Chad slowly awoke to the light hitting his eye.

"yup, yup, yup." Doug said, as he pulled the curtain open.

"God would you shut up?!?" Chad growled.

"What did you say Chadwin?" Doug asked, he never heard his brother talk like that before.

"I mean what's for breakfast?" Chad said, leaving his eyes closed.

"I don't know. How does the usual toast, eggs, and bacon sound like?" Doug asked his younger brother.

"sounds good."

"Well then, I'll go wake up the others." Doug said, leaving the room.

Chad opened his eyes completely, and he remembered he was holding something in his hand. It was the picture of Q.T.

Doug woke up everyone except Mickey, who he knew that Mickey would always throw something at him. So he vowed to never wake up Mickey again.

Mickey slowly arose from his pimping bed.

He smelt the food, and quickly got up and into the kitchen in his sleep wear. He saw everyone looking at him.

"What do you want?" he warned them.

"love" Chad coughed saying that word, and looking at Q.T. Q.T. looked back at Chad, and broke ground

"Do we have to practice today?" Q.T. whined, "I know we opening for a store or something but I'm kinda lazy. I wanna go out or something."

"5gether." Chad said.

"What?" Jerry asked.

"5gether, you know we should do something concerning all of us." Chad said.

"No way. I just can't bring you guys all with me when I'm F-ing Liz!" Doug said, trying to not swear in front of Chad.

"Geez, Doug, who would want to see you fucking a girl?" Jerry said.

"HEY! I keep the band intact you know." Doug said, "I feel like I'm the only one doing the work here."

"I think an Apple might just do it for me today" Q.T. said, grabbing the apple, leaving the table.

"Why don't you just run away like always Q.T." Chad said, leaving the table.

"You should TALK Chad." Jerry yelled, leaving the table and entering his room.

Mickey looked at Doug silent.

"Sorry for all this Doug." Mickey said.

"It's not your fault."

"I just feel after the whole hospital incident, the band is not working."

"Everyone is just so tense lately." Doug said, "after this what's is it to come?" Doug said, as he put some eggs on Mickey's plate.

"I don't know. Hopefully something good."

I know when he's been on your mind....
that distant look is in your eyes...

The O-Town song played, and he stood in the mirror looking how sad he was.

"I don't care if that's not fair, Cause I wanted all or nothing at all..." Q.T. sang, he couldn't get the words out of his head, that damn O-Town song.

it's now or never

"Only if I could tell you, Chad." Q.T. said out loud.

"Tell me what?" Chad said from behind.

Q.T. slowly turned around, and seeing Chad, wondering what he wanted to tell him.

is it all or are we just friends

Q.T. started to turn into different shades of blue.

"I can't tell you right now." Q.T. said.

Chad turned around, and was about to leave, when Q.T. stopped him, grabbing his arm.

you leave me here with nothing at all

Q.T. laughed, "You know you should of said that line long time ago."

Chad looked at Q.T. with confusion, "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about this" Q.T. said brushing his lips against Chad's lips.

After his breakfast, Mickey decided to browse and internet and talk to his 'buddy' online that he's been seeing for sometime. It was actually a relationship, before he liked Jerry.

Mickey stared at his computer screen.

The person typed:

Whoask: "Do you think we should meet?"

Bigpimping: "I have a great feeling...and I have a clue who this is." Mickey wrote back.

Whoask: "How about we meet in a restaurant?"

Bigpimping: "okay."

Whoask: "I'll be there tonight, with a red rose on the table."

Mickey felt confident about this, he wasn't going to be scared.

Bigpimping: "I'll see you there at 7."

Mickey closed his laptop, and fell on his bed, looking at the ceiling.

i've been always fond of you Keleigh Mize.

Chad slowly backed off, and stared at Q.T. Little tears started to fall out of Chad's eyes.

"Are you sure about this?" Chad asked.

Q.T. paused then looked away, before returning his eyes to Chad.

