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So I think here's the first physical sex scene and not with the fantasy sequences.

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Read Doggy Style/Alphabet Game by Penelope! Those kick ass. Very funny. And it's not drama story for once.


"Nothing!" Erik said, hiding the two poloroids. He then closed the van door, and began to walk away from Dan.

Dan ran, catching up where Erik was.

Dan cleared his throat, "Are you mad or something?"

how can anyone be mad at you... Erik thought, Dan was just to sweet.

"No, it's just, Nothing." Erik said.

"Got something to hide?" Dan asked, meaning the poloroids.

Erik didn't answer.

"I'll find out what your hiding from me." Dan said, as he tried to grab the poloroids out of Erik's pockets, but Erik just slapped his hand.

Erik stopped, and raised an eye brow at Dan.

"What are you trying to do?" he asked, "were you trying to grab the poloroid or something else?"

"Your sick." Dan said, as he pushed Erik.

They both got up to the door, and saw the rest of the three staring at them.

"Thought you guys died." Jacob said, angry.

"We would of called the police." Ashley joked.

"Well, I just had to grab my water bottle out of the van." Erik said.

"And I was keeping him company." Dan said, "Don't want anybody feeling left out."

"Whatever." Jacob said, as he got into position.

They got in position, and they began to rehearsal.

Few minutes passed.

"This way!" Choreographer said, showing them the right steps.

"Well we would of have it correct if Dan wasn't about one second off." Jacob said, and flinched.

Erik just stared at Jacob, wondering what was up his ass, ala why was he being so mean.

Jacob caught Erik looking at him, and he snapped back, "What you looking at Estrada!?!"

Erik faced forward, and they were on.

"Okay your done!" Choreographer said.

They all stopped, tired.

"God. That was tiring" Trevor said.

"Don't forget we have the interview to go to." Ashley said.

Once cooled off, they were heading back to the hotel where they were going to refresh themselves before the interview.

They all hanged out in the living room of Ashley/Dan/Erik. As they were getting interviewed

It was the same ol boring thing. (Blah, Blah, Blah.)

What seemed like an eternity, , the interview pressed on with their gay fans.

"So how do you guys feel about your gay fans?" The interviewer asked, "Dan, what's on your mind?"

Dan cleared his throat, "Well..." Dan stuttered as he didn't know how to answer. what do I say? i'm not gay but it's flattering? Dan thought.

"Pennies for your thought, Erik?" The Interviewer asked, as he moved on. He knew that he wasn't going to get answer from Dan.

"I...don't know..." Erik stuttered.

Ashley then spoke, "Well..." he started, "I find it exciting that guys out there think I'm sexy. Not that I'm gay or anything, but... it does lot for your self image, to know that you've crossed genders... at concerts, I don't just focus on the girls, either. I flirt with the guys, too. I'm just a flirty kind of guy."*

All of the members looked at Ashley, as he grinned at the Interviewer.

That should do it.... Ashley thought.

Is he... Dan thought.

gay? Erik thought.

no way... Jacob thought.

anything is possible... Trevor thought.

"Well guys," The interviewer said, "It was fun, Thank you for your time."

With those words, the interviewer left.

"I can see it now..." Jacob said, "O-Town Member gay! Details inside." as he mimicked a caption.

"I didn't say I was gay, Jacob." Ashley said, "Where were you at?" as he reached for Jacob's head then knocking it. Ashley then ran his finger through Jacob's locks. The with a dark look, Ashley stared at Jacob.

Ashley then turned, as he asked the guys "what are we doing tonight?"

"nothing." the three said.

"I have to 'meet' someone" Trevor said.

"Hot date?" Dan asked.

"No 'good friend'" he answered back.

"Good fuck friend?"

"I'm not getting into this." Trevor said, then he was gone.

After the interview,

Ashley stepped into his room he wondered if what he said in the interview might of effect their image in anyway.

nah... he thought, what he didn't know that it effected someone in there group, and that someone was coming to see him.

Dan knocked on Ashley's door.

"Yo!" Ashley said.

Dan walked in, "I guess that means I can come in?" Dan then locked the door.

"So what you up to?" Dan asked, as he sat on the couch in Ashley's room.

"Nothing much." Ashley said, sitting next to Dan's feet.

"I have to ask you something." Dan said.


"I don't know how to put it," he said, "I guess that in the interview, you said that you flirt with guys?"

