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hi people! this is the reviews section. here you can find reviews for albums and videos.

here is a makeshift library of the reviews on this page:

When my dad heard that the second concert was canceled he decided that we didn't have to go to school.
We arrived at the expo in Gent around 10.30am, where we got two big sheets ofplastic, one to sit on and one to put above our heads ! We were put in a sort of cage where we had to spent the rest of the day till we got in the concert room !
It was raining so hard, that we had to stand up instead of sitting on the floor, we got wet all over ! Suddenly we saw a big car coming and we saw a boy with blond hair, a white cap and a white sweater and then we realised it was Nick !!
We were so excited and everyone started screaming, Nick looked at us and he waved and then he dissapeared inside ! About ten minutes later we saw a second and a third car coming, in the second car we saw Aj and Brian and in the third car we saw Howie and Kevin and that car stopped right before our faces ! We saw Kevin smile and waving and the expression on his face told us that he was very happy that we haven't forgot about them. That happened around 11.30am !
Cause it kept raining they put us inside were we sang the new songs of the millennium album and we kept shouting and screaming for the boys ! At 6pm they finally let us in the concert room! My friend and I got the chance to get on the first row and we were really getting excited, especially cause we finally reached the first row, cause it already was our 4th concert !
At 8.30pm the lights went out and everyone started screaming ! Then we saw Tatiana Ali coming on stage and she had a great performance and after a twenty minutes of show , she left the stage happy !
Then at 9pm exactly the lights went out again and everyone knew that the boys finally were coming ! We saw some dancers with lights at the other end of the concert room coming to the stage ! Everyone was wondering if the boys would come from that side too...But suddenly we saw fireworks at the other end and then we saw Nick coming up with his skateboards and then the rest of the boys ! They flew above the audience with some amazing stunts on their skateboards, luckily they reached the stage save ! We heard the tunes of the song Larger then Life and everyone started to sing along.
The boys had some cool moves on the song and in the middle of the stage, they had a little circle that was going up and down !
After that song they sang Get down and The One, the crowd just kept screaming !
Then they spoke to us and everyone had tears in their eyes cause of the sweet words they have said to us !
Well they sang As long as you love me and then Don't wanna lose you know !Quit playing games was next. When Quit playing games almost was over, we saw that the boys were sitting down and Kevin came sitting right before my friend and I !
Then some security people came and put something to their pants and then we saw them rising up and they flew above our heads ! Everyone was so amazed and the people in the back also got the chance to see their faves very near ! Then the boys dissapeared from the stage !
While we were waiting that they would come back, some peeps were putting something on the stage , something they could climb on ! We heard the tunes of Don't want you back ! The boys were coming back and each of the boys was going to one of these climbing things and I couldn't believe my eyes Nick was coming out our direction and yeah he climbed on the thing that was standing before our eyes ! I almost went crazy cause I finally could see my fave Backstreet Boy so so near ! Suddenly he came down and he reached out his hand to me ! I was so surprised but luckily I kept my senses and I gave him a hand back ! He smiled and then he climbed on that thing again ! I just couldn' t believe what just had happened and I asked my friend if I was dreaming or not but she said "No, you weren't dreaming you really got a hand from Nick Carter". I already knew thatthat was going to be the best evening of my life !
After that Brian told us that he needed some people from the audience and we saw five moms with their daughters coming on stage. Yes they were going to sing The perfect fan ! Every boy went on their knees to sing for them and it touched us all ! Then the boys went sitting down and asked eachother what their fave song from the new album was : Aj said it's Don't want you back ! Howie and Nick said they loved Spanish eyes , Brian , the Perfect Fan ! Kevin said that he liked his song Back to your heart a lot and the others agreed that it was really a great song ! Suddenly we saw a piano coming down from the ceiling ! Kevin went sitting after it and they pulled the piano back up and Kevin was circling around while the others sang Back to your Heart !
The we got a really really great medley ! The song of the medley were Everybody (Backstreet's Back), We've got it going on and That's the way I like it ! The boys had a really great choreographic for that medley were they really shaked their butts and drove all the girls crazy !
