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Summary: Ron has no money. Draco is willing to give some to Ron... for a price.
Parings: Draco/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Length: ?? Parts
Genre: Drama/Angst
Notes: This will serve as a "pilot" for a series if feedback is good enough. If not I have a second and third part planned that could end the series.
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Series Expected to be finished: December 2003.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I'm not making any profit whatsoever. Harry Potter, and it's characters are owned by J.K. Rowling, WB, and other big corps.
Notes: This my third complete story (the first two other stories are yet to posted). Like my second story (p/ Colin/Harry) this will serve as a "pilot" for a series... if feedback is good enough. If it isn't, Well I have a second and third part installed which I can end.

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"Damn." Ron groaned as he checked his pouch.

"What is it?" Harry and Hermione asked as they walked in the book store in Diagon Alley.

"I don't think mum gave me enough to get Ginny and Me books for this year." Ron complained, as he counted every last gallion,

"Ron, don't worry." Hermione said, "I can spare you some of my money."

"Yeah," Harry said, "Me too."

"Thanks guys, but no thanks." Ron said trying to keep his pride, "But I'll just not get one book for myself..."

"What if you really need that book for this year?" Hermione asked, as she looked through the stack of books on the table.

"I'll just share, if that's okay." Ron asked politely shutting his eyes tightly as if he was going to get hit or yelled at.

"Yeah." Hermione said, "That sounds good."

At that moment, someone unexpected showed up.

“Hey Weasel.” Draco said as he stepped in front of them. He took a glanced towards Hermione and Harry, “Hey beaver teeth. The one that saves the day.”

“What do you want Malfoy?” Ron asked.

“You need money?” Draco asked, “Why don’t you sell your finger to Harry? It could get you maybe one gallion.”

“Why would I sell my finger?” Ron asked, looking at his finger.

“Well I would tell you sell something else...” Draco said as he glanced at Ron’s crotch. He quickly brought his eyes back towards Ron, ”but that’s probably smaller than your finger.” Draco joked. For some reason Draco has been throwing gay jokes towards Ron and Harry.

Ron squinted his eyes towards Draco. “Would you stop it with the gay jokes?” he asked, “I’m not queer.”

“Sure you aren’t.” Draco told him, as he walked away.

Ron tightened up his fists, “He always does this.”

Harry stepped forward and placed his hand onto Ron’s shoulder.

“Lay off.” Ron said as he shook off Harry's hand, “It’s these things that makes Malfoy talk.”

Harry quickly withdrew his hand, and stared at Hermione, who did not want to even try but her way in.

Ron turned around, “Look Harry, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Harry said, as he didn’t know how to respond. Harry knew Ron sometimes can have a temper but never like this.

“Look, I’m sorry I lost myself.” Ron said, “I know I can have a temper sometimes but Malfoy always pisses me off for no reason.”

“Don’t worry about Malfoy.” Hermione told him, “He’s just a low life scum who has nothing else better to do.”

“You’re right.” Ron said.

*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *

For the next couple of hours, they went on to Hogwarts and tried to have a good time, as they forget what happened earlier. After sorting out the younger students, and orientation, they finally got their wish they headed back towards the common room.

“Look go on without me.” Ron told them, “I have to make my rounds before I can go to bed.”

“Ah.” Hermione said, “Following in the foot steps of your older brother? Isn’t that right Mr. Prefect?”

“You can just shut it” Ron joked, “I’m not like my brother.”

Ron left Hermione and Harry who lounged in the common room, doing nothing. Ron checked everywhere and was ready to turn in. Ron was about to round the corner when someone scared him.

"Hey Weasel." Draco said, as he crept around the corner.

"What is it Malfoy?" Ron said in a shaken voice.

"I hear you need some money." Draco said, as he crossed his arms.

Ron tried to dodge Draco but Draco kept blocking Ron’s way when he tried to past. Irritated, Ron finally stopped.

"I do." Ron said, “You should know. I have to sell my finger in order to buy all of my school books.”

Draco grinned. "Well, I have a proposition for you."

"What is it?" Ron asked. He noticed Draco was very nervous and kept playing with his thumbs.

"What if..." Draco started, as he moved his thumbs faster.

"What if, what?" Ron said, agitated. "You want me to clean your room or something?"

"Not, exactly." Draco told him. It took a while for Draco to say something, which made Ron really impatient.

"Then… what? Come on get it over with." Ron said, tapping his foot.

"What if I pay you to... have sex with me?" Draco asked.

Ron almost fell. He did not answer Draco right away. Ron blinked a couple of times before answering him. Did he hear right?

"What?" Ron asked again, just to be sure.

"What if I pay you to... have sex with me?" Draco once said again.

"You’re kidding, right?" Ron told him.

"No, I'm not." Draco said.

“I’m not queer.” Ron told him.

“Sure, You’re not.” Draco said, “Neither am I.”

“Then why are you asking?”

“I already told you.” Draco said, repeating himself, “I hear you need money.”

Semi-frustrated, Ron told him, "What if I say yes?"

