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You can get recipies but you can't use them. I guess they're used for getting more points on your review at the end of 2 years. There are 34 recipies so there is more to come.
1 Simple Tomato Soup Give the town preist several tomatoes
2 Garlic Potatoes Beef Give the mailman a potatoe
3 Mashed Potatoes Give Ann a potatoe
4 Rolled Cabbage Give Maria a cabbage
5 Tomato Rice Give a tomato to Karen's Mom
6 Easy Tomato Soup Give a tomato to the buyer when he is at the Bar
7 Very-Berry Wine Give Kai, the worker at the vinyard a very-berry or a grape
8 Walnut Cake Give Elli's grandmother who sits outside the bakery a walnut
9 Mushroom Salsa Give the elves mushrooms a lot and they will give you a recipie