"Is that your problem? I was just teasing." Ashley said, "It's fun to play with people's mind."

Dan gave Ashley a weird look.

"Well, The thing that bothers me is, why would you say something like that?" Dan asked Ashley, "What if it ruins our image?"

"It's not going to ruin our image" Ashley said, "Well, it might ruin my image, but they won't care. It might even boost up our gay and bi fans."

"...and I must say, it worked." Dan said, "The whole YM shirtless, cold water, hard nipples must of work." Dan joked.

"See?" Ashley said, putting the problem aside.

The both laughed. Ashley then stared at Dan, "And besides, guys are a lot more fun to be around." Ashley's then withdrew his eyes, and it met Dan's feet.

pressure points, are on the feet

Ashley stared to massage man's feet.

"What are you doing?" Dan asked

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Ashley said.

"You don't have to..."

"It's alright," Ashley said, strengthening his grip on Dan's foot. Dan moaned in pleasure.

"I forgot how good a massage feel after a hard days at work." Dan said, as he threw his head back, closing his eyes.

"Well at least your feet doesn't smell" Ashley said, smiling at Dan.

Dan opened his eyes, and saw Ashley smiling. With his other loose foot that Ashley wasn't massaging with, he hit Ashley on the stomach.

Ashley groaned, "Just for that... your foot massage will cost you, a million dollars."

Dan hit him again, and Ashley reacted by grabbing on the foot his was massaging, holding it and he began to tickle it.

Dan started to laugh, as he struggled to get his foot loose. Seeing that Dan would of won, Ashley got on top of Dan, and lunged for Dan's side, tickling him. Even more laughter filled the room.

Dan won control after he grabbed both of Ashley's wrists, and began to hold him up. Dan stared into Ashley's eyes, where it was calling him to fuck him.

fuck me dan...

His eyes then travelled up to Ashley's hair, where every strand was out of place. His eyes went back at Ashley's eyes. It was still calling him.

i said fuck me

Dan quickly loosen his grip and got up, Dan stood up, facing away from Ashley, as he began to walk towards the door.

"What's the matter?" Ashley asked.

Dan turned around, as he stared into Ashley's eyes.

FUCK ME HARD it called him.

Ashley knew what was going on.

"Scared?" Ashley challenged.

"I'm not scared" Dan lied, as his voice cracked.

"Then why are you running away?"

"I have to pee." Dan quickly said, as he turned his body, heading for the bathroom.

"...or do you have to jerk off?" Ashley said it softly to himself.

Dan shut the door and sat on the toilet. He looked down on his pants and noticed that he had an erection. He sighed, as he knew that it would be a while for it to go down.

shit... he remembered, i said that i had to pee, not take a dump.

Dan stepped out of bathroom, hiding his erection. He was then greeted by Ashley.

"I scare you...don't I?" Ashley said, cornering Dan.

"No, you don't" as Dan pushed Ashley aside and heading towards the door.

Ashley rushed to Dan, "Look Dan, I'm sorry."

Dan stopped, He turned around and stared at Ashley.

"Why don't we talk about what are on our minds." Ashley said.

He knew exactly what Dan was thinking about, as he saw his bulge in his pants.

Dan sighed, as he walked towards Ashley.

"So what?" Dan asked.

"I know what is this about." Ashley said looking at him.

"Really?" Dan asked, "Try me."

"It's about guys." Ashley said.

shit. Dan thought.

"Your afraid of the same sex, aren't you?" Ashley said.

"Is it the reason why you couldn't answer the question in the interview?" Ashley asked.

"I guess." Dan admitted.

"Well what's not to like a guy?" Ashley asked, and he walked closer to Dan. "They could be smart, funny, charming..."

"...and good in bed." Ashley continued.

Dan slowly backed off, but Ashley followed. Ashley got into Dan's face, just barely touching. Dan quickly turned around.

i'm not falling for it... Dan protested in his mind.

"I just think that girls, don't know how to pleasure a guy...right. I mean it's because..."

"Because what...?" Dan said nervously.

Ashley leaned in just barely touching his ear, "It's because they don't have a penis." Ashley then started to kiss lightly on Dan's neck.

Ashley stopped and pulled back, "I mean, you and Cindy are history." Dan quivered, as Ashley brought his hands on his shoulders, massaging them a bit. Dan moaned in pleasure.

