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St. Dominic

St. Dominic: Patron Saint of Astronomers

Feast Day: August 8th




Please do not leave the safety of your spaceship



There are nine planets in our Solar System and they all revolve around the sun. The reason it is called a solar system is because solar means sun. The sun is the closest and biggest star in our solar system.

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The nine planets in order closest to the sun are as follows:

The Terrestrial Planets

Planets with solid earth surface
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1. MERCURY: It is the closest to the sun. It has neither air or water. It has no atmosphere.

2. VENUS: This is the planet in between Mercury and Earth. It is the hottest planets. It can be seen with the naked eye. It has pools of liquid metals. Venus has clouds of acid; not water. The clouds are heavy enough to crush a person. It also has lightning and volcanoes.

3. EARTH: Only planet that supports life.

4. MARS: This planet has two moons. It is known as the Red Planet.

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The Gas Giants

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5. JUPITER: This planet is made up of hydrogen and liquid hydrogen. It also has a great red spot. It has 16 moons, including the moon Io.

6. SATURN: It has rings made of ice and rocks. Saturn has 23 moons, including the moon Titan.

7. URANUS: When it is near Neptune, Uranus is influenced by Neptune's gravity. Uranus slows down and appears to move backward for awhile. This is called a perturbation of Uranus' orbit.

8. NEPTUNE: Like the other Gas Giants, it is surrounded by rings made up of pieces of rock and ice.

The Gas Giants are at the center of miniature systems made up of many satellites, or moons.

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The Odd Planet Out

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PLUTO: The odd planet out. This is the smallest planet of all. It is so far away that we know little about it. It was not even discovered until 1930. It is a frozen world, with temperatures believed to be aoround -355 ºF(-215 ºC). Pluto has a moon called Charon.


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Clever Media Alien Growth



Wife to Husband: I think Buzz may grow up to be a space scientist. I was talking to his teacher today and she said he was taking up space.

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There were 3 little alien dudes in a little green space ship. All the sudden they crashed on earth. The first little dude was purple,the second green and third blue. The little purple dude walked into an opera house and heard “ mi,mi,mi” “ mi,mi,mi” and got stuck saying “ mi,mi,mi” “ mi,mi,mi”. The little green dude walked into the purple cow and heard “ fork & knife” “ fork & knife” and got stuck saying “ fork & knife” “fork and knife”. The little purple dude walked into a candy shop and heard “goody goody gum drops” “ goody goody gum drops” and got stuck saying “ goody gum drops” “ goody goody gum drops”. On the way back to the space ship a policeman stopped them and said, “There has been a murder and, since you are new to this town, I think you did it. Okay! Let's get this straight. Which one of you did it?” The little purple dude said “ mi,mi,mi” and the policeman said “With what?” and the little green dude said “ fork and knife”. The policeman said, “ I’m sorry but you’re going to jail." The little blue dude said, “goody goody gum drops!”

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Q: Why did the boy become an astronaut?
A: Because he was no earthly good !

Q: What do astronauts wear to keep warm?
A: Apollo-neck sweaters!

Q: Where do astronauts leave their spaceships?
A: At parking meteors!

Q: Where do Martians drink beer?

A: At a mars bar!

Q: How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?
A: You rock-et!

Q: Two astronauts went to a bar on the moon, but they left after a few minutes?
A: You see, it had no atmosphere!

Q: Why did Captain Kirk go into the ladies toilet?
A: To boldly go where no man has been before!

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First Spaceman: I'm hungry.
Second Spaceman: So am I, it must be launch time!

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Q: What do you call a loony spaceman?
A: An astronut!

Q: What do you call a space magician?
A: A flying sorcerer!

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I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.
What high hopes you have!

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Q: What do you call an overweight ET?
A: An extra cholesterol!

Q: What did the metric alien say?
A: Take me to your litre!

Q: What did the alien say to the gas pump?
A: Don't you know its rude to stick your finger in your ear when I'm talking to you!

Q: How does a robot shave?
A: With a laser blade!

Q: What do you call a robot that always takes the longest route round?

Q: R2 detour!

Q: Do robots have sisters?
A: No, just transistors!



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