gay/Lesbian/Bi: straight!!!!!
9.) What Size Shoe Are You?: 8.5
10.) Are You Short or TALL: medium
11.) Siblings:Chris *27*, and Jessica *18*


12.) Food: anything *that is in reason*
13.) Pets: snake, irridsent sharks
14.) Sport to play: Rockclimbing, then if there's time, crosscountry *XC*, swim, track, wrestling, Skydiving *WEEEE*, surfing, snowboarding,
15.) Color(s): red and black
16.) Music Artist(s): too many to list
17.) Radio Stations: 96.3, 102.3
18.) Ice Cream: popcicles
19.) Drink: "a tint of martini please, oh and dont forget the olive sir"... riiiiight, give me a beer, gatoraide
20.) TV Show(s): Stargate SG-1, Family Guy, CSI, Navy NCIS, not really an avid tv watcher
21.) Scary Movie(s): i have yet to find a movie that scares me
22.) Funny Movie(s): ...wayyyy to many to list
23.) Movie: ...dito
24.) Actor/Actress: dono
25.) Fav Month: February/July
26.) Fav Day: friday
27.) Fav number: 26 and 2
28.) Fav Sex position: DOGGY STYLE!!! missionary style... anything, bring it on... WELL, sorry im kidding sorry no sex for me yet....
29.) Are YOU A Wuss: ::puts a fist on her hip:: are you?
30.) Class Clown: yes... also known as the "smart-ass"
31.) Goodie 2 Shoes: when im uncontious....
32.) Day Dreamer: i duess
33.) Would you date the person that sent this to you: no it was a girl, and im not a lesbian.. sorry horny males out there....
34.) Wear a Thong: yes... i wear them all the time, seriously
35.) Would you bring someone back from the dead? there are forces one shouldn't tempt...
36.) If so who?:i wouldn't
37.) Would you travel to the future?: no....
38.) Would you travel back in time?: probibly not, i honestly dont want to re-live some of my past, even if i could fix it or change it....


39.) Funniest: Willie(elissa), Jay, Tyler, Justen, Nicki, Nick, Jon, Michael
40.) Craziest: elissa, Doug, Memory, nicki, kristin, beth, kevin, zac, ERIC! DEFINATLY JAY
41.) Smartest: tim, Michael, me when i want to be, the guy who sits beside me in math class at ipfw,
42.) Ditzyest: elissa, nicki, nic, tim, Justen, Michael
43.) Loudest: JAYSON MAYZE!!!!!!cody, nic, kris, karri, me sometimes...
44.) Coolest: all of 'em
45.) Meanest: em
46.) Sweetest: ... hmmm


47.) Paper or Plastic: paper...
48.) Truth or Dare: oooo, *rubs hands together and smurks evily* dare....
49.) Night or Day: night...
50.) Chocolate Chip or Sugar?: sugar
51.) MTV, VH1, BET, or CTN: how about BOX, yeah where the crap did it go?
52.) WWF or WCW: WWF
53.) Beavis or Butthead: family guy STEWIE!!
54.) Ocean or Pool: ocean
55.) Cake or Pie?: pie...
56.) Boxers or Briefs: thongs
57.) Cats or Dogs: cats
58.) AOL 8.0 or 9.0: Netscape.... but if i had to choose, aol 9.0+ oh yeah beta versions
60.) Pancakes or French toast?: chocolate chip pancake smilies!!!
61.) Bitter or Sweet: bittersweet
62.) Silver or Gold: silver!!!
64.) Diamonds or Pearls: diamonds
65.) Chipper Jones or Mike Piazza:what the crap?
66.) N sync or Backstreet Boys: i dont care
67.) TV or Net: not one to watch much "idiot box"
68.) Democrat or Republican: independent. fuck the politics
69.) Taco or Burrito: nothing from TacoBell, too many of my friends work there, and i know too much
70.) Complex or Simple: complex
71.) Armageddon or Independence Day: armageddon
72.) Innie or Outie: innie
73.) Lefty or Righty: ambidextrous
74.) Batman or Superman: SUPER JUICEE!!!!
75.) Coke or Pepsi:juice
76.) Electric Slide or Macarena: grind
78.) Sunset or Sunrise: sunset
79.) Sun or Moon: moon, don't look at the sun *blinded*
80.) X's or O's: x's
81.) Crushed or Cubed: crushed
82.) Ketchup or Mustard: catsup!!!

When You Hear This Name You Think Of:

83.) Joe: boxers
84.) Bill: i did not have sexual relations with that woman *bites lip and gives thumbs up*
85.) Fran: hurricane
86.) Matt: "BLOW ME"
87.) Nic: "I hope you get diarreah" "im going to rape your pee hole, and butt hole"
88.) Pat: "take your two right feet and put them on that red rock, then take your left hands and pull up on the blue one" "she was top half naked"
89.) Josh: Blind Orion's guitarist... (my bands guitarist)
90.) Steven: King
91.) Sarah: Suck-a-dick

My Friend With The Best:

92.) House is: that box that my ties came in
93.) Car is: my barbie 4 wheeler, can you say HEMI!!!!!!!
94.) Best TV: my invisible wang with antennas
95.) Room: ME!!!
96.) Clothes: anyone
97.) Grades: we're all scholars *wink*
98.) Door: *blinks*
99.) Computer: me
100.)Hookups: what the *beep*?

Miscellaneous Questions:

101.) Do you like school: i guess
102.) Do you like to talk on the telephone?: at times but not for very long
103.) Can We Have Your Number?: you want me raped dont you?
104.) Do you like to dance?: dirty... bump and grind baby!!!
105.) Are you scared to ask someone out?: no
106.) Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: yes...
107.) Have you ever thought you were gonna die: yes. right now.
108.) Have you ever been drunk or high?: comment...
109.) Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: nope
110.) Have you ever broken/fractured a bone?: yes, like everyone in my body, with the acception of my ass bone
111.) Do you have any piercings/ tattoos?: 17(15) peircings two tattoos; tribal butterfly on my lower middle back(spine), little daisy on my right big toe, (peircings)triple peirced (just took out the third), two upper cartledge on each ear, navel(bellybutton), both little lobe infront of your ear (tragus), both ledge thingy (Rook), put your finger in your ears and that little ledge (Daith)...go look them up if you cant figure it out on you own.
112.) Do you consider yourself a good listener: yes
113.) Do you sing in the shower?: yes *lalala*
114.) Have you ever stolen anything?: *adjusts my halo*
115.) What's on your ceiling?: 'Do Not Enter' and 'Caution' 'Posted No Truspassing' Police tape.... Snider bandana... pictures, beeded ropes, stars, lights, posters... licence plate from my car, menues from joes crabshack, munchies, peking, other places too... other random things...
116.) What color is your toothbrush?: PINK.. ewwwwww
117.) What's the worst thing about growing up? knowing your getting closer to death
118.) Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
119.) Have you ever been in love? look where it got me...
120.) What do you wear to bed: sportsbra and undiware..
121.) What's the best feeling in the world?: rock climbing,playing guitar,skateboarding, or... when im getting off stage from a concert and the croud loved us...
122.) What is the worst feeling in the world? depression

parents pay a lot of money to get "professional" pic's taken and look what i do...

My best friend... Elissa "Willie" Rickert...
My best friend... Jayson "Jay" Mayze...
the COOLEST PERSON IN THE WORLD my nephew Ethan Palevich... and his mom Kende Palevich

180 Questions you don't really need ta' know... *updated*
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