"I'm sure." Q.T. said, leaning in for another kiss. Q.T. brought his right hand down, where he found Chad's hand, and he began to hold it with such force.

Night began to fall, and Mickey dressed casual as he was about to leave to eat dinner, and meet his internet date but was stopped by Jerry.

"Where are you going?" Jerry asked.

"I'm eating out." Mickey said, front closing the door.

Jerry knew Mickey was up to something, and he followed him.

Mickey arrived, at the restaurant, where the host asked him "table for one sir?"

"I have someone waiting for me." Mickey said,

"Go ahead, sir" the host said.

"Thank you." Mickey said, as he walked slowly browsing the tables. He was very nervous.

what if it's not keleigh at all

His heart started to beat fast, as he saw in the corner by the window, none other than Keleigh Mize, sitting on the table with a rose on top.

thank god, it was keleigh

He rushed to the table and took a seat.

Keleigh stared in awe, on who he saw sitting across him.

"What are you doing here?" Keleigh asked, "I'm waiting for someone else."

"Me too" Mickey said playfully, "I'm waiting for a Mr. Whoask."

Keleigh eyes grew large.

"...bigpimping?" drew out of his mouth softly.


Keleigh was shocked. He wouldn't of guessed that bigpimping was one of the members of 2gether. I mean the group 2gether was rivals, or so he thought it would of been someone regular.

"whoa..." Keleigh said, taking a sip of his water. He placed his glass on the table after he was done, and he looked at Mickey who had a grin on his face.

"I had a feeling, that you were you" Mickey said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean your screen name, whoask (Whoa's K). I think it was kind of obvious."

"I know. that was stupid of me." Keleigh said, as he turn his eyes to the floor.

"Hey now, that wasn't stupid." Mickey said.

"Really?" Keleigh asked.

"Really, I found it cute, actually." Mickey said as he smiled.

Keleigh smiled back.

"You want to eat?" Keleigh asked nervously, looking down at his menu but still taking small glances at Mickey. Mickey looked at his menu and saw Keleigh's little glances.

He smiled, "Are you scared Keleigh?" Mickey asked.

"What makes you think that?" he asked.

"Maybe because your reading the menu upside down." Mickey said.

Keleigh then noticed it and quickly turned his menu right side up. Mickey laughed.

i know he's the one...

Then the waiter came up to them, "Are you ready to order sir?"

"Yes" Keleigh said.

"I will have the Chicken..." Keleigh said.

"Same for me too." Mickey said, "and bring your most expensive bottle of wine."

"Okay sir" the waiter said, taking down their orders, and walking away.

Mickey and Keleigh just stared at each other, as if they were a match made in heaven. Keleigh then reached for the rose and handed it to Mickey.

"Ah" Mickey said, "thank you."

Meanwhile Outside, Jerry watched them both as they shared their tender moments.

Jerry wanted to cry. It started to rain.

lost him again...

Jerry stared to walk home, all soaking wet.

The food was given to them, and the wine was poured.

"Here's to the night" Keleigh said making a toast.

"Here's to the night" Mickey said, hitting his glass with Keleighs'.

Here's to the night we felt alive, Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry...

As the rain poured, The Eve6 song played in the background as Chad, and Q.T. were making out on the Q.T.'s bed, where candles were lit on a neat by stand. Both knew that they found each other and they could trust one another. So they were going to take it the next step.

Chad, who straddled Q.T. gave him kisses on his lips then moved towards his neck, as Q.T. softly bit him on his ears. Chad stopped and started to unbutton Q.T.'s shirt. Q.T. then took off his button shirt, and Chad started to unbutton his shirt quickly and threw it towards the side. His lips then travelled from Q.T.'s neck down to his chest, where Chad slowly licked Q.T.'s nipples.

"Ah..." Q.T. moaned, as he never felt so good before.