Then the boys became really quiet and we were wondering what the next song wasgoing to be ! Howie told us that they dedicated the next song to Denniz Pop, it was Show me the meaning of being lonely, the last song they recorded together with Denniz Pop !
Everyone was quiet but when the song started we all started singing with the boys !
Then they started the tunes to I'll never break your heart and after that great song they got their gangster hats on and they sang All I have to give ! Then they sang It's gotta be and again we were all going crazy, for about the 100th time already that day !
Then the big finale ! I want it that way and we just kept screaming and singingall at once ! The boys said goodbye to us and that they will soon be back, that they love us, that we'll always have a special place in their hearts that they would miss us ! We shouted the same back and then the show was over and everyone was happy and sad ! Happy cause it was a great show and sad cause it was over.....
I got two great posters and then it was time to go home.....I bet the same night that everyone has dreamed about the show and enjoyed it over and over again !
I hope you like my review of the concert !

Patricia RedRose De Leersnijder

Hola everyone!
This is my review of the BSB concert on Sept.17th ~ that's the one in Charlotte, North Carolina [the first one of the American tour!] AND if you don't wanna read all the details, just skip down to the part that says "THE BEST PART"!! wuv ya! [sorry if ya get this more than once, or if you couldn't care less!=p]
WELLZ, the people who went with me, are my mom, my Aunt Jean, and my cousin Brianna. And me & my mom woke up at 4am the day of the concert to go to North Carolina, and we got there at about 10:00am. And I really wanted to go looking for their hotel, but my mom told me I had to wait for my aunt to come home [Brianna was home tho]. So we waited, and then for the rest of the day until around 5pm, we did STUPID errands!! I was kinda pissed b/c my mom said that we could go around to hotels, but then we went back home & Brianna & I did our makeup over for the 700th time that day... lol ~ and we went out to hotels, we went to [i forget the name] we went to the highest floor & tried to listen in each of the rooms... no one was in any of them, so we went next door to the Marriot, and we had to kinda sneak in, but we looked all around & they weren't there. So we went to McDonalds - and a TON of BSB fans were in there, and we stood in line for 20 minutes to get 2 sodas & a McFlurry, but we got fed up & left... so we went to the stadium. There was SOOOOOOOOO many people outside of it!!! but we were the 2nd group to actually get into the arena b/c we kinda stuck ourselves in with some other people=P We got drinks & food and then me & Brianna went to the lower level [even though we had last row tickets hehe]
We started looking around, and we saw one place where there weren't any ushers, or security people, so we ran down there & got on the floor. Then we were looking around, and a usher came over to us & asked us if he could help us find our seats. I said I lost my ticket [I looked through my purse & acted like it wasn't in there], but Brianna gave hers to him & he told us that we were supposed to be WAY up there... we really didn't feel like going, so we stood by the usher and talked to him for about 10 minutes. We were trying to convince him to try and get us backstage...[i told him i'd eat live ants...=P] lol - but he didn't. And the whole time we were talking to him, ALL these girls ran to the place where BSB was going to come out from, and started screaming b/c they thought they saw one of the BSB [they were in their dressing room the whole time!!] I was getting annoyed b/c it was an hour & 1/2 before the concert would actually start, and they were already screaming their brains out. So I told the usher that I was gonna go over there & beat all of them up [lol, me lame]. So me & Brianna went to the other side to see what was goingon.
When we got to the other side, we asked this security lady what was going on, and she said that BSB were backstage, and no where near there. So me & Brianna started talking to the security guards there, trying to see if they'd let us backstage or not [which they didn't.. lol], and we were basically amusing them acting stupid... Then one of the security guards said that he could give the BSB a note if we wrote one, so we both wrote seperate notes [and I had to use my eyeliner! lol], so we wrote notes to them ~ I wrote something like "Brian, tell Leighanne that her alumini b-ball team won state last year!" And then on teh back, I put "AJ, please hump the stage tonight for me!" LOL, okay, I didn't really know what to write!! Well, we gave the guy the notes & he brought them to the BSB, and then we waited for something else to happen while talking to the guards.
