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video reviews

hi people! welcome to the video reviews section. here you can find reviews for:

Everybody (Backstreet Back)
As Long as You love me
All I Have To Give
Quit Playing Games (witrh My Heart)
I'll Never Break Your Heart

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Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
A video's rotation on MTV depends on i'ts populatiry vith viewers/, and the backstreet Boys' goulhish "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" spun the dial out of control with i'ts hourly brodcasts. the video recived hundreds of "hits" on the music station's website, ultimatley procing that creative ambitions can be sometimes overwhelm the typical mugshot showcase! Simply put, this video rocks the house! It is by far the grou[s best video to date. I also proves that Nick,Brian,Aj, and Howie are not only a package of pretty faces, but a creative force to be reconed with. The group came up with the concept of the video themselves, and it was baby Nick who made the most important contribution by relizing that the guys should dress up as cretaures of the night. Brian potrays a warewolf, Howie is count dracula, Aj is the Phantom of the opera,Kevin wears two hats as D. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, and Nick wraps himself securley as a mummy. despite it's custom made hounted house set and elobrate costumes ( Brian's transformation int a warewolf required him to sit in a make-up chair for five hours!), this ode to Michal Jakson's "Thrillert" was shot over just three days even though the directof wanted more than a week. But hey, they are the busyest guys in showbiz and they've got places to bve! there rushed schedule didn't prevent the boiys from getting it right, though. these scare-monstersa are serious prefectionests!

What rocks the Body
The whole package, from thre creepy settings to the sexy vamps to the rockn' tune, will rivet you attentiopn and get you hopping! the set, the sort of like peter pan's neverland minus the sweet-as-pie ambinace, is mesmirizing. the haunted masinon's bright, yet somehow retian an errie feel with shades of dark purple and Blue crawling about the archaic walls. Even better is the non-stop monster action, which gives fans the best free ride of their lives. And along with the Boys' great dancing and singing, we finally witness the guys flexing their muscles. Tjhe final sequenbce in which the BSB crew are frightnind by their possessed bus driver is so beliveable it even rivcals The Exorcist of scare appeal. Luckily the groups exaggerated recations remind us that it's all make-believe. Whew!

Off Key
No miscues here. the group is at it's very best! the costumes are perfect, the boys and girls are hot, and the music is stomin'.

Grooveability (1-10
A 10! the guys move like melted butrter, even in thir scare garb! Not even the biggest BSB detractor could stop chanting "everybody" on cue or arching a hand to groove with them!

Lost in the beat
Here all the boys seemed to be represtend equally and that's the way it should be!

Overall rating (1-5)

As long as You love me

Backbeat Forget Terminater 2-- it's here that morphing technology is finally put to good use! Howie , Nick , Kevin , Aj and Brian blending togther will give vewirs heart palpations! the video dosen't evoke the same kind of excitement as "everybody" does, biut it does tastefully showcase the guys' best attritube: their vocal range and beautiful faces! For BSB, the best part of this shot is the sacryonizied choregraphy that they love. the worsta? according to Howie "the very early wake-up call."

What rocks the body
Once again, c o l o r Nick

Off Key
The guys serenading models in designer-fitted skirts is depicted repeatedly throughout the 3-minute-plus video. BSB attempents to gloss over the monotony by alternating beetwen a trie, pouted-lip cool and sly grimaces, but both looks fail to effectively distract from the vids' redundency problem.

Grooveabilty This video introduced us to what we like to refer to as the "Chair Dance". the wonderfully choregraphed montange features the guys folding and unfolding musical chairs with the grace of Fred Astire and the hipness of breakout rap star Aj , Kevin and Howie dont get much face time in this one. did they take an unscheduled holiday when this video was being shot?

overall rating