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~LoOk If YoUr NaMe Is Up HeRe AnD TuRn On YoUr SpEaKeRs!!~

This page is dedicated to all the people who graduated this year. You guys have made it through high school and now it's time for all of you to go your seperate ways and start a new begining for yourselves! To the people on this page thanks for everything and you really are the wind beneath our wings =) Congratulations and good luck in the future!!!

If you want to put congratulate anyone just email me and give me their name and school they graduated from. (or just tell me) here are some people for now, and I'll put more people up when I have more time. I just wanted to put this page up already for everyone to see!!

  • RoSiE D.-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl. (SuPpErS! HeY YoU...GoOd LuCk In EvErYtHiNg YoU dO aNd TaNkS FoR AsKiNg AbOuT ThE StUfFs ThAt OnE tImE =) AnD mEmBeR mE aLwAyS, CaUsE If YoU dOn'T tHeN I'M gOnNa CrY!)

  • JaCkIe M.-MaUi HiGh ScHoOl- (CoNgRaTuLaTiOns, AnD GoOd LuCk In Da MaInLaNd, AnD DoN'T mIsS mHs ToO mUcH kAy?=))

  • eLiKa-(ThIs Is KrIsTiNe'S bOyFrIeNd =P aNd ThAt'S AlL I'm GoInG To SaY AbOuT tHaT)

  • KyLe S.-MaUi HiGh ScHoOl (DiAnA's Ex BuT ThEy'Re StIlL gOoD FrIeNdS)=P

  • TaYlOr F.-SaInT AnThOnY HiGh ScHOoL (DiAnA SaYs ShE StIlL SoRtA LoVeS YoU!)

    Dedications from Michelle:

  • Jw-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanx for being the bestest friend that anyone ('specially me) could ask for and good luck at Air Force Academy (ps. ThIs Is MiChElLe'S BrOtHeR, So He'S My NeW CoUsIn)

  • Scott-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-keep cool and good luck at UH manoa

  • Amy-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for being there and good luck at UH manoa

  • Riki-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-always stay the way you are and good luck at that military thing

  • Andy-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for coping with my obssesion with my stalkee.. even if i never did get to talk to him! good luck at UH hilo

  • Rosie-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for being the neato-est cousin and good luck

  • Kiley-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for always keeping things fun! good luck at UH! (it's UH right?!?!)

  • Jen-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for being the coolest "doo dah" and good luck at UH

  • Nolan-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for always being so cool even when i was acting kinda weirdo sometimes

  • Blaine-KiNg kEkAuLiKe HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for almost ripping my skin off.. nah j/k good luck at Oregon State! (oh and bring me to that party!!! PLEASE!!!!! nah jokes)

  • Mike-MaUi HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for being soo cool!

  • Tessie-MaUi HiGh ScHoOl-thanks for being so cool in honors band and good luck in everything you do

    I love all you seniors ssssoooo much!!!!! Good luck in everything you do and always remember to KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!! *~shellie~*

  • Celeste O. (Congratulations and your family wishes you the best of luck in her future)-Casey Y.

    Kay I'll put up the rest of the people up later.

    BaCk To MaIn PaGe