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here's a list of O-Town stories I've written:

Watch the hair... and everything else.

Summary: This is a slash story involving Erik.
` Pairing[s]: Dan/Ashley, Dan/Jacob, Dan/Erik, Erik/Jacob, Ashley/Trevor, Erik/Ashley
Key Players: All but Trevor. Trevor is considered my side whack in this series.
Rating: Mainly R BUT... Varies from chapters to chapter
Length: More than 10, But less than 20 parts.
Status: [Currently on Hiatus] Working; 1-10 done; 4 posted, 5 is being finalized, rolling parts 6 and 7 into one, because either one of them was short.

              Part 1 - posted on July 13, 2001.
              Part 1 - never posted, alternate ending (I originally wrote this as part 1, but I didn't like the original ending; Some minor corrections)
              Part 2 - posted on August 3, 2001.

              Part 3 - posted on August 16, 2001.

              Part 4 - Posted On August 29, 2001.
              Part 5 - never posted, first draft.
              Part 5 - never posted, last minute change on who ..... had a ..... on. (Sorry story not posted yet and will remain as it is.)
              Part 5
              Part 6
              Part 7
              Part 8
              Parts 6 - 8, what I like to call, Deluxe Version, no difference with the final versions of the chapters posted above.
              Part 9
              Part 10
              Part 11
              Part 11, First Draft, re-wrote this chapter.


eLeMeNT, Spin-Off From "Watch The Hair"

Summary: Spin off from Watch The Hair, will go into the lives of LMNT, ex-making the band members.
Pairing: Ikaika/ ex-Matt
Key Players: Ikaika, Matt.
Rating: Mainly R because of dialogue, mainly swearing, and where their mind day dreams.
Length: ?? Parts, aiming at 3 parts, if not less.
Status: Planned.


Short Stories

Six Seconds (formely, Every Six Seconds)

This story was going to be posted as 6 parts (maybe 7 if I had enough feedback) but I decided not to post it on nifty (Yet) until I'm happy with my so called "smut" story.

Pairing: Dan/Ashley
Summary: Every Six Seconds, nuff said.
Rating: R for language and sensuality.
Status: 20 % complete, What's missing in this picture? Beginning...............End, well I'm missing the middle, and I can't seem to write a plot in the middle.

UPDATE: Someone already beat me to it, with their series called Every Six Seconds.... grr... but I shortened it down just to "Six Seconds". ----

Take Me Under

Inspired by a lot of PWP stories around the net, but tammed for my standards!

Summary: This is when Jacob catches Dan practing late one night.
Pairing: Jacob/Dan
Rating: R for language and sensuality.
Status: [On Hiatus] 94 % Complete, but I'm not to happy with the sex scenes.

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