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|~業業業 Gauntlet of Dignitaries Forum Book ~業業業|

Gauntlet of Dignitaries Forum Book

RhyDin has seen drastic changes in the past few months alone, and the forums are showing up nearly as often as the guilds are. Long before the "guild era" began in RhyDin, a man saw that the future would need to sustain a basic format for any guilds that would use dice. He went by the name of Stacatto Cyril Scipio.

He created the forum in order to not only help the guilds or clans within, but to help make RhyDin a little safer for the citizens. It was originally titled the Amulet in the Blade (AitB) and with direct permission, it has been re-enstated and improved upon to keep up with the many changes of rhis realm. Never before has RhyDin needed a light source more than now. Evil lurks within every Tavern and the beings possessed by this emotion are in dire need to be challenged.

This forum is created only for the reason of attempting to help mold a safer and more light oriented guild potential. Let RhyDin know this forum as the Gauntlet of Dignitaries (GoD) as of September 20th of the seventh minutes before the new sunrise of the 1998th year.

Spyder Cynan Tringad
Founder of the Gauntlet of Dignitaries

| Spars | Slave Match (SM) | Release Match (RM) | Honor Match (HM) |

| Death Match (DM)| Mass Spar (MS) | Wars | Prisoner of War (PoW) | The Aggressor Rule |

The dice and experience system used in GoD

Xd20 - 0 EXPXd25 - 90 EXPXd30 - 250 EXP
Xd35 - 675 EXPXd40 - 1,500 EXPXd45 - 2,750 EXP
Xd50 - 5,500 EXPXd55 - 8,000 EXPXd60 - 12,000 EXP
Xd65 - 17,000 EXPXd70 - 25,500 EXPXd75 - 40,000 EXP
Xd80 - 75,000 EXPXd85 - 250,000 EXPXd90 - 500,000 EXP
Xd95 - 750,000 EXPXd100 - 1,000,000 EXP*Xd101-105*

For now, this forum goes by 5 sided exponents.

*These sides can be obtained only by Mage created enhancers, officially documented and sent to the forum leader of GoD.*

GoD follows the normal guidelines for dice sides.

Mortals~ 2d

Halfies~ 3d

Immortals and Supernaturals~ 4d

Dice Scoring Chart

1-14 = 0 points15-19 = 1 point20-24 = 2 points25-29 = 3 points
30-34 = 4 points35-39 = 5 points40-44 = 6 points45-49 = 7 points
50-54 = 8 points55-59 = 9 points60-64 = 10 points65-69 = 11 points
70-74 = 12 points75-79 = 13 points80-84 = 14 points85-89 = 15 points
90 = 16 points91 = 17 points92 = 18 points93 = 19 points
94 = 20 points95 = 21 points96 = 22 points97 = 23 points
98 = 24 points99 = 25 points100 = 26 points101 = 27 points
102 = 28 points103 = 29 points104 = 30 points 105 = 31 points

**101-105 can only be obtained by using enhancers created by Mages or Blacksmiths. They must be sold by the proper Shop Owner**

Starting Dice for members

Cadet - Xd20Private - Xd25Private First Class- Xd35
Corporal - Xd40Sergeant - Xd45Lieutenant - Xd50
Captain - Xd55Major - Xd60Colonel - Xd65
General - Xd75TiC - Xd80SiC - Xd85GC - Xd90

For every log sent into the guild - it is 10 exps

For every new member recruited to the guild- 20 exps

For every new ally recruited to the guild- 100 exps

Matches and Wars Regulations


- A friendly match used for self progression. Winner gets 5 times the point spread plus 10. The loser will receive 5 exps.

Slave Match (SM)

- Winner gets 5 times the spread, the loser becomes a slave to the winner. Two witnesses, one proctor, and the two fighters are needed to be present for the match to be valid. All terms and witness' names must be stated before the match gets underway.

