Watch the hair... and everything else


"I know when he's been on your mind
That distant look is in your eyes..."

- O-Town, All Or Nothing

It's me again, if you read my 2gether story then you know who it is =). If not well then :P but anyways I took time off to do another story. I mean I'm still working the 2gether on until I feel right to have posted. I written like 3-4 different versions of Chapter 4. [Sorry about Chapter 3], also I'm building a fanfic website, for those who are interested in my writing/stories =).

You know the drill, blah blah blah, ...why are you here if your offended by homosexual activities? I think your confused as much as the characters mentioned in here.

I don't know anyones sexuality of the O-Town boys, I don't know if they are or ever will be gay. But if they were (Especially Dan) I would die. I don't know any of them. This is pure fiction. The story is about Erik (and O-Town) and the trouble that awaits them.

I watch the show sometimes [Keyword being sometimes], so some info might be wrong. Sorry about that.

I stumbled on to the Second Toughest In The Infants... and It was a good... It was a REALLY good story. Which made me want to write a story on Erik. So I did :P

Anyways read these 'other stories' which is good to me [:P]:

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But now to the story!
Erik stared out of the plane. The band, were headed to another city and where all they had to do was work, but hey, the camera crew wasn't going to film them anytime soon.

Erik hated how the crew followed them and shit, but atleast they will finally have some privacy. Which was a relief, but still the band was a tough place to be.

He looked over to his fellow bandmates. Jacob, and Trevor was usually chatting, and Dan and Ashley was in there own worlds. And Erik was the odd man out. As if he was phasing out.

He then felt something pulling his hair. He turned around and it was non other than Dan. Dan took a seat next to him.

"Hey, watch the hair. I take time to make it like this."

"I was just playing."

Dan smiled.

God, anything to feel those lips.

"What the hell?" Erik said.


"What?" Erik said.

"I don't know what. But you just said 'what the hell'."

"Did I?"

"You certainly did."

Erik smiled. He always denied his true self. From time to time moments like this something would just come to mind.

"Oh. Sorry about that, Dan." Erik apologized.

"I'm just weirded out that cameras are gone."

"...For now" Dan added.

"Don't remind me. Jacob can go clubbing all he wants now." Erik said, "Man, you should of seen him, a party machine. All the ladies were happy."

"...and you?" Dan asked.

"I don't go to much clubs as before."

"Ah, poor baby" Dan said in a childish voice, and rubbed Erik's hair.

"Hey do I need to tell you again?" Erik growled.

Dan stuck out his tongue, "No you don't." He then smiled again.

anything to feel those lips up against mines.

"Now what the hell was that?" Erik said.

Dan gave him a weird look.

"Yo, Erik you okay man? You just said 'what the hell' again." Dan the felt Erik's forehead. It wasn't hot. It was normal, so he couldn't been sick, physically.

"I'm fine. I guess camera free Erik freaks me out a bit. I don't know."

"Well okay, once we get to the hotel, I want to sleep my ass off." Dan said, "We have been working and working and working."

Dan then rested his hand on his crotch area. Erik then stared at his hand resting on his crotch. Dan's started to rub his crotch. Both of their eyes met. Dan's seductive eyes lured Erik where he wanted to be.

"See something you like?" Dan asked, rubbing his crotch.

"Well, hell yeah."

"Why don't you do something about it?" Dan asked, placing his hand on Erik's crotch. Erik was all tense, he could literally feel the sweat drops falling from his face. His hands were shaking as it reached for Dan's crotch. But he stopped. Just barely touching it. He closed his eyes. He then felt Dan's hand on his, guiding it to his crotch. Erik opened his eyes. Dan was literally moving Erik's hand on his crotch.

"Yeah just like that." Dan moaned.

"ahh...Erik..." Dan moaned, he quickly turned to Erik and started to kiss him passionately. Their saliva mixed, and Dan stuck out this tongue in Erik's mouth. Massaging it very slowly. Dan pulled out. "Don't you ever dare to...ah... stop...ah on me... now." As Dan quickly moved Erik's hand.

"and working and working and working. God I need a break." Dan said.

"Now what the fuck was that?!?" Erik argued.

"Huh? Erik man, are you okay, you haven't been acting yourself lately. Are you sick?" Dan asked, as he reached for Erik's forehead.

"Dam, look at you. Your sweating, and your shaking. But you don't have a fever. That's peculiar."

Erik blinked several times, and realized he had been day dreaming. Erik then rested his head back, taking deep breathes as if he came right on the spot.

"You know what, I think I just need to be alone right now." Erik said, and sat as far as he could away from the group, and away from anyone else.

Dan gave a weird look and he say next to Ashley. Ashley who was on the phone again, talking so Shelli trying to resolve something.

