Watch The Hair and Everything Else 6 by ----

Well I'm not to happy with this chapter.


"Look, I'm sorry." Dan said, "let me do something to make it up for."

"Like what?"

"You'll see. Tonight." Dan said, as he left the room.

Jacob's guilt was killing him, so he knew what he had to do, he had to talk to someone about it.

Jacob slowly made up to Ashley's room, knocked on the door, and when Ashley said come in, he did. "So I over heard that you were the doctor in the hotel." Jacob said. "Ah, Yes, The doctor is in." Ashley said, as he pulled his knees towards his chest. "So what's your problem?" "I just feel horrible. During rehearsals, I yelled at Erik." "...and...?" "...and that's why I'm kind of distant right now. I can still picture his face. How disapointed he looked." Jacob then pictured Erik's face. "It still haunts me." as a few tears fell out of his eyes. "Well I'm not really a doctor about this, but I'm guessing that Erik is okay with this, and all." "How do you know that?" Jacob asked. "You see, I know this for a fact that, It didn't affect him that much." "Really?" "Yes, really. If he didn't like it, he would of gone berserk on you or something-" Jacob sighed with relief. "-or he would of left the band." leave the band... Ashley started at Jacob who was feeling guilty. "No I'm just kidding!" Ashley quickly added, and saw Jacob sighed. "Jacob, I'm not the person who you should talk to." "Well then who am I going to talk to?" Jacob asked. "Erik." With those words, Jacob knew what he had to do. It was like facing a fear, like riding your bike with out the training wheels. ----- Jacob had requested Erik to meet him in his room, but he did it through Dan. Erik got their and knocked on his door. "Come in." "You wanted to see me?" he asked. "Yes." Jacob said. Erik then closed the door, and leaned on it. "Yo, scoop." Jacob said, as he motioned Erik to lie next to him. "So how you doing?" Erik asked, "We actually never hanged together in a while... by our selves." "You know..." Jacob started to say, "I'm really sorry." as emotions took over and he started to cry. "Why what's wrong?" Erik said, he didn't know what Jacob meant. "At rehearsals..." Jacob started to look away from Erik. "Hey it's alright." Erik said, as he took Jacob in his arms. "It's not okay!" Jacob said, as he looked at Erik. "I yelled at you..." "...and..." "...and I want to say I'm sorry." Jacob said, as he put his head on Erik's shoulder, and cried even more. "Is that all that's bothering you?" Erik asked, as stroked Jacob's hair. "Yes..." Jacob started, "I'm just so sorry. Your face haunts me now. How disapointed you looked." "It's alright really." Erik said, as he stared into Jacob's eyes, and he started to kiss Jacob's cheek. Jacob smiled a bit, but continued to cry. He put his head back on Erik's shoulder, and let everything out. "Just let it all out." Erik said softly. ---- Time passed, and everything healed with Jacob. He was his old normal, spunky self again. They both enjoyed just chatting, about stuff. They both laid on the bed and was staring at the ceiling. Jacob turned towards Erik. "What's this?" Jacob asked, as he noticed a poloroid on his bed. shit... Erik thought, "Oh. That's must be Dan's one." Erik said. "Yeah, right" as he turned the poloroid over. It was Jacob and Dan sleeping. Jacob started to laugh. "Where did you get this?" "Before rehearsals. When you and Dan were napping." "I bet Dan doesn't even know that you took this picure." Jacob said. "Well, He's was sleeping in that picture." Erik said, "and besides I didn't take that picture." "Yeah right." Jacob said, as he didn't believe him. "I'm tellling you the truth, Jacob." as he pulled it out of Jacob's hand. "Then why do you have this picture of me and Dan?" Jacob asked. Erik tried to hid it. Jacob then got on top of Erik, trying to grab the picture. That's when Erik started to stare at Jacob. Jacob noticed no activity in Erik and he brought his eyes towards Erik's. Their eyes locked, as they both gazed at each other. Jacob looked down at Erik, where his clothes were a mess. His button shirt was open, and wrinkled. Jacob moved closer to Erik, as his hands travelled down to Erik's belt, as he started to unbuckle it. He then brought his eyes back up at him, and Erik started to lean in. Jacob did the same, but stopped. Just barely touching his lips. Erik proceeded to lean forward to kiss him but Jacob quickly withdrew back, and got off the bed with an erratic behavior. "That's okay," Erik said, "Most guys don't like kissing." as he looked at Jacob, as he was taking deep breaths. "Coffee?" Erik asked. "I don't like coffee!" as Jacob stood up looking at Erik. "That's not it, I mean I'm not gay!" Jacob said, "I just came here to talk." Jacob then fixed his shirt and left the room. Erik just sat on his bed, and stared at the door. Thoughts raced his mind, as he fell in defeat. Jacob suddenly came in. "Jacob..." Erik's voice trailed off. "...this is my room." Jacob said softly. "Yeah. Sorry." Erik said, as he left the room. ---- Erik stepped into the room, He passed Dan and Ashley as they were watching tv. They both noticed that Erik was bluer than normal. "I better talk to him." Ashley said, as he got out of Dan's arms, and headed for Erik's room. Erik slowly got to his bed, and sat on it. better yet, the balcony. He moved towards the balcony and sat on the chair, staring at the city. He noticed that the door was opening. It was Ashley. "What's wrong?" "Nothing's wrong." "Erik..." "I swear..." "Well if you don't want to tell me now. I understand." Ashley said, as he left Erik. He returned to the arms of Dan. "What's wrong with him?" "I don't know. Maybe Jacob knows something." "Do you have to leave now?" Dan said, as he held Ashley closer. "No. Maybe in a few minutes." ---

