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 The Privateers




Left to Right: Dave Jury, Denis Gadwa, Mark Crossley, Bud Carter

Recent News: The Privateers have been invited to play at the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Annual Highland Games to be held on August 4th and 5th, 2000.

The Detroit Highland Games is the longest running Highland Games in North America!  See the link to Detroit Highland Game in our link section.

Also, everything is now confirmed and we are playing again this year at the 
Windsor Celtic Festival.

Don't miss The Privateers this summer in Wassaga at the Celtic Festival 2000.  See our "gigs" section for dates. 

Link Here for the Celtic Festival 2000 located in Wassaga Beach:

The Privateers, a Celtic-based traditional and original musical group, have been whetting people's appetites at venues across Ontario since 1993. Jigs, reels and pub songs are a large portion of their main fare. However, they have introduced a complete entree of original works while remaining true to the Celtic genre.

Their CDs, RED SKY AT NIGHT and SLIPPERY FLOOR are energetic blends of traditional and original jigs, reels, ballads and instrumentals.

The Privateers have received national (This Morning, Summerside, Vicki Gabereau, Max Ferguson Show) and local radio airplay.

Performing in a variety of venues they have been known to loosen the floor boards of many a pub from Windsor to Ottawa; bring a crowd to their feet at folk, Medieval and Celtic festivals; guide historical time travel at museums; entice many to step to a reel or stomp to a jig at ceilidhs; and to dispense a sense of fun and reverie at special events, malls and charity functions.

Known as the pirates of Celtic song, they loom on the horizon, take captive an unsuspecting audience, then escape on the high seas. From rollicking jigs to mournful ballads, they'll have you swinging your Guiness one moment and crying in it the next.

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