"I know baby, We are so far away. What? Quit? Are we going through this again? Baby, You know how I feel. Because I'm happy. What? Hello? Bitch."

Dan looked at Ashley and raised an eyebrow.

"Hey Dan, how are you?"

Dan didn't bring his eyebrow down just yet.

"I think it's vice-versa."

"I don't want to talk about this right now, Dan."

"Whoa, take a chill pill. You can talk to me whenever your ready. But in the mean time, I have to talk to you about something."

"About what?"

"Erik. He's acting all weird now. I mean last month, he was his pure spunky self, and now it's like he's not trying. Does he have any mental disorders or something?" Dan asked.

"Well I don't know." Ashley looked towards Erik and yelled, "Yo Erik! Dan was wondering if you have any mental disorders or something."

Dan glared at Ashley.

"No, it's all good." Erik yelled back.

Ashley looked back at Dan. "See, it's all good."

"You fucking bastard." Dan said, and he nudged Ashley on the shoulder.

"What? You wanted to know right?"

Dan sighed, "Yes, but not like that."

"Besides, nothing is wrong with Erik, I mean look at him. He is his normal spunky self see?"

Dan looked at Erik, who been staring into space for a while of time.

"Is that normal to you? Come on, Maybe he smoked a joint or something, I don't know." Dan said.

"It can't be. He's anti-drugs, you know what I mean." Ashley said.

"Nah, I say he took some of those Mushroom tea shit, or something." Dan argued.

"Are you brain dead or something?" Ashley said, "Erik is not that kind of person. No drugs."

"But I mean just look at him!" Dan said, As they watched Erik from a far. Erik was so phasing out.

"I lived with him, more than you have dude. I think he is just a little exhausted. Aren't you tired too?"

"No, not really."

"Well you should be." Ashley said. Ashley's phone then rang, and he checked the ID. It was Shelli.

"Excuse me, I have to take this call." Ashley said, taking the call.

"Baby, I don't want to talk about this right now." Ashley said, and hanged up his cell.

"Enough about Erik. What about you?" Dan said, and started into Ashley's eyes.

"What about me?"

"I don't know you been so tense today. Why don't you calm down a bit. Take a load off." As he reached for Ashley's shoulders rubbing them a bit.

Ashley made a confused look, "Are you hitting on me?" Ashley asked.

Dan laughed, "What?" Still rubbing his shoulder.

"Are you hitting on me?" Ashley said again and laughed.

"No, where did this come all of a sudden?" Dan asked as he stopped rubbing.

"I don't know. I'm getting an impression that you were hitting on me." Ashley said and raised an eyebrow. "Because if you were, I might be free." Ashley joked.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Okay, I can't have this bottled up in me, but Shelli and I are having a few problems. Too make a long story short. It's either me, or the Band."

"Ah, I know you. You'll choose the band."

"Of course I'll choose the band. God. I know we are having a difficult time to stay together but the band is my dream."


"And you guys are my family" Ashley said, and lightly nudged Dan on the cheek.

"Ah, what a touching story. Tear." Dan said, and ran his finger down from his eye to his cheek. "Ah, this story brings out the Angel in you."

Ashley then stared at Dan again with a weird look. "Are we going through this again?" he joked.

"No we're not." Dan said, and quickly sat in another seat. He then looked at Ashley and stuck out his tongue. Then smilied.

From far behind, Erik stared at them.

God. Dan your smile.

"Okay this got to stop." He said. "You're not running my life." he said softly. He knew who he was talking to, It was Erik Jr.

Ashley looked back at Erik and noticed Erik that he was looking over. He then and walked over to him.

"Did we do something do displease you?" Ashley asked Erik.

"What?" Erik replied.

What the hell are you talking about Ash?

"Well I heard you say 'this got to stop' and all, and I just thought how Dan and I were acting, bothered you... some how."

"It's not that."

"Are you sure?

"Trust me, it's not how the way you were acting *ahem* like a child *ahem*"

"Ha ha, very funny." Ashley said. He was happy to see Erik cracking up a joke, but he too noticed the sudden change in Erik's behavior.

"Seriously Erik. If you need someone to talk to, I'm always there..."

"Um... okay Ashley."

"...Day or night..."



"Well that's good."

"From the ends of the earth..."

"I think I got it the first time."

"... Just ask me anything and the doctor is in." Ashley said. He looked at Erik with a smile on his face. Erik then smiled back.

Are you back with us now Erik? I didn't see you smile in a long time. Ashley thought.

God. Anything to stare in those beautiful eyes for the rest of my life.

Erik fought back commenting something by biting his lower lip. After a few seconds passed by, Ashley left Erik. With all these emotions passing through his mind, Erik decided to take a nap before landing.

