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N'Sync Copies Off the BSB (which is nothing new!)

N'Sync TOTALLY copied off of the BSB with their song "Bye-Bye-Bye", which is exatly like the BSB's "Don't Want You Back". I mean, come on! They could be a little orginal for once! The only thing that they do that is orginal is that they REALLY, REALLY SUCK at everything and they have to copy off of thier competiors so that they don't look bad, which they do anyway! The BSB's song is about a girl that used one of them to become popular/famous and then they tell her to get lost because they found out about it. N'syncs' song is about them telling a girl to beat it because of the same reason! And we all know which one came out first! Tell me that's not copying. Yeah, right.

Grammy Nominamations

Congrtaulations to the Boys for being nominated in 4 catergories, including

Good Luck, Guys!

Sorry, Greenville!

Unfortunatly, the BSB's concert in Greenville, SC on Feb 22nd due to the Grammy Awards. And, since they're nominated for four awards, they don't want to miss it! Sorry for any inconvience. They'll probbally be some type of refund, so I'll keep you posted!

Rolling Stone Poll winners!

Yes, the BSB have dominated yet another award ceremony. They won a whopping 10 polls from the Rolling Stone Magizine, including