Hello, it's me, Kaworu. I'm trying to do a boy band story. I'm trying a new approach. 2gether has been a favorite of mine, and I constantly waited for other writers who wrote stories about 2gether. Well I'm taking a stab at it. Hope you guys like it.

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----- 2gether- Clueless Part 1

By Kaworu_Nagisa@eudoramail.com ----

Jerry slowly rolled on his side. He was having one of those dreams again. It wasn't about Erin, but his fellow band mate, Chad.

===Jerry's Dream===

Jerry slowly walked into the woods. He heard noises. He could hear a familiar voice.

"Wait up!!"

Jerry slowly turned around.

It was him, Chad.

"Wait up! I wanted to go camping with you!"

Jerry started at Chad.

"What did Doug say?"

"He trusts you, so he said, he wouldn't mind."

"So lets get going." Jerry said and they began to walk up.

They began to walk in about 20 minutes and decided to pitch a tent.

Then it was close to sunset. Jerry and Chad watched the sunset as the sun was going down.

"Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" Chad asked.

Chad his head then leaned on Jerry's shoulder. Jerry looked at Chad. Chad began to close his eyes and began to take a deep breath.

"I wish I could stay like this forever" Jerry said to himself.

It was getting dark, they ate and was getting ready for bed.

Jerry rolled out his sleeping bag and looked at Chad.

"What do you got to sleep in?" Jerry asked.

"I got a new Pikachu Sleeping bag." Chad rolled it out.

"Doug bought it for me on ebay."

"Cool" was all Jerry could say.

Chad then grabbed something out of his backpack.

"What do you have their kiddo?"

"It's Lisa" Chad explained.


"Yeah, Lisa's My...te....err...never mind"

"Lisa's your what?"

"Never mind"

Jerry sat up, and tried to look at Lisa. Chad quickly hid Lisa. Jerry anxeious looked for Lisa, but couldn't fine it.

So he started to tickle Chad. Chad then dropped Lisa to the floor, and Jerry grabbed it, and layed on his sleeping bag.

"This is Lisa?" he asked. "ahh, cute a teddy bear" Jerry continued.

Chad blushed.

"That Is so cute. I never know anyone who still sleeps with a teddy bear."

"You can give me back Lisa now" Chad said.

"No I wanna sleep with Lisa" Jerry acted like a little boy.

Chad then got up and grabbed Lisa. But Jerry's strengh was no match for Chad.

Chad then got untop of Jerry and tried to pull Lisa away. Jerry started to laugh, and tugged Lisa. Chad tugged back. Jerry looked into Chad's eyes and began to decrease his strengh.

Chad then looked into Jerry's eyes. He noticed that Jerry's eyes were beautiful. He then looked at Jerry's chest, filled with muscles. He then brought his eyes back on Jerry's face, and looked at his smile.

Chad began to let go of Lisa, and it fell on the floor. Chad then began to put his hands in back of Jerry. Chad leaned in and kissed Jerry on the lips. It was a deep and yet passionate kiss. Jerry didn't experience a kiss like this before.

Chad then pulled back.

"ThisIsn'tRealThisIsn'tRealThisIsn'tReal" was the only thing Jerry could say.

===End Dream===

Jerry moved around more.

"This isn't real. This isn't real" he screamed.

"THIS ISN'T REAL" Was heard around the home.

Mickey then awoke.

"Yo' Shut Up!" and he went back to sleep.

QT then woked up and headed for Jerry's room.

He found Jerry moving in his bed, frustrated.

He began to shake him.

"Jerry, Wake Up, Jerry Wake Up".

Jerry stopped moving, and opened his eyes.

"Chad?" Jerry asked.

"No it's QT."

"What happened?"

"You were having another nighmare, I think."


"Are you going to be alright?" QT asked.

"I think so" Jerry said.

"Try to get some sleep Ok?" QT said.


Jerry began to close his eyes, and was fast asleep.

QT the got up and began to walk back to his room.

He closed Jerry's door and leaned back on it.

"Jerry why can't you see I love you so."

QT closed his eyes and began to cry. He then stopped. Tears began to slowly drop from his cheeks. He wiped his tears and headed for his room.

"Oh god...please...." QT began. As he made a small plee.

===The Next Day===

Everyone was up. They sat at their table eating cereal, toast and drinking juice.

"Why you gotta be li' dis fo?" Mickey complained at Jerry.

"Yo' moaning screams woke me up again."

"I wasn't moaning" Jerry said.

"Yo' whaever." Mickey said.

QT who was hurt didn't feel like talking.

Doug who was talking to his brother continued, "So Liz, then asked me out."

"Maybe you'll get married, again and have like a thousand babies. You can name them, Lisa, Paul, John, Hope, Kim...." Chad continued to say names.

"Yo' QT wat up dawg? u been down lately."

"Nothing's wrong."

Mickey slowly stared at QT.

"He was like what, 15. God he is cute." He thought. "My band mates would be devistated if they found out that I was gay." Mickey ached in fear.

"I gotta keep my straight act up." he thought over and over.

"Jer, u getting ne tonite?"

"...Kyle, Jim, Juile, and Chad! You can name one after me!" Chad continued.

"Nah, Erin and I still are having trouble."

Mickey looked at QT.

"So dawg, u wanna party with all the bitches and hoes?"

"Nah I think I'll pass."

QT took a deep breath.

"I think I wanna stay in my room, like forever."

QT walked away and went into his room. He sat down and played Dido's song "Thankyou".

Mickey tired of them rolled his eyes and went into his room, where he sat down and played Emenim song's "Stan".

All Jerry, Chad, and Doug heard was...

"My tea's gone cold, I wonder why, Got out of bed at all. Morning rain clouds at my window, and I can't see at all. Even if I could they will all be grey but your picture on my wall, It reminds me that it's not so bad, It's no so bad..."

To Be Contiued...

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No one was on except QT and Jerry. It meant that why could spend time together. QT and Jerry layed on the couch, watching a movie. Until Tom Lawless barged in their home.

"Lawless the fuck are you doing here?" Jerry asked.

"Shut up or I will terminate your contract."

The last time they were in deep shit was when they were on the run.

"Now do what I tell you or I'll fire your sorry ass." Lawless explained.

"Okay we will do whatever you want." QT said.

Lawless began to unzip his zipper.

"Now you two get over here." -