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The Girls

In Harvest Moon 64 you get to get married and have kids. Here is a list of the girls and what they like. To propose to your girlfriend she needs to have a red/pink heart and buy the blue feather of happiness at Ricks Shop.






- Daughter of local botanist and town flower-seller - Mayor's Daughter - Daughter of the village baker. - Daughter of the "Livestock Man" - Daughter of the owners of the "Vineyard"
- Can be found on the side of the flower shop or by the godesses pond. - Often found working at the counter in the library, in the mayor's house, or at church. - Most of her time is spent in the bakery or in the backyard of the bakery, but she can also be found in the woods by the river. - She's often found hanging around Green Ranch, where her father works. - Karen works at the Inn, and she can be found lazing around the vineyard and beach.
- Likes: Gifts of flowers and seeing flowers planted at your farm. - Likes: Intelligent conversation, many books, and religion. - Likes: For you to buy cakes from her at the bakery. She likes eggs and milk, also. - Likes: Caring for animals, seeing you take care of your horse and dog. A good present would be the moon-drop flower. - Likes: Berrys and fruit found in the wild. She also likes it if you befriend the vineyard workers. The best present would be the very-berry berry or the grapes from the wild.
- Dislikes: Not seeing your farm covered in flowers. - Dislikes: Ignorance, and skipping chruch on Sundays - Dislikes: Skinny men, leaving the town. - Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, not seeing any livestock on your farm. - Dislikes: Comitment, going long periods without getting gifts.
- Be on your best behavior around her parents! Popuri is very family-oriented. - Beware the mailman! You'll have to compete with him for the affection of this lovely lady. - The amount you buy from her is proportional to her affection for you. Hardly seems fair, doesn't it?!? - Ann knows her stuff when it comes to animals; she has some important information she'll give you from time to time. - Karen's somewhat of a harpy.. if you want to date her, you'll have to get used to her sarcasm.

Curious about whether or not the lady your chose returns your affection? When you speak with the woman of your dreams, you can see a heart at the lower-right hand corner. This heart reflects her interest in you! Here are what the different colors mean:

WHITE Indifferent; all girls start out feeling this toward you. Frankly, they couldn't care less about you at this point.
BLUE Friendly; the girl thinks of your fondly, but only as a friend.
GREEN Flirtatious; at this point, your girl is beginning to have feelings toward you, even a little bit of a crush.
YELLOW Enamored; your girl is really warming up! She likes you quite a bit, and thinks often of you.
RED Truly in love; this girl has fallen deeply in love with you. It's time for marriage!

After a girl has a red heart, she is ripe for marriage! To propose to her, you will need a blue feather, the ancient symbol of love in the Harvest Moon 64 world. To get it, you must stop by Rick's Tool Shop everyday it is open. Eventually, he will put this coveted item up for sale. Once you obtain it, simply use it as a tool in your girl's direction to pop the question. If she agrees, you will automatically be married the next Sunday!!

I would like to thank Adam for this information and his web Page is here