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Only a loss to Mason City, a powerhouse in state Westling kept the CHS from an un-defeated season. Two placements at the state meet also gave substance that CHS was in westling to stay.
Cgarkes City was the only other school in the N.E. Conference to field a team.
Bruce Church went on to westle at the University of Minnsota.
The Record Cresco 8 Mason City 22 Cresco 17 Dubuque 8 Cresco 34 Charles City 8 Cresco 25 Charles City 5
Squad: Bruce Farnswoth, Burt Jones, Alan Pederson, Bruce Church,
Arlin Schrieber, Blair Thomas, George Travel,
Ivan Hoopman, Alden Crlbert, Harvey Reuter, Emmett Wilson,
Tommy Nolan, Burton Barth, Terry Watros, Elmer VanHouse,
Lloyd Webster, Alvin Sutton, Al Bigalk, Ray Owens, A. Henke.

Coach: James Morrison