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E p R a n t s
Episode Rants

Oh I'm gonna like this. ::evil grin:: Just kidding....sort of. I'm gonna make ya laugh'll hurt you or something....well, I'm starting with ep 21 Home Away From Home...why? Because its the first ep with Hikari duh! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Home Away From Home

If Taichi's parents' shoes are at the door....Are Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya barefoot at Grandma's house?

Kari! Yay!!!! Cute PJs ::thumbs up::

When your a monster with no hands; use ears for hand games!

Tai's *smart* advise: when theres an earthquake, run onto your balcony ^^;;;;;

Big green monster! Sidewalk! People don't care much do they???

::starts crying:: don't leave Kari alone in her PJs in the middle of the street in Japan!