WELLZ, I saw this guy with a backstage pass, and so I went up to him & said "I love you!! U wanna be my uncle for the night?!?" and he was like "Okay, I'm uncle [forget his name]" and we were joking around a littel bit, but he said he couldn't get us backstage or he'd get in trouble, but he said that he knew the guys really well! Then this woman came up to him & started talking, and she had her 5 year old daughter with her, and so me & Brianna started talking to the little girl [I love children!!] And we were asking her who her fave BSB was and she didn't know, and was SOOO shy, it was so cute!! Then this other guy with a backstage pass came over and started talking to the first guy [OKAY- from now on, the first guy is Guy1, and the 2nd in Guy2 - k?] Well Guy2 was asking the woman if her daughter and her wanted to go up on stage for "The Perfect Fan", and I got excited & was like "ohohoh!! Can I go?!?!" But Guy2 said that they only needed one more person. But [luckily] the little girl was too shy, and she didn't want to do it ~ SO THE GUY ASKED ME!!! OMG, I started flippin out!! I told him that I had to go get my mom from a different section, so me & Brianna ran all the way to the top, I was screaming at my mom to come down with me. My mom had no idea what I was doing, but I explained to her while we were running down that someone said that we were picked for the Perfect Fan!!! And she didn't believe me at first, but the guy let me go down to the floor & explained everything to us.
We were supposed to stay where we were until he got us to go on stage [or this girl- Lisa?- told us to] and then he said that Polaroid was doing a special promotion for the US tour, and we got to get new Polaroid cameras. After he finished explaining, my mom told me that I should have givin the binoculars to Brianna so she could see, so I ran up AGAIN, and all the way down [and I was HELLA red!!] I got back with some ice water just in time for them to explain how to work the Polaroid cameras [they're a very new type of camera] and he gave the daughters all one, and told us that we could only take pix while we were on stage, and that one of the guys would walk over and bring us on stage. After that, we just stood where they told us to, and I re-applied my makeup yet again, and waited for the show to start [they didn't have any opening acts!] ~ and then on the huge screens the BSB sears commercial came on, and everyone went wild... lol
Then the dancers came out [with lights, and they looked like those people from the evil witch of the west's servants... LMAO], and they put the lights where they were supposed to, then BSB came in surfing in the sky! hehe, and it was really cute! Then they sang 'Larger Than Life', and I can't remember what order the songs came in at all!! But I'll list all the songs that they sang later! ~ While they were singing Quit PLaying Games~ they flew over the audience, and I could see Kevin and Brian the best, and Brian was pretending to run in the air, and KEvin was upside down. Then they sang more songs... lalala...
Then they started to sing Don't Want You Back ~ and the girl got all of us, and brought us to the stage ~ and we had to walk 1/2 way around it to where BSB was going to bring us up. We had to stop for a little while b/c someone was in our way [something like that! lol], and then I was RIGHT behind Nick, and he had his back turned to the crowd [and me], and I just starred at his ass. MY GOD!! That guy has a FINE ASS!! lol, nice wittle bubble butt! [lol Stina], and then we started moving a little bit more, and then I was right in front of Kevin ~ and he was hanging upside down on this pipe-thing... When he came down from it, it must have caught ahold of his pants, because right after he got down, he looked down at his right side, and his pants were open [u know how they velcro them on sometimes? it was kinda like that], and he was trying to act like it was all planned and stuff, and tried fixing it, and then looked at his left side, and when he did that, I got to see his BOXER BREIFS!!! hehe, OMG, and I'm pretty sure I saw part of his ass too!! LMAO, it was hillarious!! Then we walked a little bit more around when the song ended [and some girl came out & tried to fix his pants - but couldn't!]
