feedback Here's a few emails I got on what people are saying about my stories.

2gether Truth Or Dare

Derek Wrote:

Hi! I am not actually a big fan of those guys, but you wrote that fic so well I thought I should let you know! I think it would be kinda cool if you continued the series.


I still think my part 1 is horrible. Looking back at it, I would make a lot of changes in my writing style.

Taylor Wrote:

I just finished reading 2gether Truth or Dare chapters 1-3 and it's great. Why'd you stop? There aren't enough 2gether stories out there. I think I'll write one myself in a little while.


Hehe, Taylor you rule! hehe, you da man, man. Just hold on and I'll email you when I'm done finalizing them :)

...and I agree with you, there aren't enough 2gether stories out there. So I hope your story turns out great. :)

Watch The Hair and Everything Else

Taylor wrote:

Hi, Kaworu

I read your O-Town story, Watch The Hair and I have to say, it's one of the best I've read so far on Nifty. I love the way you have them going in and out of daydreams while the others are talking to them. I also loved to part with Trevor. I thought for a while you were going to leave him out of the main story, just adding him in occasionaly to let people know he's there. I was totally surprised at what Dan walked in on.


I like the idea that someone is happy about the whole daydreaming thing. I thought no one was noticing it :( As for Trevor, like I said, It wasn't planned but just sorta happened.


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