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H i k a r i Y a g a m i
Hikari Kamiya

Hikari Kamiya(Yagami) Statz:
Gender: Female
Age: 8-9
Brother: Taichi Kamiya(Yagami)
Future Romance: Takeru Takaishi
Digi-Pal: Nyaromon; Salamon; Gatomon; Angewomon
Crest: Light
Personality: Hikari is shy and timid. (and this might be my opinion but don't you think she looks a little like Lain?) Her brother is Taichi Kamiya. She was supposed to go to camp with Taichi but she caught a cold, and couldn't go. She first came in ep 21, and she already knew about Digimon before Taichi. She likes to help others and be with her brother.

Hikari is also in Season 2....or more commonly known as Digimon Zero Two. She still has Gatomon, of course, but its 3 years after Season 1 ends, so Hikari is 11. You can find out more about Zero Two in the "Stuffies" section of this page, under "02".