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Hey everybody!! Here's some info about me that I would like to share with all of you =) My name is Chrystal and I am a junior at MHS. GO SABERS!! Anyway, I'm part of the MHS marching/pep band. . .I volunteer at Big Brother's Big Sisters. It's pretty fun. I get to spend time with my little and teach her things that I've learned about life so far =) I also volunteer at Hale Makua..that's fun too I guess, I really learn a lot from some people there, since they've experienced so much already. I'm also the historian in the Interact club at MHS, and I am the president of the junior class travel club. That's my life. . .not much going on but oh well.

Shoutouts: If I forget to put anyone on here just tell me so I can add you!!! Wassup to Luv, Sherri, Kris, Michelle, Casey, Christie, James, Dazalyn, Tasha. . .and all my other friends. Member to tell me if I missed you so I can put your name too!!