*NSync Stories Here are couple of NSync stories I wrote:

N-Trouble -

Summary: A hot day with Lance and Joey.
Pairing: Joey/Lance
Rating: R
Length: 2 parts, part 2 will be finished later in life.

Part 1 - Posted on
Part 2 - never posted

I don't have Part 2 in my directory in the moment, although I'm certain I did write atleast 2 more. Maybe I deleted them before making this site (Sorry Jimmy!)

Mean To Me

Summary: JC gets upset when Justin treats Lance like shit.
Pairing: JC/Lance
Rating: R, due to violence
Length: 3 parts; parts 2 & 3 will be finished later in life.
Notes: I was experimenting with characters in this story, and see how people would react to it.

Part 1 - never posted, not completed.

Untitled Chris Story

Summary: *NSync trashes O-Town. Chris decides not to talk after he soon develops a crush on one of the members.
Pairing: Chris/??
Rating: ??
Length: ?? parts; aiming at more than 3.
Status: Planned.

I wrote N-Trouble but didn't recieve any feed back, so I guess I won't continue it, but I wrote another chapter in advance just in case :)