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*Trot On In*
Welcome to Starry Night Farms! Everything in SNF is all SIM, meaning nothing is real! If you join you will receive $2,000,000 and 4 horses of your choice(you make up stats). Keep in mind, this is all fake. After that you can buy or sell any horses in this sim (buying only with owners permission of course!). You can use your money to buy tack or feed, or pay for breeding fees, shows, races, and anything else around here! Feel free to take a look around and if you have any questions just Email Kaitlyn!

Council members:
  • Alxkat (president)
  • Hannah (vice president) Or to email all of us at once Click Here!! (if you want a quicker response to something, you're more likely to get one faster if you email all of us, than one of us!)


    Sadly, Kaitlyn and Cassi have left SNF =( I think Diane isleavingas well, but she'sstill here now. Thenew owners anre Alxkat and Hannah. Hi everyone!
  • FANTASTIC horses waiting to be adopted! Visit the SPCA to become a proud owner of an adoptee!!

  • The Free Horse has a new question!! Go Answer!

  • 3 New Horses to Name!!GO NAME!!

  • We need SUGGESTIONS for the contests!!! What do you guys want to do with them??? There is a topic on the message board about this too, but no one has said anything, so I'm wondering why you are complaining...please someone just give us some ideas!! You can also send them to Kaitlyn through email. THANKS!!

    *~*~*Places to go at Starry Night Farms*~*~*

    Joining Page
    Member's Page
    Aging Process
    Tack Room
    Tack Shop
    Mane Street
    Job Advertisements
    The Bank
    Free Horse!
    Name That Horse!
    Horses For Sale
    Breed Your Horse
    Write a Check
    Boarding Stables
    Trail Rides
    Riding Lessons
    Ride Your Horse
    Main Message Board

    Back-Up Message Board

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