"Then you get this." Draco said. He took out from his robes a pouch. He opened it and it was filled with Gallions.

"T-then what?" Ron trembled in fear. He needed money but he couldn't lose his dignity.

"You take this." Draco said, closing the pouch. He then shoved it in Ron's hand and closed Ron's fist. "We go to my room and have sex. Plain and simple."

"Plain and simple to you." Ron said. "What about my dignity?"

"You lost it long time ago..." Draco said as squinted with his eyes.

"How dare you..." Ron said, as threw the pouch onto the ground. He clenched his fists, and was ready to hit Malfoy.

"Now Ron," Draco started, "I don't have time for talking. I need an answer right now, If not I'll go find some poor fellow who needs it more than you."

Ron was now really clenched his fists tightly. He then closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said, "I accept your offer."

"Good." Draco said, "Come now. We don't have all day."

Ron picked up the pouch of Gallieons while Draco grabbed Ron by his wrist (assuring he wouldn't run away) and dragged him down to the dungeons. For most of the time, neither talked to each other. Ron just stared at Draco's back, thinking what the hell he got himself into. He needed the money, he was poor. Fuck his dignity. Draco was right; he lost it a long time ago. What else could he do?

"We're not going into the Slytherin common room." Draco said as they past the portrait for the entrance.

"I don't have a room with the others." Draco said, "Remember my family always thinks for the best, and with a few ties with Professor Snape, they managed to spare me a room."

"Spare me the details." Ron said, rolling his eyes.

They both were in the middle of a hall way with nothing but a painting hanging high. Draco finally let go of Ron's wrist, and Ron explored the walls.

"Where is your room?" Ron asked as he tried to tap the wall to make his room open.

"It's over there." Draco said pointing to the place were Ron was taping.

"How'd you get in?" Ron asked.

"Sorry. I have to put this blind fold on you for a second."

Draco untied his green scarf around his neck and placed it over Ron's eyes. He went around twice, just making sure Ron couldn't see.

Draco crept away to the painting. It was a portrait of a door. He knocked onto it three times, and then the portrait flew open.

Draco grabbed Ron and guided him into his room. He sat Ron on the bed, and took off his blind fold.

Ron looked around curiously at Draco's luxurious room. Draco's room was filled with green items. His bed sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains. He then noticed how soft Draco's bed was.

"Your bed is really soft." Ron said as he tested it with his butt. Ron then felt the sheets and gasp.

"Is this silk?" Ron asked.

"It is." Draco said as he took off his shoes.

Ron stared at Draco as he took off his robes, vest, and tie. Draco then helped Ron out of his outer clothes, until he was in his underwear. Draco pushed Ron softly until he was lying back.

"What are you planning to do?" Ron nervously asked as Draco held his arms up to his bed post.

"I'm tying you down." Ron said, "Just incase you want to try and escape."

Draco tied Ron's hands together, forming and X by his wrists. Draco then undid the rest of his clothes and proceeded to kiss Ron on his bare stomach.

Ron quivered in escstasy as he could feel Draco's warm breath on him. Draco then started to strattle Ron on his stomach and started to kiss Ron's neck.

This made Ron quiver more. His neck was the most sensitive part of his body, and hated when people touched it. Draco planted small kisses on the side of Ron's neck before moving into the front. Draco proceeded to suck Ron's neck.

"Ohhh." Ron moaned as he felt the sharp pains in his neck.

Draco pulled back and stared at Ron's small purple mark on his neck. He brought his eyes up to Ron for a second and raised his eyebrows furiously. But this didn't stop Draco to move on other parts of Ron's neck.

By the time Draco was done, he had made about 5 more marks on Ron's neck. Ron was exhausted, as if he had an orgasm. Draco couldn't help to lick his spit on Ron's neck once he was done. He then extended his licking onto Ron's chin, then finally his lips.

Ron noticed how soft Draco's lips were, but pushed his thoughts aside and tried not to think about it. When Draco finally pulled back, he slowly got off of Ron's stomach and pulled back Ron's briefs.

"Ron," Draco started, "I didn't know I turned you on so much." as Draco stared at Ron's full massive erection.

Draco started to lick the head of Ron's cock before moving on to his shaft. Draco then sucked forcefully only on Ron's head.

"Ohh..." Ron moaned as he pulled onto the ropes that held him together.

Draco's mouth explored Ron's cock. Pushing up and down, Ron could only see Draco's slick hair that was right in front of him. Ron closed his eyes as he never felt this sensation before. It was his first time, and he was going to lose it to Draco Malfoy. The thought of that scared Ron a little but it felt so good not to think about it.

Draco then moved on to Ron's balls, as he played it with, letting one after another slip out of his mouth. Draco then moved down, down, to Ron's arse hole.

Ron bit on his lower lip as Draco proceeded to spread his cheeks. Draco looked at Ron, who was somewhat worried. Draco grinned at him, and went in for the killer. Draco had put his tongue into Ron's arsehole. Ron bit hard on his lower lip, and pulled onto the ropes that held him down.