Chad then started to work on Q.T.'s other nipple. While Chad was working on him, Q.T.'s hands travelled down Chad's chest and he reached Chad's belt, loosing it. Chad stopped working, and started at Q.T.. Q.T. pulled on to the strap where the buckle quickly came off. He noticed Chad smiling at him, so he smiled back, loosening those pants. Chad then did the same. But Q.T. wasn't wearing any belts, so he tugged at his pants, where he almosted ripped it off. Chad stood slightly, so Q.T could pull Chad's pants down to his ankles.

Both pressed their hard ons together. Chad started to make an up motion where both of their cocks rubbed together.

"Oh..." Q.T. moaned, and closed his eyes.

Chad then brought his tongue back at Q.T.'s chest, where he traveled down towards his stomach, then his thigh, and then to his cock.

Q.T. kept his eyes closed tightly as Chad worked on Q.T's cock. Chad then used his "hoover" techinque, which drove Q.T. wild.

Q.T. moaned furiously.

Chad sensing that Q.T. was near, even started to suck harder.

"I'm going to cum soon." Q.T. barely got out, as he continued to moan.

Chad's hand, wondered Q.T.'s thighs, touching the inner area, where he met Q.T.'s balls. Chad started to squeeze on it when Q.T. finally yelled "I'm gonna cum!" That's when Chad did it, he started to squeeze Q.T.'s balls even harder, and he felt the warm goo up against his mouth and throat. He swallowed it all down and brought his lips to Q.T.'s.

Q.T. started to fight at first, but it didn't matter. He took ahold of Chad's warm flesh, pulling him closer. Q.T.'s hand started to wonder on Chad's back then he reached down, cupping his ass. Q.T. then broke out of the kiss.

"I want to return the favor." he said.

"You don't have to." Chad said, still on top him.

"Okay." Q.T. said. Q.T. still feeling guilty, of not returning a favor didn't care. His hands stopped cupping Chad's ass for a second, and brought his hands to Chad's cock. He started to stroke it.

"You... ah... don't... ah... have... to... you know... ah..." Chad said.

Q.T. didn't listen. He knew Chad was enjoying this, and he wanted to please his man.

Q.T. started to stroke furiously. He stroked faster and faster. Faster than his whole life. He could feel Chad's cum coming.

And Chad yelled, "I'm cumming!" shotting his wade onto Q.T.'s hand. Q.T. who was still going at it, started to slow down with his strokes. He then started to grip Chad's cock in his hand, as it became limb.

Chad collapsed on Q.T. then fell to his side. He then took ahold of Q.T. and whispered into his ears "I love you." Chad started to fall asleep. Q.T. stared at Chad, who was so cute when he was sleeping.

Keleigh and Mickey reached the 2gether home, where Keleigh was such a gentlemen, and decided to walk Mickey to the front door.

"This night was amazing." Keleigh said, looking up in the sky, where the rained stopped, and clouds cleared.

"Everything is just so sparkly tonight." Mickey said, as he too looked up in the sky.

Then their eyes met, and both eyes had sparkle in them.

"Well I think I should go now." Keleigh said, he started to walk but Mickey grabbed him by the arm.

"What's the perfect way to end the night?" Mickey asked.

Keleigh's shoulders went up.

"With a good night kiss." Mickey whispered, and pulled Keleigh into their first, and magical kiss. What seemed like forever ended within minutes.

Keleigh started to walk down to the stairs, and he looked up back at Mickey, "Thanks." was all he could say.

"Talk to you later" Mickey shot back, as Keleigh left.

Mickey leaned against the door, acting like a school girl, giggling. He stopped and entered the house. He took several deep breaths, and opened his eyes.

"Where have you been? It's nearly midnight."

"Huh?" Mickey said, as he saw Jerry furious.


Well you probably wondering "who the hell is this Keleigh Mize guy?!?" Well in the 2gether movie, the band Whoa! had the hot blond hair guy. Well that's Keleigh, but if there are some of those who don't remember, here's a link HERE where you can find a picture of him =)

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