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CATS History

~CATS opened in London's West End on May 11th, 1981 in the New London Theatre.

~CATS opened on Broadway on October 7th, 1982 in the Winter Garden Theatre.

~Gillian Lynne was the choreographer and Trevor Nunn was the director.

~All the songs from CATS (except memory) were all once poems from Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

~Marlene Danielle has been in the Broadway cast since the show started. She was an understudy at first, but after year she has been playing a permanent role of Bombalurina.

~The whole Mistoffelees dance was filmed for the video, but they just didn't show it all in the video.

~On June 19th, 1997 Cats did its 6,138th performance and became the longest running Broadway show in history.

~There was a bomb threat on the opening night of CATS
in London. It says in a book "A bomb alert cut the
standing ovation at the end and forced the first-night
audience and cast, still in costume and make-up, on to
the streets outside. Brian Blessed strode on to the
stage and took off his wig and announced 'Please leave
the theatre now, quickly and orderly. We have been
told there is a bomb in the theatre. This is serious.'
There really was no bomb there.

~Judi Dench was going to play the oringinal London
Grizabella, but then when she tore her Achilles'
tendon in rehearsal, Elaine Page became Grizabella.

~On September 26th, 1888, T.S. Eliot was born in

~On March 26th, 1948, Andrew Lloyd Webber was born in

~Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats was published in
October, 1939, in England.

~"Demeter" was a goddess in ancient Greece, of

~The two fake Macavities on Broadway are Tumblebrutus
and Rum Tum Tugger.

~CATS has played in: Argentina, Austria, Australia,
Canada, Broadway, Finland, France, Germany, Holland,
Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New
Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Ireland, and England.

~CATS became the first major Western musical to play
Singapore and Southeast Asia.

~~~Since the original production of CATS opened:

~THE BOX OFFICE have used 58.8 miles of adding machine
paper, 875,160 paper
cups, 35,125 headache pills and 1,450,440 envelopes.

~THE SOUND DEPARTMENT have used 30 new mikes a year
(510) in total, 50 new
aerials a year (850 in total) and 50 batteries a week
(44,200 in total).

~THE STAGE MANAGEMENT have used 1,000 cups a month,
2,000 elastic bands andover 200 loo rolls a year, a
total of 6,528 pints of milk and 449,250 throat pills for the company.

bulbs in the auditorium (there are 1,663 bulbs: 30 are
changed per week, each has been changed roughly 12
times and used 22,405 ft of cabling.

~‘MEMORY’ had air time on radio and television in the
UK with over 52,571 plays (7,000 plays in the first 6
months). There have been over 100 different versions
and recordings. Air plays in the USA passed the 1
million mark in 1988 (BMI). If you listened to the
song continuously 1 million times it would take 5

Please note:None of these Facts were
of Mommy's creation. She found them
off another CATS site.

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