Few hours passed, and Jacob found his problems going away very slowly, thanks to the bottom of the glasses of the mini bar. He knew he was messed up so he decided to take a good cold shower.

Jacob washed his hair. He wished that he could wash everything that was out of him. He still felt dirty. Erik's hands all over him, still he could feel the burning sensation of Erik kissing his cheek, Or was it the hot water? He turned down the hot water. Ah. Perfect. No wait. I wanted a cold shower. He turned off the hot water and turned the cold water up. Jacob got out of the shower, he put on the robe, and headed for his balcony. He noticed someone else also sitting there. It was none than the other, Erik. "Hey..." Jacob said. A few hours passed when they were going to have sex. "Hey yourself." Erik said, then followed by silence. Jacob turned to Erik, and Erik quickly spoke, "I hope your not mad at me." "No Erik, that's not it." Jacob then took a sat on his chair. "Then what is?" "I just need time..." "to explain." ------ Bored, and Hungry, Ashley decided to head over to the McDonalds which was like a block away. "what should I order?" He thought to himself. Should I order for Dan and Erik? Ashley then returned to the living room of his suite. He put the bundles of food down on the table He noticed strange lights coming out of his room, So he decided to check it out. There he saw Dan, light a few candles. "Look Ash, I'm sorry, about the whole Erik thing." Dan said, lighting more candles. Ashley smiled. "That's okay." "So I know you like candles and all. "Ah that's sweet." Ashley then remembered that Dan like McDonald's nuggests and fries. "I will be right back." Ashley said, running to get the food. He then returned to Dan, hiding the fries and Nuggests behind his back. "Whatcha got there?" Dan asked. Ashley showed him. "Ah, my favorite." Dan smiled. --- "Where's my desert?" Dan asked. "Your looking at it." "Well, Erik's not here." Dan said. Ashley growled, but decided to play along. "Well, You want me to get him? We can have a good threesome." "Really?" Dan said in sarcism. "Yes, Really." Ashley said, as he faked getting up. "I think we can't do it now." Ashley said, looking at his bulgding stomach. "I mean isn't sex first, then you have like ice cream after?" Ashley said. "Well..." Dan said. ----- ----- So I read that Ashley likes Candles, Dan likes McDonald's fries and nuggests.

Hated it? Well I hate it too. I would like to recommend "Adventures In O-Town" hehe...