Chapter 1 - The dare where Mickey and Jerry has, Q.T. and Chad share time togeter.

Chapter 2 - Recovery, Mickey gets recovered, Jerry tries to make his problems disappear by seducing Chad.

Chapter 3 - ready to leave, Chad reveals that he's not dumb but he confronts jerry that he is lonely.

Chapter 4 - Leave the hospital

Chapter 5 - Tension is high with all members, Chad likes Q.T. but Q.T. doesn't want to test anything yet because he is scared, and these new feelings can't just adjust in one second.
Jerry is mad at Chad because he called him lonely. he admits to himself that he was just scared, and never been in a relationship with the same gender.
Q.T. complains about rehersals and Doug gets upset because frankly only he is doing the work.
Mickey gets over Jerry and falls in love with Keleigh Mize.

Chapter 6 - Mickey tries to break out of the group and tries to help Keleigh in his status.
Jerry gets jealous of Keleigh, and is angry at Mickey. "What happened to the dare you gave me? about falling in love with you?"

"You lost, when you let me out of doubt. You don't love me. You just love the size I carry!"

"And what if I do love you size?" Jerry asked, trying to reach for Mickey's pants.

Mickey then knocks Jerry hands to the side. Jerry then uses force trying to grab Mickey.

"get your hands off me!" hitting his hands to the side again.

Jerry then lunge towards, Mickey but Keleigh take a hold of Jerry's hands.

"Is their a problem?" Keleigh asks Jerry.

Chapter 7 - Special Sex Chapter! The four go for dinner, and they plan their seperate ways on going in their music career.

"I mean check out Evan and Jaron" Q.T. said.

They all come home for special love making. Chad and Q.T. takes the one step closer (anal ha!) Chad top, Q.T. bottom. and they make love for the first time. Keleigh being bottom. Ending where both sweat couples fall asleep in each other arms.

Chapter 8 - Coming out, Doug catches Q.T. and Chad in bed together. Break up offically with Lawless being pissed, also Liz plotline too

"You seemed to escape the Linus curse but I knew you had a flaw! Your gay!"

Doug then bursts into Mickey's room, seeing Keleigh in his bed.

He then bursts out, "DID everyone TURN gay for all of a sudden?"

Doug offically breaks up with the band and gets a job close to his kids and parents.

Jerry keeping his spirit up stays as 1gether.

Chapter 9 - Leaving - getting back with Alana, and being something more; Doug dis owns Chad; Q.T. and Chad starts to become a pair of the called "The Shy Cutties" as they try to let their manager sign them; Jerry goes to the straight and narrow; calls Erin and tries to get back together, Keleigh and Mickey also tries to get signed, but fails due to Keleigh's lip singing. Jerry offically stop and tries to go back to college with all the money.

"But I can write the songs!" keleigh pleades.

"You know or you can?" Lawless asks.

Chapter 10 - [end; documentary type like the movie] The break up of 2gether, Doug moves in with Alana, and take care of his kids, being something more; Q.T. and Chad get signed, Mickey and Keleigh get signed with Stuff records (previously, they liked Keleigh); Q.T, Chad, Mickey and Keleigh claims the 2gether home, and Jerry returns to his roots and works at a hotel near college, and back together with Erin.

"You know, you were right. This whole singing career thing."


ALTERNATE ENDING: When everything starts to go find, Q.T. faints and apparently dies [?] Cliff hanger.