Then the BSB came over and one after one we all walked up with one of the boys, grabbed their hand and walked over to 'their' part of the stage with our moms too. [I got Howie!! hehe], and he asked me what my name was, and I told him, but he didn't hear me so he asked me again, and I leaned forward towards his ear, and yelled "SARAH!!" and then I hit bis head with my head! lol, I was telling him I was soo sorry, and he was like "That's okay!" [I felt my forehead, and then I had Howie sweat all over me! lol] and then he asked my mom her name, and then he asked us if he could take a picture of us. So we gave him the camera, and he took it [but that pic messed up!=P] Anyways, the boys started singing The Perfect Fan, and they were singing towards the crowd, [and I got a great view of Howie's ASS!! lol!] and then 1/2 way through it, he came back to me, grabbed my hand, and we started walking around the stage. I was trying to take a picture, but it was working, so I was freaking out saying "The camera doesn't work!!" And Howie was kinda laughing, and he had to keep singing though... lol, then he asked me if I like the concert so far ~ I said OF COURSE!! ~ lol, and the whole way around the stage he was looking at me, smiling, winking, and he was sqeezing my hand over & over... and then I told him that I wanted a pic of us, so I put my head on his shoulder, and took a pic, and then we went back to my mom, the song ended, I took another picture of Howie, and then we said goodbye ~ my mom shook his hand, and I gave him a hug [WOOHOO!! HOWIE SWEAT!!!] And we walked me to the part of the stage we were supposed to walk off of, he said "I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the concert!" and duh- I said "I WILL!!!" and he kinda guided me & my mom down the stairs, and we waved to him, and he waved back, and then we were walked back to our 'spot'.
And when we got there, the girl who took us to the stage, came up to me & teh girl who was with Kevin, and told us since our cameras didn't work that well, she would go get an autographed pic for both of us [HELLZ YA!! hehe], and then while she went backstage, I looked to my left, and I saw Chris Connoly [the guy from MTV News], and I went up to him, asked him if he was from MTV & yeah he was - so I shook his hand & told him my name, then went back to watching the concert! lol... When I got the autographed pic, I sat down with my mom & hugged her & was so freakin happy that my eyes were watering [ahh!! lol], and I was thanking my mom SOO much for driving me up to Charlotte, and I told her I was really sorry for being bitchy earlier. And then lalala, they sang more songs, and there's so much more I can say about each song, but I'm gettign tired of writing right now!! lol ~ they sang I WAnt It That Way last~ and it was awesome.
The songs they sang were [not necessarily in this order]:
Larger That Life
Quit Playing Games
Get Down
As Long As You Love Me
I Want It That Way
The One
[all the songs off of Millenium 'cept for I Need You Tonight]
[the next ones I recorded lol - it's not the best quality!! lol]
Back To Your Heart
We've Got It Goin On
That's The Way I Like It
Spanish Eyes
I'll Never Break Your Heart
No One Else Comes Close
All I Have To Give
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
It's Gotta Be You
and I think that's it... I dunno!! lol
WAIT! no, then when the BSB finished, they went under the stage, and then they ran RIGHT by where I was standing. Each of them ran out seperately with a bodyguard - they ran so hella fast!! lol, but since I only had 1 picture left in my roll, I only got a picture of Brian running out=P
luv ya^_~ ˇBSBesos!})i({ SaRi })i({*BSB/AJ Perv #1!
