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The Nine Choirs of Angels

The Nine Choirs of Angels

There are Nine Choirs of Angels. They are grouped together in sets of three. The highest order are known as
the Angels of Pure Goodness and sit next to God. Following are the Angels of the Cosmos then the Angels of the World,
who are closest to us. They are:

  1. Seraphim are Love Angels of the purest love.
    They reflect God's goodness and His absolute holiness.
  2. Cherubim are protectors of the inner chambers of Divinity.
  3. Thrones are the Angels of pure Humility.
    The lower Choir of Angels need the Thrones to access God.

  4. Dominions are Angels of Leadership.
  5. Powers are Warrior Angels against evil defending the cosmos and humans.
  6. Virtues are known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements.
    They govern all nature.

  7. Principalities are Administrative Angels.
    They guard over nations, towns, cities, villages, and provinces.
  8. Archangels are emissaries of the Principalities.
    They have the most special and protective love for all people and the earth.
  9. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other Angels at any time.
    They are the most caring and socius to assist those who ask for help.

The Angels of Our Nature World

WINSUM - The Angel of Nature.
Winsum is Mother Nature's helper. He travels with her through the changing of seasons.
RUMPEL - The Angel of Pets.
Rumpel is the guardian and guide for our animal companions.
BLOOM - The Angel of Bloom.
Bloom is the guardian of the flora and fauna.
ETERNAL - The Angel of The Oceans.
Eternal flies above the seas, guardian of Mother Nature's ocean life.

The Angels of Our Day

ABIDE - The Angel of The Home.
Abide , creator of comfort and guardian of the house.
WISDOM - The Angel Guardian of The School.
Wisdom is found wherever mortals search for higher learning. Often found in the school of hard knocks.
CARRY - The Angel of The Freeway.
Protects and guides all vehicles on the highways.
HARMONY - The Angel of The Workplace.
Guides and protects everyone in their workplace.

The Angels of The People In Our Lives

GRACE - The Angel of Mothers.
Grace is a comforter, guide and helpmate to mothers.
WORTHY - The Angel of Fathers.
Worthy is always reassuring, guiding and supporting, and teaches fathers that they are truly worhty.
JOY - The Angel of Children.
Joy is a child's guardian and friend.
TENDER - The Angel of The Beloved.
Tender is bound to humanity by a desire to ignit, nurture, and heal the romantic heart.
FOSTER - The Angel of The Passerby.
Foster is among us to provide the opportunity to reach out to our fellow mortals through kindness and consideration.
Precious- The Angel of Friends.
Precious fosters the relationships between kindred spirits. She also encourages introductions between people.

The Angels of Special Needs and Occasions

HOPE - The Angel of The Homeless.
Hope nurtures the human spirit. She protects and guides the homeless, the wanderers and the misplaced.
COMFORT - The Angel of The Sick.
Angel of compassion and healing. She comforts and supports the ill and
brings hope and consolation to mortals desperate from the traumas of a
difficult life and supports caregivers of the sick.
WANDER - The Angel of The Traveler.
Wander accompanies the traveler on their journeys. Protection and assistance are his main responsibilities.
FAITH - The Angel of The Dying.
Faith appears to those souls returning to the spirit world.
FESTIVITY - The Angel of Celebrations.
Brings delight to all things that warrant celebrating.

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