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Okay everyone, here's my story of one of the happiest days that's happened to me so far. =)

January 19, 2001

It was Friday morning and I was so didn't feel like going to Hula Bowl practice (nothing unusual about that). When we got there, there was a car accident and like it was scary, anyway when we got to the parking lot, I found a really good parking space =). (just had to add that part in) kay then practice came. Same as usual except for that my music was all out of order and flying away. Then we got to go eat lunch. Which everyone ate all the chips and drank all the water, and the hotdogs were like white. . . figure that one out?? So Marrianne, Tracy, Kristine and I got mad so we decided to go and eat far away from all the other band people. We ate while complaining the whole time. After a while we decided to go since everyone else left. So while we were walking to the car, we saw a limo, so we decided to wait and see who it was. The door opened and Marrianne was like "oh my gosh it's Otown." We saw them going out of the limo and we scambled for a pen. Which we couldn't find until Tracy got her almost out of ink pen out. Then we just started staring at them. Ikaika then waved to us and we were like star strucked. We were to scared to ask for their autographs, so we just stared at them while they walked farther and farther away. Once they were far enough for them not to hear us, we all stared yelling at each other for a pen. Tracy eventually found one, but she wasn't sure if it had ink. We had nothing else to loose so kristine and I went after them, while Tracy and Marri waited for us to do all the talking! Anyway, when we got close enough, I called out Ikaika's name and asked him for is autograph. He smiled and said "Yeah sure" he was so cool! Then I asked him if we could get the other guys' autographs too (cause I wasn't sure what their names were) So like then Mike signed it. He was the nicest one!! *sigh* While he was signing our tickets I told him that we weren't used to this cause no one ever comes to Maui, then he said "Oh well, then you guys owe me a hug after this." After he signed it I totally forgot about that hug thing but then he's like "Okay, group hug!" AHHHH!!!! So we hugged him and I almost fell on him cause of Tracy's clarinet (which wouldn't be a bad thing) =)