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B s b 4 e v e r

Last update: January 03, 2000

Hello and welcome to Bsb4ever! I have recently (as of January 1, 2000) designed a new layout for Bsb4ever, even though I re-did the site around the 1st of December last year, it just didn't seem to work out, plus I found a better layout anyway. so, since it's new, this will most likely have some kinks in it and i'll need to work them out, but until then, who knows what kinds of mistakes i've made, so enter at your own risk! (J.K.- Just kidding!)

New shorter address!

lotsa thankz to backstreet boys forever for this beenie anamation!

Here's the stuff that's here at my website!

  • Links A collection of banners for some really cool sites--check it out!
  • Whatever I Want Contains a bunch of stuff--just whatever i want!
  • Lyrics
    Has lyrics to over 50 wonderful BSB songs!
  • News
    The news section features lots of frequently updated news on the BSB!
  • Pictures
    Contains over 50 pictures! more added often!

  • Tour
    Has dates for the upcoming Jan/Feb/Mar 2000 tour and more!
  • Reviews
    Rewiews for videos, songs, albums, and more!
  • Discography
    includes international albums and singles as well as US singles, albums, compliations and soundtracks they've been on.
  • Contact the BSB!
    contact the BSB, their companies and chairities assosaited with them!

  • Whats new
    find out EXATLY what's new and exciting around here!
  • Coming Soon
    Find out when and what is coming your way soon!

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