"Yo, Erik man, wake up."

Erik heard the person, but refused to wake up.

"Erik Man, wake up, where here, and I refuse to carry you off the plane." Dan joked.

Erik slowly opened one of his eyes, and saw Dan smiling like a sweetheart he is. Dan then shook Erik to wake him up.

He's touching me...

Erik bit his lip, and still didn't budge. Dan then shook Erik but harder, and longer.

He's touching me...

Erik bit his lip even harder, and still didn't move. The truth was that Erik was up but faking being half awake didn't bother him at all. All that mattered was the soft touches by Dan made it worth it.

"I know what to do." Dan said, and he started to mess Erik's hair up. Both of Erik's eyes flew open and "No you didn't" came out of his mouth.

Dan grinned. "Are you up now?"

"Yes." Erik said, trying to straighten his hair.

"Well that's good. Now get your things. We get to sleep in beds for once."

"Oh, I can't just can't wait for that." Erik said, rubbing his eyes. He wanted to get rid of the eye boogers. What would fans think and dan if it was seen clearly by a naked eye.

The group, left the plane, and went straight to the hotel Since it was early morning, only the hard-core O-Town fans were there, so it wasn't much of a bother.

On the to the hotel, Erik kept yawning his braing out. He was tired.

"Tired?" Dan asked, who sat next to Erik.

"Yes. I just hope this next two months will be peaceful, Even though we have a lot of things to do." and Erik through is head back. He was bored, and he needed to do something to keep him up. So he turned to Dan.

"I just hope it's not anytime soon." Dan said.

Erik then started to flick Dan's hair.

"What are you doing?" Dan asked Erik, who wasn't acting like his normal self.

"Flicking your hair." Erik said innocently.


"To keep me up." he then said innocently again. Erik continued to flick Dan's hair for a while, until Dan grabbed his wrist.

"Okay, I'll be good." Erik said, and stopped flicking Dan's hair.

"Well I won't." Dan quickly added, and messed up Erik's hair again.

"Do I need to go through with this with you again?" Erik asked.

"Hey man, don't look at me. You started it dude." Dan said, and laughed. heart beats

Dan smiled. will keep on beating...

"You can go back to sleep now" Dan said, and Erik fell asleep. "I'm sure someone will wake up you or me." With that Dan closed his eyes and fell asleep. Erik stared at him for a brief moment and closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.

"Ah, look that cute couple?" Trevor joked, as he pointed out to Dan and Erik sleeping shoulder to shoulder. Erik's head then fell down onto Dan's shoulder, which made Trevor say "ah" more.

"To bad, they aren't gay. They would make a cute couple." Trevor said.

"You think?" Jacob asked, "I wouldn't be to sure about that."

Ashley laughed, and threw the hat that he was wearing towards Jacob. "Hey now, all because they are sleeping, doesn't mean we should crack jokes on them."

"Quiet, They'll hear us." Trevor said.

"Watch this." Trevor said, as he gently put Erik's hand on Dan's thigh.

"Hey that's not nice." Ashley said.

Jacob laughed, "What about this one?" He then took Dan's arm and put it over Erik's shoulder. "That should do it."

"Just to let you guys know, when they wake up, they'll be pissed at you guys. So you honestly swear that I never had anything to do with this right?" Ashley said. By now Ashley and Trevor fought back in laughing by bitting their bottom lip.

"Okay." Was the word that escaped Trevor's mouth.

The car hit a speed bump and made Erik's hand land on Dan's crotch.

Ashley's eyes widen, as he started to laugh at himself. "Now that's a kodak moment" As he scrambled to get his polroid camera. He then took a picture.

"That's truly a kodak moment." Trevor said.

Ashley stared at the two as they slept.
Erik was the first on to wake up. He saw the others minding there own business. He then used his hands to help him sit up straight. He then noticed it, that his hand was resting on Dan's crotch.

Ashley stares at Erik

He quickly took it off, and looked around if anyone noticed. To his guess, no one did notice.

But he was wrong, the whole band, except Dan noticed because he was still asleep. Ashley then brought his eyes towards Erik for another time. Erik then took noticed that Ashley was watching him and he decided to rest again. He layed back, still looking at Ashley, he then found Dan's hand. He put it on his shoulder and started to rub it slowly. He brought his left hand index finger towards his lips and began to play with it.

That's when Dan woke up. He was tired and blinked a few times before getting back into reality. He noticed that his hand was near Erik's head, and he just had to play with the his hair. He started to mess up Erik's hair, and that's when Erik said it, "Watch the hair..."

"and everything else." Ashley added in, as he coughed, staring at them.

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