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I didn't really receive feedback on Chapter 2, and Chapter 1 I got lots of response. If I don't get feedback I'm assuming that most readers don't give feedback but read the stories on nifty. So if you want you, please can drop me a line.

So I rewrote this chapter. I felt like changing the direction of the story. So comments = good. I just want to know how you like this direction. If not I can change it or do something.

"So, Are you getting back 2gether?" Q.T asked.

2gether? With Jerry.. Mickey was ,still in the process of healing and still needed sometime to heal.

"Wait. How do you know about me and Jerry?" Mickey asked.

"God. Mickey how dumb can one 14 year old be?" Q.T. said. "We didn't have no one over. You were playing truth or dare with Jerry only, and Chad was with me."

"With you?" Mickey questioned Q.T.

The doctor then came in.

"Well Mickey. You got stitches. You'll be fine and you will be released."

"Is that all?" Mickey asked.

"Dude, the chicks dig scars." Q.T. said.

Mickey laughed.

"Well looks like my job is done." Doctor said, and he exited the room.

"So what's with this whole thing with Chad being 'with you'?" Mickey asked.

"We hanged 2gether dude, what were you thinking?" Q.T. questioned. God, that was close

"Well okay. I'm just wondering how you feel about this." Mickey asked.

"I welcome everyone in my heart, especially ladies."and Chad Q.T. said.

"Cool. Um. I'll call Doug to pick us up." Mickey said.

Mickey wasn't looking forward to going home but yet you still have to face your fears so the hell with Jerry. Mickey knew that he needed to move on with life with or without Jerry.

Fuck Jerry. That asshole. Mickey thought.

After done, talking with Doug, Mickey got dressed and decided to chat with Q.T.

"You know what I did, Is very stupid." Mickey explained, "Never do something like that. Q.T. are you hearing this man?"

Doug hurried out to the hospital to pick up them, leaving Chad and Jerry home alone.

"So... you... love... me?" Chad asked.

"So what do you want me to do about it?" Jerry asked.

"Nothing." Chad said.

"What?" Jerry asked.

"I said nothing. You may think I am the dumb one, but I am not dumb. I can read it all over you Jerry."

"Read what?" Jerry asked.

"Your lonely. Face it. Don't crawl to me to fill your one minute fantasies."

Chad then walked into the living room, and was followed by Jerry.

"Hey. You don't know me. You don't know me one bit." Jerry challenged.

Chad turned around, and stared into his face.

"So I don't know you. But I know this, Your lonely." Chad said.

Jerry was silent. He was lonely. Jerry's eyes started to become red. They continued to stare at each other for a minute, until Jerry broke ground by looking down.

"So, I'm lonely. Big deal." Jerry said.

He then turned around and started to walk away.

Chad shurgged.

Maybe I was too hard on him.

Chad started to walk to Jerry's room, where he found him sobbing a bit.

"Jerry, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

Chad then put his hand on Jerry's shoulder and began to rub it.

At that moment, Doug and the guys came home. Q.T. was so psyched to see Chad, even though they didn't know it.

He heard noise coming from Jerry's room, and quickly rushed over.

He then saw Chad, comforting Jerry.

"Um. Hey guys." Q.T. said.


I know this installment in crappy. Sorry for it, but I swear it should get better.