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I did not know what section to put these items in, so I am sticking them here
Also I added a new section Dragon Dice.

June 30: ALL COMIC BOOKS ARE NOW $1 each + New Package deals. Also the book prices have been slashed. Happy Shopping!

JUNE 25, money orders and checks are now accepted as payment at Geek Nirvana!

Today (June 22) I added pictures for all of the Comic books and pictures for the AD&D books. I will add pictures for the rest of the books but not for the hardy boys books for lack of space angelfire allows me. I also lowered the #1 comics price.

Welcome to Geek Nirvana. This site is run by John Crabtree (Psycho Alien). The Prices are non-negotiable. Here you will find NES Boxes,NES Manuals,Comic Books, and other NES stuff. I hope that you enjoy your stay here. Please send any comments to me at