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Improving on an old fashioned idea

  • breathable
  • fully washable
  • water resistant

  • What is a soaker?

    soak'ers, n.- A knitted breathable cover of water resistant material,
    such as wool, for over cloth diapers, especially useful for extreme
    diapering situations such as overnight.  Some diaper historians believe
    these to be the first diaper covers used by our foremothers.


    How They Are Made
    Washing Instructions
    Woolly Bottoms wool soakers are individually crafted by a WAHM (Work At Home Mom). They are custom sized to meet the needs of your child. Each soaker is beautifully unique. All materials are 100% recycled wool or a blend of recycled lambs wool and angora, depending on your choice. Seams are reinforced for durability.
    Ordering Information
    Each soaker is $16.00. Shipping within the US is free! E-mail me your wee ones thigh circumference, waist measurement, and your mailing address.
    It's easy to care for your Woolly Bottoms wool soaker. Wool is naturally bacteria resistant so these covers need to be washed less frequently than other covers. Simply hang your soaker to dry in the morning after use and it will be ready to wear by nap time. Typically your soaker will only need to be washed once every week or when soiled. When it does come time to wash your Woolly Bottom, use Eucalan wool wash and follow the directions on the label, spin out the excess water in your washing machine and hang to dry. 


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