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Religion Classes and Lesson Links

Early Childhood Grades

  1. Catholic Kids - **CATHOLIC**
  2. Ainglkiss: The Christian Place for Catholic Kids - **CATHOLIC**
  3. Catholic Coloring Pages and Clipart **CATHOLIC** NEW
  4. St. Jude's Coloring Book - **CATHOLIC**
  5. Stations of the Cross - **CATHOLIC**
  6. The Watchmaker

Elementary Grades

  1. Ann Ball - **CATHOLIC**
  2. Archangel Books Saints Quiz - **CATHOLIC**
  3. The Baltimore Catechism - **CATHOLIC**
  4. Children Learn to Pray - **CATHOLIC**
  5. Children of the Eucharist - **CATHOLIC**
  6. Coloring Saints **CATHOLIC** NEW
  7. EWTN Kids - **CATHOLIC**
  8. Holy Habits**CATHOLIC** NEW
  9. Jesus My Best Friend - **CATHOLIC**
  10. List of Popes - **CATHOLIC**
  11. Miniature Stories of the Saints - **CATHOLIC**
  12. St. Stephen's Manor - **CATHOLIC**
  13. NEW

Middle Grades

  1. Catholic Stories for Kids - **CATHOLIC**
  2. Gallery of Pontiffs - **CATHOLIC**
  3. Patron Saints Index - **CATHOLIC**
  4. Timeline of the Catholic Church - **CATHOLIC**
  5. The Young Saints Club - **CATHOLIC**

High School Grades

  1. The Society of the Little Flower - **CATHOLIC**
  2. World Youth Day - **CATHOLIC**
  3. The Catholic Bible - **CATHOLIC**
  4. Catholic Catechist - **CATHOLIC**
  5. Catholic Encyclopedia - **CATHOLIC**
  6. Catholic Exchange Scripture Study - **CATHOLIC**
  7. St. Maria Goretti - **CATHOLIC**
  8. Latin Prayers - **CATHOLIC**
  9. USCBC Church Teaching Quizzes - **CATHOLIC**


  1. First Communion Bible: St. Joseph Edition
    A favorite Catholic bible used by children
  2. Bible History by Ignatius Shuster, published by Tan Books
    Teaches the history of the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament through easy to read and interesting stories
  3. The Story of the Church by Rev. George Johnson, Rev. Jerome D. Hannan and Sister M. Dominica and published by Tan Books
    Very interesting book that teaches Catholic Church History from the beginning to modern times
  4. Catechism of the Catholic Church
    The best way of learn what the Catholic Church teaches and is


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