Release Match (RM)

- Winner gets 10 times the spread of the dice. If the challenger wins, the slave is released and may live their life as they wished. Same amount of people as the SM must be present for the match to be legal.

Honor Match (HM)

- Winner gets 7 times the spread. Same rules apply for this match as the SM.

Death Match (DM)

- Winner gets 20 times the spread, the loser obviously getting nothing. The term must be stated before the match. The loser's choices will be either to delete the SN or start a new character on the same SN (Only if the screen name is the main). Four witness, one proctor, and the two combatants must be present. Healers are not allowed. Other terms must be decided between the fighters and the proc.

Mass Spar (MS)

- A fight between more than two people, usually not brutal. The formula for a winner is # of fighters times 10. Any losers may receive 10 exp.


- These must be officially decreed by all participating guilds. The war will not be real unless agreed upon by the GC's of the guilds. The winning guild(s) will receive 1,000 exps per person and 10,500 gps for the guild stash.

Prisoner of War (PoW)

- The winner will receive 50 exps, the loser receives nothing. The loser will be a prisoner for the remainder of the war. Execution, sexual confrontations, beating, interrogations, and any other form of war like actions will not take place without superior consent of the GC. Anyone caught doing so will face the proper authorities. The PoW must not enter any rooms unpermitted by the person who imprisoned them.

The Aggressor Rule

This action can only be between 2 individuals, and when no rules are stated. The 20/30/40 rule takes immediate effect and the fight becomes an ADM (Aggressor Death Match). The loser becomes a Ghost (no rezz needed) for 72 IRL hours. This will give the loser time to consider their action, and other methods than the sword to settle a matter. There cannot be more than a 5 dice side difference between the two fighters. This will hopefully discourage "High Dice Bullies" from preying on weaker people. Also, there will be no aggressoring between classes.

Example: Supernaturals and HalfBreeds will not aggressor mortals. If a Supernatural or HalfBreed has a disagreement with a mortal they can resolve it either by a regular DM or HM.

Some notes and reminders for all GoD members

The only kidnaps that GoD members will have to accept are ones contracted by bounty hunters. In other words, no contract and legal hunter, you don't have to accept the attempt. If you want it to happen that's fine, but now you have a choice to put it down or not.

Rape attempts are disgusting and disliked by myself seriously. We would normally try to keep gaming as real as life would be, except most people that are disturbed enough to have their character rape someone are moders there is even more reason for us to help put an end to it. GoD members do not have to accept RA's at any time. If you wish for your char to have the chance of such a thing happening, fine, but you atleast now have an option.

Rezzing is something that everyone enjoys, it gives them all a chance to die and die and die. But the only thing that this forum doesn't like is the possible fact that people will abuse it like a game. So we have limited all GoD rezzes to three. On the possibility that the char simply has bad luck or many enemies then that rule can be bent. However if the person committed suicide and his/her friends or family wishes to have them rezzed then they must talk to the forum leader of GoD. Any rezzes must be sent to Tringad (( Spider9711 )) in so track may be kept.

Things like BA's, KO's, TA's and attacks under certain amount of words are up to the individual on acceptance. So keep that in mind when you list things you will or won't accept. Any attack problems one character may have towards another is to the mun's discretion on whether they deserve to be ignored because of moding, or dealt with properly by way of RP.

GoD will only recognize enhancers that do not surpass +5. Anything above a plus five (+5) enhancer can either be ignored or accepted, it is up to the member of GoD on whether she/he chooses to accept the hit used with the overpowered enhancer.

Mages will be the only way people in the GoD forum can get a hold of enhancers. There is no list, they can make whatever they want. But it can only go up +1 per day. So if one was to make a +5 enhancer then it would take five (5) days before they can use it. All days that it has been worked on by the mage must be logged and sent to the guild commander. If any problems arise with the enhancers, then all proof must be shown that it was legally created.

The monitary system that guilds and other businesses will use is very simple. Each member will start out with the number of the sides of their dice and multiply it by two (i.e., d20 x 2= 40 gold).