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Power Nut Locations
There are 10 power nuts through out the game. I have found the last 3 Power nuts!!!!

1 You can buy one at the Flower festival for 1000G from the peddler
2 Dig around your farm with the hoe to reveal a power nut
3 Give the elves lots of gifts and be nice to them and they will give you a power nut
4 In the winter, travel to the pond next to the fisherman's tent. See the big rock nearby? If you hit it with your hammer (full power), you will reveal the a power nut
5 Dig in the mine and go 4 floors down to find a power nut
6 In the spring throw a vegetable in the pond, not the one by the fisherman hut, and the goddess will come and grant you one wish. Wish for strength
7 During the fall participate in the egg festival and win. The prize is a power nut
8 Catch a large fish in the srping and throw it in the exact center of the pond with the little bridge
9 During the spring fish on the dock by the beach and you'll eventually catch a fish
10 Make friends with Basil (popuri's dad) and he'll give you a power nut to show his friendship