Pokemon Live

Back in 2001, a little show called "Pokemon Live" toured around the United States. Unfortunately, it's not touring anymore and the official site for the show is no more. Despite the ridiculous amount of time the site took to load, it actually was very entertaining, even containing samples and a few mp3s and a couple video clips of most of the songs. Alas, all good things must come to a close. I actually don't know too much about the show... So here's a cast list to fill space:

Andrew Rannells - James

Lauren Kling - Jessie

Darren Dunstan - Giovanni

Kathleen Roche - Meowth

Dominic Nolfi - Ash

Heidi Michelle Weyhmueller - Misty

Dennis Kenney - Brock

Team Rocket, of course, steals the show. They have three songs, "It Will All Be Mine", and "The Best At Being the Worst", and the classic "Double Trouble". All very nicely done songs, yet "It Will All Be Mine" sung by Giovanni is my absolute favorite.

The basic story is that Giovanni has created a mechanical Mewtwo, inspired by the real Mewtwo. He wants to rule the world with it, like all good villains. Ash gets involved, there's battling and Ash wins. All filled with songs. There's a little side story involving Ash's mother's past relationship with Giovanni and Misty's feelings for Ash but besides that, it pretty much runs as a regular Pokemon episode.

Now, just a couple pictures. Courtesy of the official site. ^_^

'It Will All Be Mine'

From 'The Best At Being The Worst'

From 'Double Trouble'

And some from who knows where.