After a few moments, Draco got up and said "I think you’re ready now." Draco then stuck a finger in Ron's arse hole, which made Ron jump.

"You’re putting that in me?" Ron asked as Draco straddled his chest.

"I will." Draco told him, "But it's not lubricated yet."

Ron trembled in fear. "How are you going to lubricate it?"

"Open wide." Draco told Ron.

"What? Hmph!" Ron asked but was greeted by Draco's cock.

Ron was very unresponsive. He didn't suck. Draco just explored Ron's mouth by moving his cock in all directions.

"Ron..." Draco said, "You have to suck it."

Ron sighed, and then he finally gave a small suck.

"Yeah. That's it." Draco said, "Use more force, okay?"

Ron didn't care already. If he was going to be Draco's bitch, and get some money at it, he might as well do his job.

Draco stopped moving, while Ron moved his head back and worth and sucked like there were no tomorrow. Draco's head fell back, while he grabbed onto Ron's head, guiding him, back and forth. Draco brought his eyes to Ron, who stared at him back.

"Fuck." Draco said as he pulled out of Ron's mouth, which was still forcefully sucking.

"Okay." Draco said as he stroked his now lubricated cock, "I'm ready."

Draco wobbled down to Ron's arse hole and made sure he was ready by sticking his finger in as if he never left.

"You're so ready." Draco said, as he moved his finger in and out of Ron's arse who was asking for more.

Draco pulled out his finger and slowly pushed himself into Ron's hole. Ron was now really pulling onto the ropes because the part of the head board was moving.

"Relax Ron." Draco said, "It's only my head."

With those words, Ron arse clenched up, making himself even tighter.

"Relax." Draco said as he pushed himself all the way in. Draco proceeded to lie on Ron. He was only an inch away from Ron's lips. Draco licked his own lips and then Ron's. He proceeded to kiss Ron in the most passionate way he could ever think of.

Ron was lost in thought. He didn't know what the hell he was doing anymore. Tied down, He was having sex with Malfoy. Malfoy gave him hickys on his neck... Draco was kissing him. Draco has soft lips. Draco was very light against his body.

Ron rested his head on Draco's soft bed, while Draco kissed him. Ron was unaware while doing this; Draco was slowly moving his lower half in and out of him. Draco pulled back and stared at Ron's reaction when doing this. He knew Ron loved it. Just by the expression Ron was having, Draco knew Ron wanted more. Draco was now hitting inside of Ron's arse because Ron was moaning like hell.

Ron's mind raced with thoughts. How the hell do gay guys do this? It hurts so much, but it feels so good. Oh fuck.

Draco pushed himself all the way in and used short thrusts, hitting Ron's complete inside.

"Fuck Draco." Ron moaned, as Draco took a hold of his cock and started to stroke it.

Ron breathing started to get heavy and Draco let go.

"Why'd you let go?!?" Ron gasp, as Draco buried himself deep down.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Draco said as he grabbed Ron's cock but really slowed down his speeds.

"You arse hole." Ron moaned, as Draco laughed.

"Say you’re my bitch." Draco said, barely moving his hand.

Ron shook his head no.

"Say it." Draco said, squeezing Ron's cock.

"I'm your bitch." Ron said as Draco slowly stroked his cock.

"I'm your bitch, who?" Draco asked as he was near on coming too.

"I'm your fucking, dirty bitch, Draco" Ron moaned.

Draco grinned and stroked Ron as fast as he could. Panting, Ron screamed "Draco...!" as he finally came into Draco's hand.

Draco pulled himself out of Ron and started to stroke himself too. He quickly collapsed shortly onto Ron's chest after he came.

They both laid their in silence as listened to each other's breathing. Neither one of them wanted to admit it was the best orgasm they ever had.

Draco got enough strength to get up and untied Ron. His head then fell right on Ron's chest. Ron pushed Draco's head aside, and got up instead.

Still panting, "Look, Draco." Ron said, "I have to go."

Draco was baffled; Ron should at least spend the night. "Why don't want to spend the night?" Draco asked, "Its silk..." Draco patted his sheets, trying to temp Ron.

"Are... you going to give me more money?" Ron asked as he finished putting on his clothes.

Draco bit his lower lip, and looked up at his ceiling. He then stared at Ron's packaged before saying, "Yeah."

Ron stared at Draco, as he slowly walked back to Draco's bed.

"Take off your clothes." Draco commanded.

"Why?" Ron asked as he got into Draco's bed.

"I sleep in the nude..." Draco started, "I want you to sleep in the nude too."

"Do I have to?" Ron asked, as he pulled the blanket over.

"If you want the money." Draco told him.

Ron sighed, and got up. He started to undress quickly.

"Undress slowly." Draco told Ron to.

Ron gave another sigh, and started to undress slowly.

"Yeah, That's it." Draco told Ron, as he finally got off his briefs.

Ron climbed into the bed, next to Draco. Seeing where they left off, Draco rested his head onto Ron's chest. Listening to every heart beat he could. Draco wondered if Ron was the right guy for him...

*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *

The end...?

*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *