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from Hot Off The Press

a book of poems

By John Dullaghan

(Table Of Contents)

1.Future Success
2.A Poem In Memory of Ralph Pinkham Sr. 3.You, too? 4.Will Work For Free 5.Parking Lot, Section 8, The Meadowlands
6.Pain 7.May Not Pay, but... 8.Correct Usage 9.Not Like This (Martin Grenzhauser, 7/17/96) 10.No More / Great Divine
11.Suffer Pain 12.Love and Kindness 13.Madness (Genius of heart) 14.One Never Knows (Do One?) 15.Mobility
16.Best Man 17.Progress, Not Perfection

Short Stories

Sweet Simplicity * NEW * 12 West Of Main Street - Chapter One
Joe's Life - soon! Down! - soon! Doctor Visit - soon!

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  • Famous Quotes

  • Now, a few poems from famous poets...

  • Robert Frost "Mending Wall" (added 11/24/99)
  • Charles Baudelaire "Be Drunken" (added 10/99)
  • Charles Bukowski "the workers" (added 10/99)

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