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Anne Hathaway Chat- December 15, 1999

Yahoomc: OK--we're all set--please welcome, Anne Hathaway!

anne_hathaway_live: Hi everybody! Thanks for being here, it's quite a honor to speak with all of you.

Disco_Inferno1978 asks: About tonite's show, are Meghan and Clay ever going to hook up?

anne_hathaway_live: People will just have to keep watching to find out. That whole story line definitely opens up and expands in the next couple of episodes but that's all I can give away.

joejoe77777 asks: What is a normal day like for you?

anne_hathaway_live: I wake up usually before the sun is up. I get ready, go to work. I go into hair makeup and wardrobe for about 1 1/2 hours. Then either I will go straight into school or I will do a scene. And because I'm a minor I can only work 10 1/2 hours a day. So after that I go home, do my homework and go to bed. And sleep very deeply.

sweetchick1503 asks: hey i just had to say i really love your show and your cool... i can't wait til tonight when it comes back on! ....... do u like being on this show?

anne_hathaway_live: First of all thanks so much. I love my job and acting is something I've always wanted to do. Just waking up each morning and knowing I can do it is so rewarding, so wonderful. My favorite part of working on the show are the people I'm privileged to work with, the cast, crew, the production office, everyone has just been a joy.

chyna_luv asks: What is it like working with Scott, Eric and Jesse?

anne_hathaway_live: They have great senses of humor. They are all probably three of the sweetest guys anyone could ever want to know. We just sit there at lunch together and laugh ourselves silly. They are such wonderful people, I am so lucky. I really am. They're also pretty cute too! LOL!

xxxrusty asks: Excellent performance in tonight's episode, I loved it. How close to your character are you in real life?

anne_hathaway_live: There are similarities I have with Meghan, we are both 17-year-old teenage girls, unsure about our futures, kind of fighting to stay afloat with everything going on around us, and trying to stay true to who we are. But Meghan is far more rebellious than I am, her temper is much worse, and, she's a bit more sophisticated than I am, and she's a MUCH better dresser than I am. Also she definitely has had more boyfriends in the last two weeks than I have had in my entire life!

Earth2Kim asks: Is it fun having the same name as a historical figure?

anne_hathaway_live: Well hello, Earth2Kim! How are you? It's fantastic, since I was in fifth grade, I kind of had an in with English teachers, they say, hello, do you know whose name that is?! Also it is a great conversation starter for people who have any knowledge of Shakespeare. Once I was at a commercial audition, and the woman said, you know your name is famous, and I said, yes I do. And she said Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies. And I was kind of speechless and just nodded and, what a woman!

Disco_Inferno1978 asks: How has your life changed since Get Real started?

anne_hathaway_live: I'm on the opposite side of the country! Obviously before I was really never recognized when I walked down the street, I'm still not recognized that much. But I remember the first time it happened, it was a little trippy. I'm definitely developing a stronger work ethic, and more respect for people who have difficult jobs and do them well. : I am lucky enough to work with such talented actors and crew members and everyone who is so good at their jobs. And I have just such respect for people who work in general. I think the important thing to realize though is that my life has changed in that I'm doing something I've never really done before. But my family, friends and people who care about me have stayed the same, their support, they keep me grounded. My personal life has not changed so much.

joeytheniceguy asks: How many seasons do you honestly think your show will last?

anne_hathaway_live: I think the show can last as long as FOX wants it to! We have I think some of the best writers in the television industry. Who come up with great storylines for the characters, and who do really a great job in keeping the characters enjoyable. As long as we have them, the show can last for quite some time.

dogbertandthegang asks: Is the episode with the rave really what you think is a typical teenage rave or was it the writers who thought that?

anne_hathaway_live: Having never been to a rave, I couldn't tell ya! And that's as far as I'm going with that one.

cutecdnguy asks: Anne, what is your greatest accomplishment in your life? Don't be too modest now.

