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Chiari and Spina Bifida
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Lynzi's Chiari Story,
is a site about a chiari child.
Our Chiari Kidsis a community site
for and about children with Chiari.
Go visit webmistress Frances!!
You will learn more about Chiari and
tethered spinal cord.

Alexus, is a "little" zipper head.
Her Chiari surgery was in June, 2000.
Her site had pictures and the site is
accepting emails from other children.

Ashley Autumn Angel Allbaugh,
has a great site full of
pictures of this beautiful girl with Spina Bifida.
Stop in and see this cutie
and send her an email.

Jerry, has a SUPER site
but you must have Shockwave to
view it. Go get it and WATCH
this chiari master web maker!!!

Wynelle, has a great site titled
"A Summary Of My Life With Spina Bifida".
Very very interesting reading.

Gail, is the Mom of 3 beautiful adopted kids.
Sandy Beth had epilepsy, Arnold Chiari,
spina bifida with a shunt.
Cory Sue had Cystic Fibrosis,
Vascular disorder, JA, was Blind,
and Hearing Imparied. SUPER MOM

Marti has a wonderful memorial page about
her son Matthew, spina bifida and
hydrocepalus. Go find out what the
The Little Red Wheelchair is all about.

Brenda has a wonderful site complete
with her detailed journey about chiari.
She also has a chat room.
Stop by and see who is chatting.
Be sure to check out the many links and
find out what FMS and CFS mean.

Joshua's web site shows pictures
of this wonderful guy
and tells his past and current story.
His grandma Haydee,
(alias Nana, alias Bleaueyes)
is well known to the Chiari community.
This site also has an update page to keep track
of his progress. Joshua has been through lots !
There is also a prayer page
where you should sign his guest book.

Cathy helps to maintain a special site
called Tethered Cord Syndrome and
Associated Anomalies. You can even join their
mailing list or browse through the
wonderful assortment of Links for several topics.

Tom and Linda have a super site
about lots of things. Linda has an
ACM and syringomyelia page.
Take a look at their beautiful postcard collection.

A very proud Daddy told me,
"Sabrina is doing fine."
Also has a page about surgery for Sabrina,
complete with picture drawings.

The homepage for Andrea and Terry
also includes a special page
with posting of article summaries
for hydrocephalus.

Connie tells her personal story
about ACM & SM.
She also has links about Neurofibromatosis,
and Tethered Cord Syndrome. She is specifically
addressing pediatric cases.

Ryan is a young man with Arnold Chiari
Type 1 Malformation and Autism.
His mother, Jaime has a
web site telling his story.
There are LOTS of links to other ACM sites.

Sgt. Jim C. Home Page
Jim has many links about Spina Bifida.
He is also interested in Ham Radio.

Mitch was born in 1985 and diagnosed
at birth with spina bifida,
Arnold Chiari, and Hydrocephalus.
Stop and see him fly his airplane.

Andrew is a special little guy.
Read his story about his struggles and success
with ACM II, Hydrocephalus, Myelomeningocele,
and Spina Bifida.
His mother writes monthly updates.

Be sure to stop by Rae's Place.
She is an 8 year old with her own web page.
And a special page at that!

Keith P. has Spina Bifida
and his web site has links from around the globe.
(Maybe he needs a hobby.)

Steve's Hydrocephalus Page
lists many useful links,
some that are not listed at other spots
including legal and social issues.

Tracy W. has a home page
including links and info about
ACM, SB, and hydro. She moderates a listserv,
an e-mail based mailing list. You can learn lots
by writing to others with same interests.

Judy's Homepage
has a Chiari page devoted to her story.
and personal details about her Chiari.

Darlene Long has a personal page
where she posted the results of
her research on Chiari.
This is another MUST read page.

Ronny W has a home page where he has
posted Ronnie's Survey Results
from the 1997 survey.
These results show causes, treatments,
and things that help with symptoms.

Chip has a wonderful page that could take
you days to explore. He even shares pictures
from his Chiari surgery. He has special pages
for his Chiari friends.

Julia's Journey
helps families with special needs children.
This site will lead you to other sites that
belong to the Discovering Spina Bifida Web Ring.

Neil Newman
has a Syringomyelia web site in Australia,
but he has links from around the world.
You will also find support group info.

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I will be adding more links,
as I find them. Please let me know
of any personal home pages
related to these medical conditions.

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