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The Poetry Of Life

Hello! My name is Stephanie, I made this site with my very good friend Nicole (sheís the vice president). We made this site to show the poetry of life! I am 12 years of age and she is 14, but weíre very interested in writing poetry. I have a few poems of my own on this site, along with other poems that I find enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the poems I wrote and picked out! Please read the poems my friend and I wrote, just because Iím 12 years old and sheís 14 doesnít mean we canít write good poetry! The poems we write come from the heart and soul; if you donít agree with some of the things we write please donít get offended and E-mail me just because you donít agree. Still I would like to hear from you and listen to your comments, if you have any poems you would like on the site I will be glad to put them on! Thank you again and please enjoy!

I would like to thank angelfire for letting me put my page here; I would also like to thank my parents for encouraging me to share my poems! -Stephanie

I would like to dedicate this web page right know in the memory of the forteen year old Dennis Bloom, who recently died. Our hearts are with you Dennis, we hope you are in a better place! =*(

and on another random note...i don't really know who's visiting this page...but if you do...and you're into those vertual online pets, click the banner bellow and sign up for Neopets! I's a lot of fun!

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