anne_hathaway_live: I think my greatest accomplishment in life is knowing that I have a wonderful group of friends and a fantastic family and knowing that they love who I am because I am who I am. Really makes me feel good on the inside. And I'm very proud of that fact.

peanutsl asks: What is your favorite episode of Get Real so far?

anne_hathaway_live: I think my favorite episode to film was probably "Stay," the episode in which the character played wonderfully by Jay Thomas, passed away. The reason that episode was incredible to shoot, we shoot an episode for 8 days, and every single member of the cast worked all eight days. We got really close in that time period. And we got real close in that time period because there were a lot of difficult scenes that we had to get through. Also I loved working on the pilot, because everything was fantastic about it. It was my first really big acting experience, and the director, Scott Winant, was amazing. The script written by Clyde Phillips, was one of the best I've ever read. And the cast was so much fun to work with, and it was just such a positive experience. It was a fantastic way to break into this medium!

canadafan_2000 asks: Anne, what its like being the only teenager to be admitted to the prestigeous Barrow Group? Now that takes talent (which is evident from the show).

anne_hathaway_live: Thank you very much, it's very kind of you to say. When I was admitted, I didn't realize I was the only teen. Now that I look back on it, I'm honored really. The Barrow Group was really the acting institution that taught me how to act. I worked with the best teachers I have ever worked with, Lee Brock and Seth Barrish, who taught me why less really is more. Some of the people in the class were the most brilliant actors I've ever seen. I think I learned more from that acting class than any other one I'd ever been in before, and I would like to thank them for having faith in me even though I was only a teenager.

dramafreak521 asks: Anne, you are such an inspiration to me as a young actress...any advice?

anne_hathaway_live: Yes. Another acting teacher that I had, Evelyn Baron, gave me some of the best advice an actor can hear. Be absurd and be brave. She is a remarkable teacher and I learned so much from her as a person and as an actress. Me personally the advice I could give would be don't let yourself get discouraged. Because I auditioned for almost two years before I got Get Real. The biggest thing I ever got up to that point was a commercial. Many times I would get disheartened and think I'm not good enough for this, they don't want me. But I persevered, stuck with it, and it paid off. I don't want to sound like a martyr or anything, but that was my personal experience with it.

Disco_Inferno1978 asks: What do you hope for your character in the future?

anne_hathaway_live: All I can hope is that they continue to portray Meghan as a bright, capable, wonderful, teenage girl. I think one of the best things the writers have done for Meghan was that they made her human. They have allowed her to admit when she was wrong, and underneath it all, they've given her a good heart. All I can hope for Meghan is that she remain true to her self. And that she doesn't make too many mistakes along the way.

Earth2Kim asks: How is the Green family going to deal with Mary's pregnancy?

anne_hathaway_live: Like we do with everything, as a family.

megzi_2000 asks: What do you think of the support of the Get Realists?

anne_hathaway_live: Obviously I think the support is wonderful. It has really meant a lot to me and the cast and the crew. Especially in the beginning, our ratings weren't that great, and we were getting very mixed reviews from the public and the press. Some people thought it was the best show in ten years, other people didn't like it at all. And we were getting a little disheartened, and then here comes this wonderful group of people, who out of the goodness of their hearts, decide to devote a piece of their day and their valuable time to a show that I am lucky enough to be part of. They are a wonderful group, and their support has meant the world to me.

pink_fluff_01 asks: Who's the one person you've met so far you admire the most? Who would you like to meet?

