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Here are some poems that you can read.

Hey everyone I only added one poem that my mom wrote because I lost the folder with all her poems so here's what I have for now untill I can find more poems.
Poems that have are poems that I wrote.
Poems that have are poems that my mom wrote.

Lord, why is it
That the blessed are now mean
That the smart ones are now seen
Without knowlege of how it has been?

Lord why is it
That the supposed to be leaders
Are not the eaters
Of their own followers?

Lord, why is it
That the quiet ones are being beaten
And now they're being eaten
By the friends that they have choosen?

Lord, why is it
That the eagles are now flying
And oh, how fast they are going
Away from the ones they're supposed to be protecting?

Lord, I didn't want to complain
Even if it has been seen and it's plain
That justice has been slain
Isn't this insane?

How Could You?
How could you lie to me?
How could you have dared to deceive me?
How could you deny the fact that I found out the truth?
How could you blame it all on someone else?
How could you have said all those nasty things about me?
How could you do that to me?

I was willing to let my pride down to forgive.
I was willing to understand your side.
But all that came out was more lies.
How could you do that to me?

I tried to give you a chance.
I opened up the door to forgiveness.
But all you did was shut it back close
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to think?
How could you do that to me?

This isn't really a poem but I just wanted to put it up.
Angry, hurt and dissapointed are some of the ways I'm feeling
How can someone you trust so much hurt you so bad?
You keep thinking of all the ways to forget what you just found out.
When lies are given out, and hurt the people we trust, it's hard to gain it back.
You learn to forgive and forget
And learn how to go on with your life.
Because sometimes it's just not worth going through all th lies that were there to begin with.

The Best Thing
Tall, short, fat skinny, talented and smart,
When you're with them, you never want to part.
They make you laugh, they make you cry.
You'll probably know them until you die.
They are there for you through good times and bad.
But they can make you want to kill them when you're mad.
Sharing activites together is fun,
Like playing basketball one-on-one.
Together forever is something you'll say
Which is true since you see each other everyday.
I guess you know what I'm talking about I see.
The best thing in the world are friends who are there for you and me!

Why don't I want to do it?
I know it's hard.
Why am I quiting now?
Why did I even start?
Now I am a failure.
Whould it have been better if I never even knew?
Would it be worse if I didn't even try?
Why can't I just force myself to do it?
Why does it have to be so hard?
I know I'm supposed to do it.
I know I have to go.
Am I really doing this for the right reasons?
Am I just scared?
Don't I want to go for it?
Don't I want what's best?
Can't I see myself if I do make it?
So why won't I go?
So many questions and yet no answers.
What should I do?
How should I do it?
When should I start?

There is a girl I know i see
She's right there in front of me
Yet there is something I can't point out,
Because when I look she always pouts.
I look at her eyes and they are red
Almost like she's ready for bed.
I try to look closer at this girl
And then my head begins to twirl
I try to think what's going on,
And I feel like everything is gone.
I take a breath, I calm down.
Then I turn around.
I see this girl again and I figure out,
The girl is me trying to find what I'm about.
I now see why this girl is me,
It was a reflection of my reality.
I was lost and undefined
But now I know it was in my mind.

Love is blind, and lovers can not see
That's what they say, oh woe to thee
You learn to love and then it goes away
And never comes back, come what may.

Love is treacherous, they say
It tricks everybody any other way
You have to be always wary
Lest it gets away from thee.

Love is unkind, that's what I've heard
Everbody says that's all they had
Not the least happiness it brings
It takes away everything.

But why is it that I've been happy
And I've never been lonely
Since I've fallen in love
May I ask you, why is that?

So listen to me all of you there
Who wants to be in love but wouldn't dare
Love all you want, don't be afraid
It's good to be in love, it's really great!