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*All opinions are mine..please don't be offended by any of them.*

Alright, listen up!
This Saturday, June 2nd, Cartoon Network is running a giant Pokemon marathon starting at 6am. This all comes before the premiere of the 10th season, so watch!

What to write about? I don't know.
Going back home this Wednesday. No more Pokemon for me...

Okay, being stupid, I recorded the "Sneak Peek" last Friday, thinking I would watch it later on this week. Instead, I wind up taping over it with today's reruns. Oh boy, I'm incredible!
I'm going back home next week. Unfortunately, I don't have Cartoon Network at home. Therefore, I'll be a bit out of the loop. Not that I'm totally on target right now. I'll be checking my mail, so updates on what's happening would be great! I'll try to update as much as I can.

I got this info from a friend.
Next week (as in this coming Friday) at 8pm, there will be a sneak peek of the upcoming 10th season of Pokemon on Cartoon Network.
Don't forget. Because I just might. And at least one of us needs to know what's going on.

So my site counter just disappeared. Oh well.
New motto up! It's the Battle Frontier one.
What else? I don't know. Reruns suck. It means short updates.

Well, it's finally happened. I don't know if you've noticed, but my updates have been verys sporadic as of late. I just don't have the time like in the past to really keep up. I mean, eight years is A LOT of time, and I feel like I can't really keep updating as well as I can.
Thanks to everyone for all their visits to this site. I really do appreciate it. Who would've thought when I first started it that it would grow the way that it has. I was in 7th grade...now I'm a junior in college. Time sure passes quickly.
So my last update. I posted a fanfic, and added a new quote to the Quotes page. Enjoy.
Goodbye, I'll miss you all!
By the way, it's the first of April. Smiley face. Smirk. I'm so unoriginal, I'm pretty sure I try to pull this "I'm closing the site" prank every year. I don't know how you all put up with me.

I did indeed post a new fic though. And the quote. That section of the site hasn't been updated in a while, so if you have some nice quotes, send them in! Did a little housekeeping. Got rid of broken links. And what the heck happened to my counter? Oh well.

Oh boo. I finally manage to get back on track with the episodes and they end up being reruns.
A new fanfic posted though!

Yay, I'm back! Updates will resume this Saturday, hopefully.

Alright. My TV/VCR doesn't seem to want to record the way it's supposed to. So, I'm sort of stuck. Anyone want to help out?
I will need the episode update for the next two Saturdays though. I'm going back home to visit...and I don't have cable. Which means no Cartoon Network. Which means...you know.

Hey, what happened? How come they played the same episode from last week? I'm certain I didn't forget what happened.
But anyway, as predicted by almost everyone, Ash did win his badge. Hoorah. And unfortunately, Team Rocket ended blasting off twice, without much to do. 'Tis a shame. But now we can move on out of this little town they've been in for just about forever.

I just posted some new fanfics and fanart. Yay!

Okay, so my "patience" post from last week wasn't quite accurate. I thought I'd have time during the week to update, but I ended up being pretty busy. Sorry.
Today, Ash and Co. are still in the same exact spot as a couple weeks ago. Sigh. Anyway, the first episode dealt with them being helpful "Nurse Joys". Very exciting...
The second episode brought along all of Ash's old Pokemon. What's really strange is that Bulbasaur and Squirtle have not yet evolved. I mean, I know they've been "hiding" for a while, but it's been years. I'd like to see a Blastoise and Venusaur.


I had a funny feeling I saw the first episode (Overjoyed!) before, but whatever. And the second episode had perhaps the longest title in the world. Other than that, surprising to see both Ash and May lose. It was a "learn-your-lesson" day for sure. Unfortunately, Team Rocket didn't play a huge part in either episode.
New fanart up. Always exciting.

Sorry about last week! That was "going-back-to-school" day.
Today's episodes were okay. Nothing too special. I've been searching through YouTube to find episodes that I've missed, so perhaps I can start catching up!
I did put up a new fanfic, so that's up. And also new fanart. I tried sorting through my mail, but some things may have been accidentally deleted. I've been getting a lot of spam mail and sometimes the filters don't work so well. So if you've sent something, and I still haven't gotten back to you, please feel free to email me again.

I'm back! Thanks for dealing with me. Had finals. Then I went to Florida for the holidays. Now, I'm back home with my parents for the week before going back to school, so I'm catching up on episodes I missed.
Of course, the most important episode was the one that aired over a month ago, The Ole' Berate and Switch. Featuring, not only Jessie and James, but Butch and Cassidy! Although...it was a different Butch and Cassidy, but nevertheless! Very enjoyable, I always love these episodes.
Next, the two episodes today. First, Aipom and Circumstance, which was decent. A basic Pokemon causing trouble episode. Then, Strategy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight. Which, I might add, comes from the wonderful musical A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum. There have been a couple musical titled episodes, and being a big musical fan, I'm always amused. This one was decent as well.

