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hi! welcome to the info section. here you can find interesting facts on the boys and the group & info on them that you should know.

12 Things About The BSB That You Probally Never Knew

1. the boys try to have dinner and a group prayer before every show.
2. Each boy was given a moped by their record company.
3. BSB's manger wouldn't let them go on tour with Hanson.(I wonder why--Hanson is gay.)
4. Madonna was spotted at a recent BSB concert.
5. The Backstreet Boys have been on 'Sabrina, The Teenage Witch' twice.
6. After a interview with Rikki Lake she had dinner with them!
7. In Florida, October 8th is BSB Day!
8. The BSB got thir first triple platinum from fans in Cannanda.
9. The Bakstreet Boys are named after an open air market in Orlando, the Backstreet Market.
10. Part of the boys debut album, backstreet boys, was recorded in Altamontre, FL.
11. They all agree that they'd love to harmonize with Boyz II Men
12. They've been banned from 3 hotels in euorpe because their fans have gotten out of control.

15 Facts About Brian

1. Nick & Brian usually share a hotel room on the road.
2. Brian is the most shy of the group
3. Brian keeps his room the messist while Howie's is the neatest.
4. Brian is the most likely to get married first.
5. The most likely to go to church on sunday is Brian.
6. Brian's worst habit is biting his nails.
7. Brian claims that howie is "Mr. Peacemaker"
8. He waited outside a record store in londen for 31/2 hors just to see what Mirah Carey looked like in person.
9. Brian & Aj both got their tatoos at the same time.
10. He liked hanson's song MmmBop.(gag me.)
11. He took a girl on a date and she choked on a fishbone.
12. Brian & Nick are named Frick and Frack.
13. Brian and Nick are best friends.
14. Brian and Kevin are cousins.
15. Brian was the last member to join the group.

10 Facts About Kevin

1. Kevin has modeled for Gianni Versace.
2. Kevin was terrified of thunder and lightning when he was little.
3. Kevin is obsessed with everything assotied with Italy. "The food is great and the women are beautiful! " He claimes.
4. Kevin loved Oasis band member Liam Gallagher's style so much he grew his hair to match his!
5. He takes an envlope full of pictures of his family and friends with him on every tour.
6. Kevin and Nick are the most liklie pair o get into a frendly argument.
7. Kevin's niknames include boo, pumpkin, train and kevvy-kev.
8. Before backstreet kevin worked in MGM studios as aladdin.
9. Kevin hates arrogant people.
10. Kevin is the only member that's left handed.

8 Things About Howie
1. According to the boys, he's is the most likely to loose his luggage.
2. Howie is Mr. Medatior--according to Aj.
3. Howie has bee known to set up double dats for him and his sister, pollyanna.
4. He loves to go out golfing.
5. When Howie dosn't want to be recognized he wears a baseball cap.
6. He never goes to bed without doing his crunches and push-ups.
7. Howie likes to videotape everything and everyone on tour.
8. He considers himself a perfectionist.