anne_hathaway_live: Camryn Manheim. When I met her, I just bumped into her on the street. I started stuttering like an idiot, I'm sure I was like a crazed fan. I started spouting sentence fragments, like, I think you're wonderful, I think you're wonderful, I love your show... and she was just so sweet, real and down to earth, and so appreciative of my admiration. And you can tell that she is a woman who has not let all the support and fame go to her head. She's just got a good heart. My cousin was there and we got a picture with her. She couldn't have been nicer. So she is definitely a role model for me. She shows that you can be tremendously talented, have a tremendous fan base, critical acclaim, be beautiful, and still be a wonderful person. She is the kind of person I hope to be one day. : And who would I like to meet? Stephen Sondheim. I think he is a genius, I adore his work, and I know if I met him I would probably faint. Another person who I would just drop dead if I ever met would be Meryl Streep. Because after seeing her performance in Sophie's Choice, I realized why I was lucky to have the job that I have, and how much fun it could be. She's another great lady who hasn't let the fame go to her head.

guestofguest asks: Which do you like more, stage or TV?

anne_hathaway_live: Stage and television are two very different mediums. Very often people assume that stage is so much harder because that is where the serious acting happens. And I admit that was my mentality. But now I realize, television is not as easy as it looks, because you have to be worried about hitting your mark, standing at a certain angle so you look better, the light, and still deliver a good performance. However, theater is very hard because you could be in the middle of a scene, all of a sudden look out and see suddenly 2000 eyes looking at you which can be a little intimidating. Both are equally difficult, but are very different. And I don't really want to be superlative and say I have a favorite, so I'll just say I find myself lucky to be able to work.

abercrombie_boxer_00 asks: I have a real problem with getting in front of a lot of people. Is there anything I can do to not be so nervous?

anne_hathaway_live: Just remember that if you are nervous about people judging you while you are performing, they're not necessarily judging you, they are judging your character. Before you go on stage, imagine that you are someone completely fearless who doesn't care what other people think about them. And then from there get into character, and at least for me, I don't have any problems.

hotdanni asks: Hey there Anne...your show is so real! Do you feel that the show is a true depiction of a mother-daughter relationship?

anne_hathaway_live: That is something that Deborah Farentino, the lovely woman who plays Mary Green, and I have conversations about all the time. Because Mary and Meghan have a very difficult time communicating, but when they do it's very effective. And their relationship is far from perfect, but underneath it all they love each other very much and want to make it work. And I think to a certain extent, that's true for all mothers and daughters.

vampirebabe69 asks: Do you think being a celebrity has changed your ambitions as a person?

anne_hathaway_live: I'm not a celebrity! I'm far from a celebrity! As an actress, I haven't changed, as a person, it has put me in a new situation because even with the little bit of fame that I have, I kind of feel that it's easier to take a stand about something you believe in and be heard, simply because people recognize you, I think fame is something that can benefit a person on a very superficial level. You can go to as many premieres or parties as you want. But I think the people who use their fame to help other people are tremendous role models. But I still hope that when I'm 90 years old and reflect on my life, that I'll be able to say that I'm proud of the person that I am and the person I have been throughout my life.

fairuza_101 asks: Hey Annie, did you enjoy playing Princess Fred? What a great role, eh?

anne_hathaway_live: ROFL! I played Princess Fred in my high school production of Once Upon A Mattress. And it was SOOOOO much fun! Winifred was such a zany out-there character and I never played someone like that before. As an actress it was very liberating. Plus the cast was basically comprised of my closest friends and I had just had a blast doing it. It is a great role, it was just a fantastic experience.

Earth2Kim asks: Did you and Eric have a blast presenting at the Billboard Awards?

anne_hathaway_live: It was absolutely incredible. Because I was just surronded by so much positive energy and so many people I have really revered for so long. And I even got to meet some cool people. I met Sarah MacLachlan which was incredible, the highlight of my evening. It was Vegas baby! Yeah! It was cool!

chyna_luv asks: I've noticed that you and Eric leave messages on the Get Real Message board I just wanted to say that just as much as your fans mean to you, you guys mean as much to us.

anne_hathaway_live: Oh, well thank you so much for saying that, you just made my day! It is such a privilege to be able to do something that I've always wanted to do and that I love doing, but then to have fans who appreciate it, it's icing on the cake! So many of the messages are so positive, and there is some criticism but as long as it's positive and meant to make the show better, I don't mind them. Plus everyone is so nice and sweet and interesting. It's really fun, they're my group of online buddies. So if you ever want to leave a message for Eric or I we'll get back to you if we can.