Updates should be back to normal now. I still need to check my mail. But aside from that, I will try to get things back to where they were. No more one month breaks.

Please bear with me everyone. I have finals this week. Will be back soon, hopefully. ^_^

Okay, so I'm back! Nothing wholly special about the two episodes today. I missed the first 5 minutes of the first one (the Annabel battle) and Team Rocket never showed up. Which means they showed up in the first 5 mins and then blasted off? Boo.
There was more Team Rocket in the second, but nothing too different. Sigh. Isn't it about time for another Team Rocket themed episode? I know I keep talking about it...but it never seems to happen!

Sorry again! Still with the power problems. They're doing construction/re-work all around my neighborhood, and it's driving me nuts. Power sucks. And water's constantly flooding. It's very pleasent. ^_^
I do have a new fanfic up.
Wishing everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving, and for those not in the US, just a happy Thursday! I will try to catch up this Saturday. I promise.

My apartment building has been having power outages all week, and unfortunately, one must have happened last night so the episodes didn't record.
But, I caught an episode at 7pm (I didn't realize they were one then). It was a rerun, but I hadn't seen it before called "Sweet Baby James". I only caught the second half, but AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
How did I manage to miss this episode?!?!
That said, new fanart up!
And importantly, it's November 11th! Holy Team Rocket nuts, the Rocket Asylum is 7 years old!

It seems like the Battle Frontier episodes are all either Pokemon contests or battles. Am I imagining things or what? I swear, May and Ash are just running to those islands.
So...who was the mysterious lover Jessie was daydreaming about on the beach? Sigh.
I do like how Team Rocket is more energetic during the motto. All the nice graphics are back. I'm still a little iffed about the new lines though. I know I've had months to get used to it, but I still can't.

I was so busy last week I forgot all about Pokemon and just couldn't update.
So today's episodes.
Harley returns....and his new voice may take the prize for being the worst. Way to turn him into a stereotype. But, I was surprised to find that the story didn't go as expected. May did not win. And she wasn't presented a badge for "good" duty or whatever. She lost fair and square and will have to work harder next time. That's a good lesson. Unfortunately, Team Rocket seems to be just "inserted" into these episodes now. They appear and then disappear. Let's see some development!

I don't know really what to say. Pokemon is just Pokemon now. It's missing a bit of its spark. Maybe it's just a readjustment I need.
I did enjoy the nice appearance by the Donphan! And it's also nice to see the reimergence of James's rose. Brings a little nostalgia back. Now, just more Rocketshippyness, and I'll be somewhat happy.

I just realized...where did James's Mime, Jr. come from? Have I been oblivious this whole time?
It was sort of humorous how Team Rocket was just sitting there plotting and then got stuck in the vines. And yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Rocketshippy moment. Finally. I actually don't know what happened at the end of the second episode, my tape ran out of room and couldn't record.
It looks like CW (aka WB) is no longer airing Pokemon? What a shame. It's the end of an era.

Uh, what happened? How come Pokemon wasn't on the WB today?
On to Cartoon Network. Two okay episodes. Team Rocket appears and disappears. One battle. Another with crabs. Bad voices again...Pokemon needs some spicing up!! What we need is an action filled episode, that strays away from the normal plot. These are getting redundant.
I just put a new fic up, so enjoy.

Cartoon Network.
One episode with eggs. If we can all go back to a long time ago, when Misty had Togepi, didn't we learn that Pokemon don't hatch from eggs? They just turn into egg Pokemon? That's what I thought...but not here we have a Vulpix that just hatched from an egg.
Other episode with Pokemon contests. Sigh.
I think I've pinpointed why these new voice irk me. Aside from them being different, it's also because there's no emotion at all. I feel like these voice actors are just reading their lines. There's nothing different.

A little busy this weekend. I taped the episodes, and will update later this week. Thanks for understanding.

Late, sorry! Repeats on WB.
Caught Pokemon: Battle Frontier yesterday morning. The voices are incredibly jarring. Especially Meowth's. It's not even close to what Meowth really sounds like. Other than that, the episodes are pretty standard Pokemon. I'm not totally clear on the difference between Pokemon on the WB and Battle Frontier. But Pokemon's Pokemon, right?

Two repeats today on the WB. I got an email (but I read it too late) saying that Cartoon Network will be airing new episodes of Pokemon: Battle Frontier at 9am on Saturdays. Starting today. Except I missed it. But I'm putting that info out for everyone.

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