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T a k e r u T a k a i s h i
Takeru Takaishi

Takeru Takaishi Statz:
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Brother: Yamato Ishida
Future Romance: Hikari Kamiya
Digi-Pal: Tokomon; Patamon; Angemon; MagnaAngemon
Crest: Hope
Personality: Takeru can be a pain sometimes but his cuteness provales. His parents are divorced which explains his and Yamato's last name. He looks up to his brother and tries to be like him, even though sometimes he doesn't do a good job of acting brave.

Takeru is also in Season 2.....AKA Digimon Zero Two. He still has Patamon, but Takeru grew...Zero Two is 3 years after Season 1 and Takeru is 11....very tall, he grew like a weed. You can find out more in the "Stuffies" section under "02".