*Keep Keepin' On ~ KTBSPA ~ Keep On Smilin';D*
* AJ's Royal Mistress ~ Goddess of Hair Dye & Mistress of All ThingsFunky *
PS- I couldn't give the fanbook to the guys that night [long story] but I WILL be able to give it to them on November 24th for SURE- 100% POSITIVE!! lol, and I *will* give it to them personally, so I'll make them at least look through it! [I'll give it to them at the Atlanta concert - not to a security guard to give to them, but the REAL BSB! lol]

Sarah (no last name given)

Yesterday was my 1st ever Backstreet Concert and it was a very very memorable one for being my 1st!! Here's the basic story:
Right after school (2:30), me and my best friend Linds went straight over to the Schottenstein Center (where the concert was being held). On our way over, there was a big black bus driving behind us with Florida liscense plates and there were some guys sitting in the front that were not the BSB, I think it might have been EYC. We got there at about 3:00. We saw people standing around this bridge type thing so we decided we should too. So we are standing there and after about 10 minutes, News Channel 10 interviews us. So we are standing around and we hear people yell "AJ!!" and start screaming. So we run over to the bridge and there he was!! He was down below by the stage door getting out of a silver Lincoln with black tinted windows. He was wearing a red hat, red shorts, and a grey shirt. So he got out and was getting stuff out of the trunk of the car and then we were all yelling so he waved and then walked inside. We were talking to some people and found out that Kevin had a!! lready came earlier that morning. So we are standing there and AJ comes out again to go get some food from this stand. He goes inside. Then there's this big cargo door that the people inside kept opening and closing and we saw somebody scootering across inside (on a scooter, the things kinda like bikes) and they were wearing what AJ was wearing so it was him!! It was so funny, every once in awhile they would open that door and you would see him scootering across lol. Then some dancers came and we were yelling at them and flirting at a cute one (blowing kisses, etc). And we are standing there for what seems like forever and finally Brian comes with Leighanne!! So we are all screaming and yelling for Brian. He looked over but then he just went inside. A few minutes later he came out and he was talking to somebody down below so we all started yelling again and then he went inside after a few minutes. By then it was about 5:30 or so and Howie comes out of a black van with black tinted windows!! So we start yelling for him and he looks over and waves to us!! Then he goes inside and we are all still standing there. I wanted to see Nick come sooo bad but he never did end up coming so I figured he came earlier with Kevin or some people were saying they saw him get out of the van with Brian and Leighanne but I didn't see him so I don't know (we stood out there until after 7:15 and the concert started at 7:30, oh yeah, and it was VERY cold outside, we were freezing the whole time we were out there, over 4 hours). Finally we decided to go in and that we would come out when they do the "lights out trick the crowd thing at the end" so we could see them getting on the bus and so we would be up front on the bridge to get a better look like we had earlier. So we run around the Schotts looking for our seats as fast as possible, while we are doin that, Mandy Moore was doin her act (we didnt really care about that so we werent upset we missed it, cuz we were there fo!! r the BSB!!). So we get to our seats and we are 4 seats from the top but the way the Schotts is set up, you could see pretty good cuz of the steepness of the seats. So EYC comes on and they were really good, and really hot lol. They took shirts off and everything :-) So they do a few songs to get us pumped for BSB. Then, after about a 15-20 minute wait...the lights go out and the show starts!! I was so happy!! Every time the crowd calmed down and got quiet I would scream something like "I luv u Nick" or "Nick" so maybe he would hear me. I didnt sit down that whole concert, the whole show was so awesome and they played my song (Thats the Way I Like It). So I'm screaming my lungs out that whole concert then the guys were like "Thanx alot, you guys were great" and they left the stage and the lights are still out so that was me and Linds' cue to get out of there because they were gonna start the last few songs. So we ran out of there and got our souvenirs real quick, ran down all the stairs, and out the door and over to the bridge thing. We were waiting there awhile cuz the guys had to take their showers and everything like that, while we were waiting they moved all the buses into the area. After a little while AJ comes out of the stage door and walks over by the bridge thing where we are all yelling and cheering (even though his bus is parked over by the stage door, he's so nice :-) and waves to us for a couple minutes then he walks over and gets on his bus. Then Leighanne comes out and there were some of those "we hate BSB girlfriends" type of fans around us but me and Linds' arent those type so we started to yell "Hey Leighanne!! Whats up?!?! and I Love You!!" and i yelled "say hi to Tyke for me" lol, and we yelled stuff at Brian and they quickly went on their bus. Then one of the dancers is walking around with a camcorder taping the arena and