"So..." Ashley said, moving his hands down on Dan's back.

"It wouldn't be cheating." Ashley said, as he grabbed Dan's ass.

Dan quickly reacted, and Ashley spun him around.

"Well, your not with her any more so it wouldn't be cheating.?" Ashley said, as he stared at Dan, licking his lips.

"If it feels good, why don't you just do it." Ashley said, reaching out, rubbing Dan's aching erection.

"Well...I guess." Dan said, nervously.

With that agreement, Ashley placed his lips on Dan. To his surprise, Dan didn't fight back. Dan held had his eyes shut, and Ashley just stared at him. Ashley started to use his tongue on Dan. That's when Dan started to fight a bit. Dan pulled back, but Ashley's hands didn't let him, as Ashley held Dan's head, so it wouldn't go anywhere.

Dan stopped fighting and reacted, by also sticking his tongue. Ashley and Dan's tongue wrestled with each other, exploring new places in each other's mouth.

Ashley gripped Dan's head as his tongue touched Dan's tongue. To Ashley's surprise, Dan's tongue was a bit big, kinda long too.

Ashley pulled back and pushed Dan on the bed. Dan was scared a bit, but he just started at him. Ashley then pulled his shirt off, and Dan did the same. Ashley started to unbuckle his belt, and pulling his pants off. Dan just stared at him, amazed at his body.

Ashley got on top of the bed, besides, Dan, and he began to kiss him again. Both guys hands explored each others chest. Ashley rested his hand on Dan's stomach, as he pulled off again.

"What's wrong...?" Dan said, with traces of spit on his lips.

"I just want you closer..." Ashley said, as he pulled Dan closer to him. Both could feel the throbbing erections that they had, just wanting to explode. Dan started to thrust against Ashley's hard on as they just stared at each other.

Dan then started to unbuckle his pants he had on and quickly threw it on the ground. He brought his eyes back on Ashley. Ashley then took off his boxers and he started to hold Dan's head. He then guided Dan's head to his aching dick. Dan hesitated.

it's big Dan thought.

"Well?" Ashley said, "Suck it."

Dan just stared at Ashley's manhood.

really, really, big

Ashley got mad, he tried to push Dan's head down, but it didn't budge.

"What the hell are you waiting for." Ashley groaned.

"What if..."

"What if what?" Ashley spoke.

"What if I can't hit the whole thing in my mouth."

Ashley stared at Dan, looking kinda scared. Ashley let out a small laugh.

"That's alright." Ashley said, as he put his hand on Dan's cheek. His hand then travelled up Dan's neck, and then again, he pushed Dan's head down. Of course, Dan didn't budge.

Ashley was about to say something but Dan started to grip dick. Ashley moaned in pleasure. He started to jerk Ashley off, squeezing it's base, then moving his other hand to Ashley's balls.

Dan then stop squeezing his balls, and he just gripped on Ashley's dick. He began to stare at it again. This time, Dan stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of Ashley's dick.

"Ahh..." Ashley moaned, as he did a final thrust, and shot his load in Dan's mouth. He looked up at Dan as Dan was letting the Ashley's juice out of his mouth. After he was done doing that, He began to wipe his bottom lip.

He began to straddle Ashley on his chest. Ashley knew what Dan wanted in return. He then started to lick Dan's dick. Dan then pushed his dick so that the whole thing was in Ashley's mouth.

now it's your turn...

Ashley gagged, as Dan thursted it in and out of his mouth. It wasn't as big as Ashley's one, so it really didn't bother him. Dan was very close. He had tension all built up in him.

Dan moaned, as he pulled Ashley's head a final time, and he shot his load down Ashley's throat. He pulled back, and looked at his lover bellow.

To his surprise, Ashley began to swallow his load. Dan moved down a bit to Ashley's stomach, still straddling him, and he reach over to kiss Ashley on the lips. Their tongues then met again, and Dan could taste his own juice that was still left in Ashley's mouth. Dan pulled back and he finally collapsed on Ashley's sweaty chest.

Ashley held Dan, as Dan did the same.

"Did the interview open up the gayness in you?" Dan asked.

Ashley slowly blinked, "Wouldn't you like to know?"




XY Magazine, was for the whole Ashley- flirty guy thing.

As far as I know, what is listed in the story is true. I believe it was issue 30 I think....