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Harvest Moon 64 Universe


1/4/2000-Added more to the Town section and added a Girls section

1/5/2000-Added a recipies page(More recipies to come)

1/5/2000-Added a Message Board, Chat Room, and a Guestbook

1/7/2000-Added a Screen Shots section

1/20/00-Added a recipe and the last Power Berry locations

Harvest Moon first came out 2 years ago for the Snes. Later it came out for the Gameboy and Gameboy color with some new features. In HM GB you got to pick if you wanted to be a girl or a boy. You also got some new tools like the umbrella and butter churn. Now it has come out for the N64. In HM 64 you get two years to fix up the farm. After winter of the second year(1st day of spring) you get reviewed to see how you've done. After that you can still play. There is one new animal for the barn. It's a sheep. You harvest their wool every 7 days but its worth a lot. There are more than a dozen festivals and activities. Also you can choose to take two part-time jobs and make more money. You better take good care of your horse and dog because you can race them in horse and dog races. The more you use the tools the more powerful they become. The tools get upgraded and take away less stamina. When the axe gets upgraded a 3 times(just like other tools) it will take ONE chop. Instead of upgrading to a different house you can add a kitchen, bathroom, etc. You can also get married to 5 women in who live in and around the town. If your wife is really happy she will have a child. Town life is an important part of a farmers life.

If u need help go into the chat room or write a message on the message board

Most of the stores are open to 9:00. You'll have to check the door(when they're closed) to see when they're open.

The Town

The Girls

Screen Shots


Power Nuts

Chat Room

Message Board

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