buses and we decide we should start chanting "Backstreet Boys" so he would get us on it cuz the guys will probably end up seeing it :-) So we all start yelling and screaming and chanting so he turns around and starts taping us so I start yelling "I Luv Nick" since Nick will probably end up seeing it. Then he walks away after awhile and gets on one of the buses. A little bit later, Nick comes out the stage door!!!!!!! I was so freaken happy!! His bus was parked RIGHT BY US!! Like 15 feet away!! And we could even see in through the windshield of the bus!! So Nick walks over by the bridge (he was wearing khaki colored pants and a white shirt with his hair slicked back) and stops and looks up at us and is waving and im just like freaking out and going crazy screaming "I Love You Nick!!" and stuff like that. Then he goes onto his bus. And we can like see him in there and stuff through the windshield cuz!! its so close. And I'm just screaming like crazy for him cuz I know he can hear me. And I could see his bed with a blue blanky on it..awww :-) So then after a couple minutes Howie comes out!! He walks over by the bridge too, even though his bus isnt by it (they're so nice :-) and he comes over and waves to us and we are all freaking out yelling "How-ee!!!!" lol. It was pretty funny. So then he leaves and goes on his bus. And then I start yelling for Nick again and then when i started everybody else did too. So all of us are yelling. Then Nick comes to the front of his bus (by the driver's seat) and is looking through CD's and we are all freaking out. Then he took 2 pictures of us through the windshield!! So we started all going crazy!! Then he blew two kisses at us...awwww :-) and he went back into the back and turned the lights off so we kinda figured he was going to bed so we all decided to sing him a lullaby and yell "Goodnight, I Love You!!" was so cute. (We never did see Kevin come out...hmmm lol, i think he might have slipped into his bus without us noticing). Then it was time for them to go (by then it was midnight about) so the buses started up and off they were, it was so sad.
I love them even more than I loved them before...if that's even possible. They are awesome and hopefully next time I will get to meet them!! I Love Nick (as if I didn't say that enough times yesterday to last me a lifetime lol)!! Keeping the Backstreet Pride Alive 4 EVER!!!!! If you are a BSB fan at all, YOU HAVE TO GO TO ONE OF THEIR CONCERTS, I'll never forget yesterday as long as I live :-)

Ok, i know this is way after-the-fact but I only discovered this site recently. I saw the boys September 23rd at Continetnal Airlines Arena, and I have to say: "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!" Getting tickets was insane and I ended up getting them off ebay a few hours before the concert. My seats were second tier, row ten, and, amazingly, I had a fabulous view (as well i should have for $125 a piece.) My mom took my seven-year-old brother and I went with my friend Kate who got me into the boys. Anyway, in the round was the best choice they could have made. The crowd was so hyped that we did the wave about 20 times while waiting for the boys. When the box first opened up and they came out on their surfboards, I was in totaly shock!!! It was just so amazing! I ended up being incredibly lucky, because I am a Kevin girl to the very end, and he did all his flying stuff on our side. I have always adamantly refused to cry at conerts and the like, and I always made fun of people who did, bu I was welling up when Kevin played Back To Your Heart. They way they did The Perfect Fan was amazing-the mother-daughter thing was unendingly sweet, each had a mother-and-daughter pair and serenaded the daughter. I have to say, Kevin was the absolute sweetest to his girl (she was like 8, so I wasn't even jealous-that's more illegal than him being with me.) I was really upset they put 'Everybody' into a medley and cut some of it off. I have to admit, they did take too long introducing all the dancers, but the longer they were on stage, the better, so it didn't bother me. About halfway through 'I Want it That Way' the power went off and they suddenly stopped singing. They looked completely confused. We couldn't figure out if it was planned, but if it was, it was convincing as Hell. When they got their mics working again, they sang the whole think from the beginning again-which was wonderful. I could have done without the pink suits, but the wing-tips they wore were adorable. I definitely think Kevin has a thing for trench coats, because he was the only one wearing one, and the rest were all wearing regular suit jackets. I think their own individual antics were one of the best parts of the show. During the dancer intro's Brian and AJ were going CrAzY!!! Brian was doing all these little white boy dances and head-banging and it was just adorable. Super Bonus for anyone who loves 'That's The Way I Like It' as much as I do...they sang it!!! I think it's because AJ loves it so much, but whatever the reason, it was great. There's so much I could say about this concert, but it's really something you have to see for yourself. It was incredible, and the only song from Millennium they didn't do was I Need You Tonight, which I survived with. My only suggestion for improvement is...MORE!!! I wish they could have done solo's too because it was so amazing. If you have a chance...GO. Money is no object with a concert like this.