Yahoomc: You'll find the Get Real Message Board at

canadafan_2000 asks: What do you think of the musical pieces in Get Real (I think they're some of the best in TV)?

anne_hathaway_live: I would have to agree with that! I love Dido, her song "My Life" was on an episode that I just had so much fun shooting. The sixth episode to air. We've always had some wonderful artists, like Portishead, Sixpence None the Richer have been nice enough to grace us with their talents on the show. I think the music is very effective, a little loud but effective.

bigmoneyred_2000 asks: How long can you stay a teenager in the show?

anne_hathaway_live: Until I'm 20. That's, uh, usually the way it works. Meghan is currently 17 years old. So another three years. However, I want her to stay a teenager forever. :-)

sddsdts asks: Ms. Hathaway, any certain directors you want to work with?

anne_hathaway_live: Stephen Speilberg...hello! Francis Ford Coppola, some of those good ones, Sidney Pollack. I would love to work with Scott Winant who directed the pilot. And there have been a lot of directors of the show that I'd like to work with again. And I guess in terms of feature fans, yeah, if they want to cast me!

LongHairLover99 asks: Hi Anne, you have the most beautiful hair, how do you keep it so healthy and beautiful?

anne_hathaway_live: OK, here is how my hair stays healthy: There are two professional hair people who work on the show. They do my hair. Every day! So it's not like I do anything major to it, I just wash it with regular shampoo, they do a great job.

sweet_sugar456_99 asks: If you were going to do a movie...who would you choose to co-star with?

anne_hathaway_live: That's a very difficult question to answer, because I could say a particular actor, but he might not be right for the role. But--Meryl Streep, Roberto Benigni, Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, Joshua Jackson, Tom Hanks, Kevin Kline, Wes Bentley, Annette Bening, Camryn Manheim, and I would love to work with my mother.

sevenoftnasks: What an amazing show. How collaborative is the effort in making the show? Do you and the other actors have opportunities to add to your characters from the basic script?

anne_hathaway_live: That's one thing about the show that I have to thank the whole production side of. The producers and writers are so open to hearing the actors' qualms and suggestions and they are into suggestions on how to make the characters more our on. They have been so understanding and nice about it. We're very lucky to be working with them.

chyna_luv asks: This episode was totally amazing! So I got to ask: Is Alicia out of Cameron's life for good?

anne_hathaway_live: We are currently shooting episode 13 and she hasn't been back since. But you never know, it's television, it could change really quickly. I hope she comes back, she was really nice and she was a great actress.

Heliberto2 asks: Coming from Jersey would you consider yourself still a Jersey girl?

anne_hathaway_live: Absolutely! Are you kidding? I am such a transplanted New Jerseyan. I don't have an accent or anything, but I consider myself totally east coast. I don't feel like I'm from LA. It's a nice place to work, and I'm being forced to live here!

pink_fluff_01 asks: Does life ever get too hectic now?

anne_hathaway_live: Of course! There are certain days when I just come home, and need to scream and let it out. But then I remind myself that I really don't have anything to complain about in my life. I am so privileged to be working period. And to be working on a wonderful project with some of the best people I've ever met. And if I wanted to complain and whine about that, then I would just be the world's most ungrateful person. But yes, I do break down and cry sometimes. I'm human!

Fleetus asks: Hey, Annie. I just wanted to say I think you're absolutely beautiful. I didn't really have a question, but I wanted to wish you and the rest of the cast the best of luck.

anne_hathaway_live: I would like to just say thank you for watching. Thank you for caring. And I hope your Millennium is wonderful. And take care of your pets!

Yahoomc: Thanks for joining us tonight, Anne! And thanks to all of you for your terrific questions. Anne was absolutely charming and she really appreciates your support!